You Taught Me To Fly

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Chapter Twenty

At the cabin two hours later, arriving there about eight in the evening, just as we were about to go in, Eli scooped me up into his arms after I’d opened the door. I let out a surprised gasp, and then laughed.

“Just what in the hell do you think you’re doing?” I demanded as my laughter tapered off into giggles.

He grinned at me.

“Practicing,” he claimed, and stepped through.

My stomach flipped. Practicing?? So, someday he wanted to get married? I had to admit, I loved the idea. Obviously we were too young right now but…someday…yeah…I could see it.

He set me down on the other side of the door, and eased it shut with his foot. Then he turned on the lights. The cabin was two stories high, and very spacious. I caught faint whiffs of an autumnal smell that comforted me. The lights in here were LEDs, so the room was well lit. The back wall of the living room area (standing directly opposite to me at the moment) was all glass windows that overlooked a large lake upon which the moon was reflecting. It was a beautiful sight, and I found myself drawn over, unable to stop staring. I noticed there was a path from the house to the lake, and it (the path) was lined with little outdoor lights that twinkled like stars. It was mesmerizing.

I felt Eli come up behind me, hands on my waist, lips at my ear.

“We can go swimming if you’d like,” he murmured softly.

“I didn’t think to bring my swim trunks,” I replied in a tone that matched his. My stomach twisted suddenly, nearly stealing my breath. I felt ashamed that my heart rate started creeping up. Did I really expect so much? It was stupid, wasn’t it? Having just gotten back together?? Way too fast!

He chuckled against my neck, just under the ear. My feelings intensified and I couldn’t fight them.

“Honey, we don’t actually need swim trunks,” he reminded me.

Oooohhhhh, I saw what he was getting at. I had to admit, the idea was very appealing to me.

“I’ve never gone skinny dipping before.”

“Mm,” he switched to the other side, trailing lazy kisses all the way over. “I haven’t either, but I want to with you.”

Automatically I gave him more access to my neck that he continued peppering with kisses. I was torn now. I wanted to go skinny dipping with him, that sounded amazing, but it also seemed like tonight things might just happen after all, and I wanted to see them through.

Just as one of his hands started towards the fastening of my jeans, however, I made up my mind (okay, I chickened out).

“Let’s go swimming.”

“Yes!” He cheered, and opened one of the windows, which I belatedly realized was actually a door. Man! That was clever. After that, my mind was filled only with thoughts of what we were doing. I watched from a slight distance as Eli undressed with his back to me, and then watched as he took a running jump into the lake. I laughed a little when he found out it was cold.

“Oohhh god! Oh boy. Okay. I got this.” I continued to watch during the minutes while he adjusted. He soon realized that I had not joined. “Luke, what are you waiting for?! Get in here!”

I took off my clothes on my way there, naked by the time I reached the water’s edge. Unlike him, I did not jump in but instead walked in, following the natural contour of the lake floor until it got deep enough for me to swim. He was right, it was cold, but I hardly cared. My thoughts were on him, and my only goal was to be close to him.

When I got over there, I marveled over his beauty once more. This time, instead of sunlight shining upon his hair, it was moonlight. Plus, he was looking at me as if I was one of the most beautiful sights he’d ever seen. Legs kicking beneath us, he used a hand placed on my cheek to draw me closer, and placed on my lips the sweetest kiss I’d ever felt.

Following that, I, of course, decided to race him (I don’t know, alright? I’ve never…done any of this and I just…I don’t know). He went along with it, though, so we spent a good fifteen minutes swimming around, splashing each other, and playfully calling each other names. Shortly after that, I was beginning to feel too cold, something he felt too, so we headed back towards shore. I’d gotten out first, and was standing there now freezing, shivers convulsing all over my body.

“We…should’ve remembere...towels,” I struggled to say between all the tremors.

“I know a fast way to fix that.” He picked up his clothes, and I followed him, picking up mine on the way in. He led me up the stairs, down the hall, and into what I assumed was his room. For a split second, I could’ve sworn he’d meant having sex but as it turned out, he was just dumping his clothes in the hamper, said I could do the same. Once I did, he took my hand, and led me back into the hall, down it for a few steps, and then through a doorway on the right into the biggest bathroom I’ve ever seen.

