You Taught Me To Fly

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Chapter Twenty-One

The morning after was an experience of its own, too. I woke up first and discovered we had switched positions at some point in the night. What had at first been me cuddling him from behind was now him cuddling me like so. I felt the strongest desire to see his face, to watch (if I didn’t wake him when I moved) as he slept. Not sure why, but…I didn’t ignore it.

Carefully, I began to turn around to face him. While my movement did not wake him fully, he stirred, uttered a low noise, and turned onto his back, head lolling to the side away from me, mouth slightly ajar. His left arm stayed loosely around me. I got comfortable in my new position, propping my head onto my fist, using my pillow brought closer as a resting place for my elbow. With my free hand I began to gently doodle on his chest. I watched as his chest rose and fell at the slow, even intervals that signified deep sleep. Emotions I felt for him suddenly became so strong they were nearly drowning me. Is this what it was to really be in love and bonded through sex? It was such an immense thrill; I couldn’t believe I was getting to experience pure bliss like this.

He stirred a little while later, took in a deep breath, let it out, and then opened his eyes. I stilled my hand against his chest and waited. At first he just laid there, struggling against the age-old debate of falling back asleep versus getting up. The clock on his side of the bed said it was nine-forty-two in the morning. He was overcome with a stretch, accompanied by a groan, and once he settled again, he looked down at his chest where my hand lay. A look of confusion crossed his face until his memory kicked in. Then he looked at me, and I could just see as last night came back to him all at once. A brilliant bright smile lit up his face just as I started to get insecure, proving I had nothing to worry about; he still loved me, very, very much. I so very badly wanted to screech with excitement and could only barely control not doing so while an automatic smile appeared on my face to match his.

“Good morning,” he said; his voice thick from sleep.

“Good morning,” I replied cheerfully.

He seemed amused by this, reached for my face, and brought it to his own for a kiss. Morning breath was indeed a thing that existed in this moment but neither of us really cared. I found myself rolling onto him partially, draping one leg over his as I settled against him. He pressed another kiss to my forehead, rested his head back against the pillow, and sighed.

“You okay?” I worried.

Self-doubt was beginning to poison my bliss, which annoyed me.

“That’s the thing.” Fear gripped my heart. “I’ve never been this happy before. I don’t know what to make of it.”

Oh, phew. Yeah, I knew how that felt. Wait. Did he just say…?

He saw me staring at him with shock and grinned.

“You need to stop doubting yourself, my sweet. You were amazing last night.”

Well, sure; he had nothing to compare it to. If anything, he’d been the amazing one.

Or, you nimrod, I thought to myself, you can stop being such a shit and accept that he means what he’s saying; you made him feel amazing. He loves you dearly and you can see it right on his face. Last night was just as special for him as it’d been for—

Loud music started playing out of fucking nowhere; startling me so badly I was surprised I hadn’t pissed myself. Once I realized what it was (he’d forgotten to turn off the stereo he’d had playing last night as we made love), I uttered a curse and flopped onto my back, hand over my racing heart, trying to calm down. Eli was too overcome with laughter to say anything. I watched him, wanting to be mad that he was laughing at me, but he just looked so euphoric; it was hard not to love him for it. I even started giggling because his joy was just so contagious.

“It’s really not funny, Eli,” I struggled to say seriously. Giggles kept pushing through, even as his laughter was begging to ebb.

He looked at me with tear-filled eyes, his expression just straight-up pure elation.

“Then wh-why are…you laughing…too?”

“I am,” a giggle escaped, “not!”

He tackled me then.

“You’re such a liar!”

“Hey!” I fought back; our laughter filled the sunlit room as we playfully wrestled. It was all just so…wonderful.

It took a while for us to calm down; we finally got out of bed around ten-oh-seven or so, and headed into the bathroom to shower. Well, I needed to pee first, and apparently doing so brought to his attention to the fact that he likewise needed to pee. I started up the shower as he did so, and had just gotten in when he flushed the toilet. The water went cold.

“Gah!” I jumped back.

“Oh!! Sorry!! I forgot it does that!”

