Alpha Elijah

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Estelle Gibson always wanted a mate. Always wanted that happy ever after. She wanted that picket fence. She never expected it to be from an Alpha let alone the Ruthless Alpha Elijah Cain. Alpha Elijah has his guards up after losing his mate and his little sister on a raid 6 years ago. Left with a little angel. Elijah took protection and revenge seriously. Taking revenge on as many of the men he could find that aided in killing his precious mate and his kid sister. But will the revenge for his mate and sister cloud his judgment when visiting the Royal Castle and finding out he was blessed with a second chance mate? It doesn't happen often. Will Estelle break the walls to the heart of the beast or will she run? Will he give her a chance? Only one way to find out.....

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Chapter 1

Ever since I was a little girl, there were two things I wanted in life; A Mate and being a Royal Warrior Wolf. I wanted to follow in my father’s footsteps. He was a great warrior. And a great father. After losing him I trained day and night just to prove that I was worthy of being a warrior for the royals. I got the Royal position and have fought for the royals ever since. 2 years. I have been a Royal Warrior for 2 years now. The Queen has taken quite a liking to me. Since she wasn’t able to have children or so that is what the rumors say. She is by far one of the strongest women I know other than my mother. Even after the passing of my father she has never given up on life. She still works hard like she did before he passed. She didn’t like the idea of me joining the Royal Warriors and becoming a warrior like my dad. That’s how he lost his life and she is afraid I will end up just like that. Dead. And she’ll be alone. That is her fear. I mean it's logical but I’m good at what I do so I have to keep reassuring her that I will be fine. She’s a worrier but she is a mom. That’s what all moms are.

I have been waiting for my mate since I turned sixteen. I am now 23 and still nothing. No mate. Now I do have one of the two things I’ve always dreamed of. But will that be good enough? And if so, for how long? Living in the castle has been okay. I miss home but I always get to go home whenever I feel I need too. My mom although doesn’t like what I do she respects my decision. My mom is a beautiful woman, she is about 5’5 so she is fairly short. She has brown hair and emerald eyes. She is a very petite woman, her skin town is a caramel color. She has such a beautiful complexion. I’m jealous because I’m fairly pale. I have very fair skin tone. I was blessed with Blazing red hair and emerald green eyes. My eyes I got from my mom Loretta, Now my blazing red her that has to be something with my genes. Both my mom and dad have brown hair. I stand at about 5’10 nearly 6 feet tall. Played sports throughout high school. AS you can probably guess I played basketball and soccer, I ran track and field. So I’ve always been athletic. Thank to my dad.

Today, when I woke up, I felt like someone was watching me. So I sat up rather quickly and checked my surroundings only to find the Queen herself in my quarters.

“Your Majesty,” I said brushing my hair out of my face and wiping the drool off my chin. Which only causes her to laugh. “Estelle what have I told you. You call me Sydney and no need to be embarrassed about drooling I do it to. Sometimes the King doesn’t like it much. Saying its a disgusting trait but honestly I could care less.” She said laughing it off. “Sydney what can I do for you today?” I asked wondering why she was her on my day off I was going to go see my mom later tonight for dinner. “ We have an Alpha coming to the castle. I need you by my side.” I thought about it for another minute before nodding my head. I can’t exactly telling her no she is my Queen. “Alright the head to the briefing room when you are finished getting ready for the day. And sorry for requesting you on your day off. You can have tomorrow of instead. Thank you dear. I will see you later.” She said before walking out the door.

I got dressed into a pair of black skinny jeans and a white tank top and paired it with a black and grey flannel. For my shoes I went ahead with my red and black custom converse. Once I finished brushing my hair I left it down, since I’m just going to the briefing till I know when I will be needed. My red hair reaches just above my ass. It is one of my prized possessions. My mother used to cut it short all the time. Because I always got gum stuck in it when I was a child. Looking back on it, I laugh every time my mother brings it up.

While walking out of my quarters and down the hall then down the many stairs to the briefing room on the first floor. There stood Roan, Nick, Tyler, Liam, and James. My best buddies. Being the only female Royal Warrior was a curse as well as a true blessing. A curse, because the other guys don’t like that a woman can do a better job then them. While, my guys they are like proud parents. It honestly very loving. James is the more silent one out of us but he is always there if i need to talk no matter what. Roan is a big muscular built guy who likes to think no one can beat him. He is one of those men that think they don’t have feelings. But he is for real one of the most sensitive men I know. Shocking right?