“Woah,” I said, taking in all the golden hues of the tiles, the walls, the lighting, and the counter tops. The shower/bath itself was wall-to-wall length-wise, and bright white with sliding glass doors. I understood the plan now. Eli went over, opened the door to the shower, and started the water. After a minute waiting for it to warm up, he got in, and then looked at me expectantly. I had to smile. I’d never showered with anyone before.

He returned my smile.

“Me neither,” he said, reading my mind. “Now come on, we’re wasting water.”

I headed right in; he moved out of the way so I could have the water. Just as I was about to object, I saw, on the other side, another showerhead just like this one. He turned that on, too, and then grinned at me as I stood there gaping at him. Marvelous heat chased away my shivers as I did so.

“How rich are you?!” I asked.

He laughed.

“Rich enough.”

Though the shower was big enough to encompass the both of us, we spent the majority of our time in the middle, kissing often. When we finally got to actually showering, we washed each other’s bodies. He did me first, his touch was gentle, but arousing, and for a split second after I noticed the boner I had, I grew embarrassed (I turned away to try to hide it) until he took my hand and had me reaching behind me to feel his own hardness.


He let out a soft, amused chuckle as he pressed a kiss to my neck, and then stepped back so I could rinse off. Then I washed him, trying to implement the same gentle strokes he’d given me. Apparently I did it correctly because just as I finished, he pulled me to him in a heated kiss. That was basically the moment I knew that tonight we were going all the way.

After the kiss, he rinsed off, and then shut off the water. I managed the one on my side, and watched as he, dripping wet, got out and went to get towels. I held onto mine while I watched him dry off, studying every single inch of him. I was beyond mesmerized.

When he finished and looked at me, he realized I hadn’t even begun to dry off yet. Of course he knew why and it made him laugh.

“You’re a useless gay, aren’t you?” he teased. I blinked, realized I’d zoned out, and had to grin.

“I really am.” I began to dry off. When I was done, Eli showed where to hang up our towels, and then took me to his room again. It was here he dimmed the lights, lit some autumn scented candles (my favorite scent), and put on some romantic music. He took me to the center of the room, pulled me close against him, and, aroused and all, we began to slowly sway together and revolve.

I looked at him, intrigued by all of this.

“Setting the mood,” he claimed, placing the softest of kisses upon my lips. I had to admit, it was both calming me down, and causing me to feel more strongly for him than ever. I leaned into him and closed my eyes, cherishing all the sensations and smells of the moment while my heart was pounding all the love it could manage through my veins. For the first time in my life, I felt like I had found where I belonged, a sense of home.

As the song drew to a close, kisses became more frequent and we came to a standstill. He began to let his hands roam, as did I with one of mine while keeping the other in his hair. With the roaming hand, I reached between us and grasped him. He hesitated ever so slightly in the kiss before resuming. I rubbed him for a few strokes before getting down on my knees, my hand now gripping the base of him. I looked up at him to see if this was okay. He stared down at me a little wide-eyed.

“Are…should…?” I asked, thinking he wasn’t ready.

“No, it’s okay. You’re okay. Just new at this.” He took a breath. “Okay. Go ahead.”

“You’re sure?”

He smiled down at me as he ran his hands through my hair, already more confident (how’d he do that?).

“I’m sure.”

Fulfilling the dream I’d had the last time we’d gotten this far, I took him into my mouth and listened as his breathing caught and then sort of moaned out.

“God, that feels good. More.”

I obliged him.

I worked him to orgasm because, eh, why not? And yes, I swallowed; I didn’t really see the harm in that (okay, so mostly I didn’t want to leave the room just to spit it back out). As I got to my feet, he was staring at me once more with what appeared to be absolute astonishment.

“Did you just swallow…?”

I nodded and shrugged at the same time.


“I love you,” he interrupted, followed immediately by a deep kiss, which was then followed by him asking if he could give me a blow job. Part of me worried he’d be disgusted being that close to it, but I realized…this was Eli. This wasn’t some superficial stranger I was having sex with, this was my boyfriend, this was a guy who loved me exactly as I was, flaws and all. So I said yes, and I soon found out just how good it really did feel. I think I came faster than he had, but I reminded myself that such a thing hardly mattered (and he probably hadn’t made any note of it anyway). He also swallowed, at which I felt a shock erupt in my stomach, travel through my loins, and dissipate. I wondered what that was all about.