I mock glared at him.

“Oh, you just conveniently forgot did you?” The water was already back to its previous temperature. He got in and came over to me, his arms snaking their way around my waist. I pretended to be too mad to even look at him, turning my head to the right (his left), and staring out through the glass doors.

“I’m sorry,” he said earnestly, kissing me on the jaw. “I really,” a kiss under my jaw, “truly,” a kiss on my neck, “forgot.” He made his way down to my shoulder, then back up to the corner of my lips. His expression was so innocent, so pure, what he was doing felt so incredible that I gave up my fake grudge, and turned my head to look at him again.

“Alright, I forgive you.”

“Mm,” he teasingly brushed his lips against mine but didn’t let me kiss him. “Do you now?”

My breathing quickened slightly as he teased me some more with kisses so close to my lips but not directly on them until I let out a tortured moan. Satisfied, he finally kissed me and made it so very worth my while. After that, we parted to actually shower instead of wasting water. It wasn’t until I was out and dried off that I realized my overnight bag was downstairs; I headed down in nothing but a towel wrapped around my waist, spotted the bag by the front door, and went over to get it.

A scream had me freezing in place just as I arrived where the bag lay. Eli heard it, too, and came running, wearing a pair of jeans but no shirt. For a second, I could only stare at his half nakedness as he slowed his pace on the stairs to avoid getting hurt. He saw my gaze, grinned, affectionately reminded me there were more pressing matters at hand, and pointed. Reluctantly I looked and saw Autumn’s girlfriend staring at me with horror.

“Lizzie, what are you doing here?” I realized how that sounded. “I mean, I’m glad to see you, hope you’ve been well, but…what…?”

Eli, who’d gone over to get my bag while I’d spoken, just returned by my side.

“I invited her and Autumn over,” he explained to me.

I looked at him.

“Oh? When did this happen?”

“Remember that call I had to make yesterday?”


Wait, what?

“Wait, so...”

Eli smiled and briefly touched my cheek, an affectionate gesture.

“You are so cute; so, I thought it might be nice if you and I doubled up with Autumn and Lizzie for prom. Go as, like, a group. It saves on gas and ensures the safety of at least us four.”

I put my arms around his neck as love poured forth like a damn waterfall, all because of his foresight to keep us safe. It seemed I would not be able to stop touching him today, or kissing him, for that matter, seeing as how it pained me to spend any second being more than mere inches away from him…and even then…

“You’re such a smart guy,” I complimented, kissing him before he could reply. He pulled me in so fast that he dislodged my towel which I didn’t actually fully notice right at that moment…I guess the better phrasing would be that I didn’t really care about it at that moment. Lizzie, of course, did.

“OH! COME ON! Luke, for Christ’s sake, get your towel back on! God! If I’d known I’d be seeing male ass I’d not have agreed to this!”

It was like I was high on weed or something. I pulled away and looked down at the towel on the floor. My brain identified the need to be concerned but all I felt was love for Eli, who was finding this whole thing hilarious. He bent over as he laughed, picked up the towel, handed it to me, and then maneuvered me towards the stairs, stating all the while how much he loved me, how cute I was, what a goofball I was, etc. Each statement had my love for him growing stronger; I was literally falling in love with him all over again in every single minute that passed. Quite the sensation, that.

I remembered, halfway up the stairs, the reason I’d come down in the first place.

“Uh, my bag,” I said, staring at where it still lay by the door.

“I got it, hon,” Eli said.

Lizzie was already looking anywhere but at me, and to spare her any more embarrassment, I hurriedly finished going up the rest of the stairs. Eli wasn’t far behind.

In his room again, he watched (after he put on his shirt) as I finally finished getting dressed. I caught the look of total adoration on his face, and knew exactly how that felt.

“Right back at you,” I told him.

His smile returned. My heart melted. I desired to be in his arms again, to kiss him again. I hoped these feelings would never fade or, God Forbid, go away.

“Last night was good, then, for both of us. No regrets.”

I had to ask. “Do you have regrets?”

He gave me a dude, come on look but still answered the question aloud.

