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When the island of Japan sunk after the result of a nuclear bomb that decimated most of the world, Aoki Yamada's life was displaced. When Sarah Lynch's mother founded the Heathbrook Acadamy for the Progression of Humankind she knew exactly what it meant: 15 year old children were going to be married of and made to reproduce after years of lessons on marriage and children.,,and she wasn't exempt. When Aoki and Sarah are arranged to marry through this program they absolutely loath each other but they both recognize this as something they have to do. For months on end they put up with each other only for them to slowly come to know the other and decide that maybe: this arrangement isn't as bad as it seemed.

Romance / Thriller
Louise Johnson
Age Rating:


"I will not be leaving my son behind, Daisuke. It's out of the question." The man struck firm as he sat next to Aoki's bedside, hoping, just hoping the boy would wake up. Akio Yamada was known for his seemingly brash decisions that were fueled by emotion. He had Aoki's head on his lap, the other out could as blood-stained bandages that were skillfully wrapped around his head, abdomen, and left leg. They had been put on a mat on the floor as the hospital filled up.

"Sir, he's good as dead. He was in the direct blast of the impact. You need to get off the island."

"He's breathing. So long as he breathes I will be staying."

"But Si- Emperor Yamada how long have I been your adviser."

"You started in May of 2040...so seven years. Why is this important?"

"In those seven years have I failed you?"

Akio wasn't sure what to do. His adviser came to tell him that the island was about to capsize and that he should leave his son's side to save himself? It was an audacious and selfish thing to do and he just couldn't.


"I'm sorry."

"I'm not leaving Kiki, Daisuke. I can't."


"Because he's my son!" The man says, almost yelling. He wasn't going to leave Aoki behind. He couldn't leave Aoki behind. Not yet anyway. He promised Aoki he would stay no matter what before the boy passed out.

"You can always have another with a new wife when you reach America! You're the emperor. You had no right to bond with your son- this isla-"

"No. My son is my son and I have every right to bond with him as the next man has to bond with his children. I will not be leaving with you." Daisuke was unable to finish his sentence. Akio wasn't going to leave.

Aoki began to stir in Aoki's lap, Akio immediately turning from his long-time friend but the rumbles of an earthquake that only grew stronger said it was far too late. No one in the hospital would be able to take the ferry. The building shook, drywall coming down.

Instead of collapsing, the land beneath them seemed to rise much like half of the titanic did many years ago. Akio's first instinct was to hold onto Aoki as he awoke, the young teen had no clue what was even happening. Akio could care less what happened to Daisuke. As far as he was concerned the man betrayed him.

"Dad?" Aoki's voice was weak as he spoke for the first time in what Akio could only assume was weeks. Akio looked up, "Shhh. Don't talk. Save your voice for later." He speaks, seeming unusually calm. In truth he wasn't calm at all...no...he hasn't been calm since the start of world war three.

And now Aoki was all he had left and today might be the day both of them die. "Dad what's happening. There's never been an earthquake-"

Akio stayed silent. What did he say? That the island was sinking? That they were going to die? That...his mother had died and his sisters went with her within days? He couldn't bring himself to do it.

"Dad-" Aoki speaks again. He was scared. He had never been around for an earthquake like this...in truth no one had. He was scared. More scared than he had ever been even.

"The island is capsizing- sinking. We'll be in the Atlantic in no more than an hour." Akio chose to say it, knowing that Aoki deserved to know what was happening. He was however not prepared for how fast his son's face fell. Aoki simply looked around, "We're going to die-?"

Akio pauses. He didn't want to say that he thought they were going to die. He didn't want to say that he thought that, yes, they were going to die. He didn't want to tell Aoki that he had a better chance of dying and that it might only be Akio himself that survives.

"I don't know-" He says. "I'm going to do what I can to keep you alive." He says, running his fingers through his son's hair. He hadn't been so close to Aoki since Aoki was but a small child. As Aoki grew he found the need to tear himself away from him and his wife.

Many times as Aoki grew, Akio had wished he'd return to Akio like he was now but he never wanted it to be in this way. He didn't want it to be at the end of the world with Aoki simply just being afraid. He looked up as water rushed towards them and he knew it was seconds before the island finally capsized.

And that was the last thing Akio remembered before he was submerged, Akio still in his arms as it happened. He swam up, and though Aoki was dragging him down in his weak state, he refused to let go of the boy.

He found a large piece of wood, lurching Aoki onto it. Aoki groaned on impact. It was clear it hurt him but Akio just wanted him to be alive. Akio himself climbed onto the wooden board, helping Aoki sit up.

Aoki looked at the land where the island once rested, jagged rocks and building debris everywhere. Survives climbed onto whatever free debris they could find which...and Aoki really hated this, could have been bodies, wood, or pets. Anything that was floating and could support a human. Aoki almost didn't feel his tears begin to fall.

He scanned the bodies that floated for someone he knew, spotting Daisuke who seemed dead as can be. He turned to his father who was helping his cousin Han-Bin onto the wooden panel. Han-Bin coughed and sputtered, messy blue-dyed hair leaking the water in a blueish hue that stained his face.

Aoki hated this. When would help come for them? Would it come? He wasn't sure about much but he was sure that he was exhausted. That he needed sleep...and so he somehow managed to curl up on the panel and fall asleep. He awoke to someone lifting him onto a bright orange boat, dazedly watch as his cousin and his father were hoisted onto that same boat.

They were given their own area, Aoki being tended to by an American woman. He never caught her name but she made sure his bandages were exchanged for clean ones...that he was as comfortable as possible. At some point during the mess Aoki ended up with a large cut he had not had before. He didn't know where he got it but once he saw it, it hurt him like hell.

"Can you tell me your full name?" She asks as she continued her treatment. She had just finished the stitches and she had a brief discussion with Akio about Aoki's medical history.

"Aoki Yamada."

The woman nods, writing something down. Akio had already given her his name it was just a matter of testing how aware that Aoki was. "And your birthday?"

"December 25th, 2032."

"Alright! You're about the same age as my niece...and your mother's maiden name?"


She nodded, writing that down as well. Aoki finally took a moment to see what his nurse looked like. She had long blonde hair that was pulled into a tight bun and she had a strong jaw with bright blue eyes. She was kinda pretty. If Aoki were older he'd probably chose to date her.

"Alright, Aoki. My name is Chloe Lynch. Due to your status as prince and current condition I will be your nurse until we can reach the hospital in America."

Aoki nodded, not caring really. He just wanted to sleep and hopefully they'd reach America soon. It wasn't long before he dozed off, preparing for the trip ahead. He wanted sleep, he wanted rest. He hadn't prepared for the war or the loss of his home. One thing was for sure though. Aoki was never going to lead the life he once had.

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