The thought left anyways as Eli and I came together for another kiss before we made our way, stumbling kind of, towards the bed. We hadn’t been careful about watching where we were going, though, so when the back of my legs unexpectedly hit the edge of the bed, they buckled. Eli fell on top of me as I fell over backwards, and the both of us started laughing. I don’t know why; it just seemed funny.

As our laughs subsided, we adjusted to a more comfortable position, he got out a condom, lube, and then, slowly, after many kisses and some preparation, he eased his way in. Instinctively I clenched up, which made how wrong this felt so much worse, and I felt a crushing disappointment because it didn’t feel good. He stopped his advance, looking slightly panicked.

“I’m okay,” I told him, slightly breathless. “It’s just…I…”

I watched as the emotions on his face switched from panic, to guilt, to concern, and then he closed his eyes, I assume counted to a number, and regulated his breathing. When he opened them again, he was calmer.

“Okay. It’s okay. I read up on this. It’s supposed to be uncomfortable the first few times we do this.”

“It is??” It wasn’t so bad at the moment now that he wasn’t moving, though my body was still blaring alarm that something was not where it was meant to be; it was a little distracting. Even with the knowledge that this was normal, though, I had to say: “I’m so sorry.”

He did a little laugh/sigh, and slowly leaned down to kiss me (slowly so as not to move too much in other areas, I think?).

“It’s okay,” he murmured. “The trick is to relax your body. Right now, your body is freaked. Oh, and,” he reached for the lube, “this is our best friend tonight.” He studied me, concerned again. “Do you still want to do this?”

Oh, I did, I really did. This made him smile.

“Then we got this.”

Working together, we got my body relaxed and he eased out almost entirely, squirted a lot more lube on, and slowly inched his way back in. It was hard to relax but we kept at it until finally I began to adjust to the sensation. Finding that he could move easier, he began to do so. At the same time, he squirted some more lube onto his hand and began to rub me while he thrust slowly. We might not have been moving very fast but my gawd, it absolutely thrilled me to my core feeling him fill me up like this, over and over. It hurt, too, a little bit, but the lube definitely made things easier. Towards the end, I was even requesting him to go faster, which was perfect timing because right then his orgasm hit.

I marveled at the cry he let out as he pushed deep inside of me one last time, felt his muscles quiver, and found myself reaching an orgasm too, stronger than I’d ever felt before. Next thing I knew, I was…sobbing?

Eli looked down with alarm.

“Oh! Oh, I’m so—”

I waved a hand to dismiss that.

“No! No. I’m good. I’m,” a sob broke free, “I’m so happy.”

What the hell was this?!

He looked so confused, the poor guy, but he managed a weak smile and accepted my kiss.

“I love you,” I murmured to him, feeling the absolute truth of those words. I guess the question that remained now was…did he want me to make love to him?

And so, I asked.

“Oh, fuck yes. I just.” He cleared his throat. “I’m afraid to pull out now.”

Ohhh, yes, that would be…interesting.

“Only one way to do it,” I told him. Knowing I was right, he started. I inadvertently let out a loud groan. More sobs wanted out now that I felt incredibly empty but I fought them. God, what a weird reaction…

“Sorry sorry sorry sorry!” he exclaimed, taking the condom off and tossing it into a nearby trashcan.

I managed a smile, pulled him down to me, and kissed him as I rolled us over so that I was now on top.

“I’m gonna show you just how wonderful it really is. It just takes a bit to get used to, is all.”

He smiled and gave me a stroke that had my eyes rolling up just a bit.

“I can’t wait,” he murmured.

It went the same for him as it had for me and all the while I marveled at these new sensations flowing through me.

He cried afterwards too, and then much like I had him, he grabbed me to him for a kiss that was more immensely passionate than any previous one, so I knew he felt it too.

We slept soundly that night, curled up together as close as we could possibly get; my heart felt so…full.

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