Nick and Tyler are twins they are just the most annoying but funny guys ever. They act like everything is just a big joke. But at the same time are really serious when it comes to their jobs. To them this is their lives after losing both of their parents to rogues. Liam is the youngest out of us six. Only a two years under me. Nick and Tyler are 25, Roan is 27 and James is 26. So we are all still pretty close in age. Most of the other Warriors are ages 29 to late 30’s All except Angus, who thinks he is better than everybody. He has tried to get with me more times than I can count and doesn’t take no for an answer. But with the guys they scare him away whenever he tries to talk to me. They are all a blessing, I am glad I have them with me. Tyler has told me multiple times if he can’t find his mate he will pick a chosen and he said he wants it to be me. Of course I shot that down. He is one of my best friends and i’m not ruining any of that for a relationship we don’t know will work out you know?

“Alright let’s get this briefing started” I said before taking my seat. Leroy stood up and started the briefing. “Okay gentleman and Estelle” He said as everybody else started laughing at that. “Quiet down now,” He said before continuing “ So we have a very big and known Alpha coming to the castle today. Along with a couple more. Now we don’t quite know his full agenda with the King and Queen. The Queen personally request you six to dress in “civilian clothes” and to blend in with the Alphas and their people. Now they will be staying for the week so they will be staying in the castle. The Queen request that you are on your best behavior. Now all of you will be in Civilian clothes all week, the King will have multiple guards. If anything is suspicious you are to report back to me. I will be there. Now good luck and get out of here. Except you Estelle, I need to speak with you for a minute.” He said before waiting for all the guys to leave. “Now there are going to be some unmated males. If you ever feel uncomfortable come to me and I will rescue you. If you find your mate you know the deal. You go and speak to the His Majesty.” He said in his fatherly tone. To him us six are like his children he was never able to have.

After he found out his mate couldn’t have children, they took it upon them to treat us like we were their children. Rosa is a kind hearted soul and is perfect for Leroy. They balance each other out. “Alright Leroy, I’ll see you later,” I said as I waved him goodbye and walked out the door. As expected the guys waited for me outside the door. And once they saw me they started throwing questions at me. “What’d he say?,Did he yell at you for being late? Did you get into trouble? Oh you got kick out didn’t you? Man that’s a shame”

“Guys!” I yelled. “ None of that happened. I didn’t get into trouble, i didn’t get kicked off. All he said was that there was gonna be unmated males and if i’m ever uncomfortable to go speak to him and if i find my mate to listen to protocol and go to the King and Queen.”I said before walking away when Nick and Tyler yelled “ No, you can’t find your mate. They will want to take you from us. We need you. We called dibs.” I laughed and continued walking away.

I went to the kitchen to get something to eat, when Martha stopped me ” Sweetie the boys are looking for you” I laughed be saying ” I know I ran away from them” She just shook her head before cooking. “Would you like some help?” I asked really wanting to bake. “No sweetie but you can bake I see that look in your eyes. It’s the same whenever you feel the urge.” She said laughing and letting me scooch in. “Thank you” I said before getting all the ingredients to make a three-tier german chocolate cake. Once I put the cakes into the oven, I started making various cookies. I made chocolate chip to raisin to red velvet. About 3 hours later the Cake was chilling in the walk in fridge and the cookies we nicely plated on the counters. There was chocolate chip, red velvet, white chocolate macadamia nut, sugar, peanut butter, raisins plus the cake. So there should be plenty of desserts for now. I snatched a couple cookies before making my way out of the kitchen and to my quarters to shower before our guests arrive. When I reached my room, there sat all the guys on my king size bed making it look small. “Where have you been” Roan almost yelled.” James looked at me then noticed the cookies in my hands and said “she was baking again” He said before walking out of my room not saying another word. No doubt heading straight for the cookies knowing I hide a batch of peanut butter cookies just for him. That’s where you have been Martha said you left” Nick said throwing the pillow on the ground. I ignored them before grabbing a new set of clothes. I settled for a nice black dress that goes mid thigh. I was flowy like a sundress. Wore a basic lingerie set. It’s one of my favorite things. I always were matching sets. This one is a red laced set, very basic but since it will match my low top converse i’m going to wear that are red and black like my high tops.

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