“Not even a little. If anything, I’m looking forward to doing it again.”

I grinned. He wasn’t the only one. I was tempted to try now, but I knew better. I held out my hand.

“Come on, we have guests to apologize to.”

You have guests to apologize to,” he said as he came over and took my hand, ”I was already wearing pants.”

“Oh, and who was it who just had to kiss me so passionately that my towel slipped when he grabbed me to him?”

He stared ahead in silence for a few seconds as we made our way towards the stairs, and then said:

“Shut up, Luke.”

I cackled. He grinned like an idiot and playfully nudged me, once more calling me cute. I nudged him back and called him adorable. We kept bickering like this until we got to the bottom of the stairs. Safely on the first floor now, I pulled him to me and shamelessly kissed him just as fervently as I could manage. It was one of those kisses where you literally lean into it so much it causes your other to lean back. I pulled back sharply, straightening once more. Eli stared at me, incredulous, and then did the same thing to me. Next thing I knew, we ended up against the kitchen doorway, madly making out. I don’t know how long we spent like that, but after a while Lizzie spoke, though it wasn’t to us.

“Oh thank god you’re finally here.”

I assumed that Autumn had arrived, though I didn’t break the kiss to find out. Nothing was a priority over kissing Eli in this moment. Nothing.

“Woah,” Autumn exclaimed, “How long have they been doing…that?” She was silent for a second. “Jesus, Luke. Who knew you had that in you?”

“I don’t know how long,” Lizzie replied to her when we continued to ignore them, “but they won’t stop being all over each other and just…” she let out a little whine, “I’m so glad you’re here.”

Autumn chuckled.

“You’re okay, baby.”

Blissful silence for a bit, then a shrill whistle sounded that made me jerk away to instinctively cover my ears, which was illogical since the sound had already occurred and passed by the time my hands had actually covered my ears to protect against the sound. Realizing what had happened, I dropped my hands and turned to Autumn, exasperated.

“Dude,” I said to her. Eli’s hand took mine as he casually leaned against me. My heart stuttered in its beat and struggled to find its regular rhythm again. Every little touch was amazing.

She gave me her stern look.

“Dude yourself. What the hell has gotten into you two?”

I bit my lip about that, literally. Eli just let out a soft giggle and looked at the floor.

Autumn looked between us two and understood. Her eyes went wide.

“Oh my god! Finally!”

Eli and I looked at her with shock.

“Excuse me?” we chorused. I had expected her to be mad like she had been with Dave. Wait. Finally?? What’d she mean by finally??

She focused mainly on me for her response.

“You two have one of the most perfect relationships I’ve ever seen two people have. I was honestly wondering when the hell you were gonna have sex. If you ask me, six months was too long.”

I exchanged a look with Eli and knew we both thought that six months had been just right. I looked back at my sister.

“You’re not mad, then?”

She looked curiously confused until she realized what I was talking about.

“Oh, that. That wasn’t about sex, actually. Never mind. Uhm, hey! Good for you! But you two should probably cool it with the lovey-touchy stuff. It’s cute up to a point and then it just gets obnoxious.”

“No offense, Autumn,” Eli spoke up, “I love you like a sister and all, but I’m not going to not touch Luke. I mean. Come on.” He gestured to all of me with a look that was pure desire.

I bit my lip again and looked at the floor, trying desperately not to squeal with excitement while also being extremely embarrassed. This was nearly too much to bear, all of these raging emotions. I’m sure hormones were in the mix, as well, of course.

Autumn sighed heavily.

“You’re lucky I like you, Eli. Both of you are so frickin’ adorable.”

Strangely that reminded me and I looked up at her girlfriend.

“Liz, for what it’s worth, I am sorry you saw me naked, and I’m sorry we’ve grossed you out so much.”

She smiled at that.

“It’s okay. Autumn is right. As gross as it is to me, you two really are adorable. I’m betting you get pegged as cutest couple at prom.”

I looked at Eli.

“That might be cool.”

“Sure would but either way all I care about is dancing with you.”

My heart crooned.

“That sounds perfect.”

And I couldn’t wait.

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