You Taught Me To Fly

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Chapter Twenty-Two

We had breakfast, went out found ourselves some prom wear, and generally annoyed the shit out of Autumn and Lizzie…unintentionally, that is. Like I said, I couldn’t get myself to stay away from Eli for too long and in some cases, he’d deliberately make it difficult for me to be apart from him. We had lunch, brought our formal wear back to the cabin. Autumn and Lizzie went for a swim while Eli and I decided to spend our time getting some sun on the shore. As we lay, me in his arms, head against his shoulder, he asked if we should admit to them that we’d been naked in that very lake the night prior. I gave him a weird look.

“What? No! Of course not!”

We stared at each other for literally a split second before we both burst out laughing. He tackled me back to the sand, sealing his lips over mine as he settled on top.

“I love you, Lucas Sullivan,” he murmured afterwards.

Oh, my poor heart was going to give out at this rate.

“I love you, Elijah Rhodes.”

He kissed me again.

And once more, I wanted to experience sex with him. I really was bad, wasn’t I?

Eventually the time to go to prom arrived. The house designated for the event was a two story, with the upstairs blocked off. In the dining area a buffet was set up with various desserts. There was a chocolate fountain. Unable to resist, I took a strawberry, dipped it in, and then offered it to Eli, who deliberately took a sultry bite out of it just to watch me squirm. He was none surprised when I took his face into my hands and kissed him (once he had swallowed and was in no danger of choking, that is). He was not shy about kissing me back; neither of us cared about who was watching.

We were the only ones about that, however.

“Hey, hey, hey!” Autumn exclaimed, smacking the both of us on our arms until we parted. “You two need to behave here. Otherwise you’re going to get kicked out. PG rated actions, guys, P-G.” She walked off towards a table where her girlfriend waited.

I sighed.

“She makes it sound like it’s so easy.”

Eli laughed, put an arm around my shoulders, pressed a kiss to my head, and promised: “I won’t deliberately tease you anymore. In all seriousness, though,” he moved his arm from around my shoulder, taking my hand, “strawberries dipped in that chocolate are very delicious. Here.” He dipped one and held it out for me. “Try it.”

Unlike him, I made no effort to drive him crazy taking a bite out of it. The desire burned in his eyes anyway, though. I nearly choked upon seeing it, forgetting I was eating. With the food safely swallowed, I pointed to him.

“Like that!” I whined. “You keep doing that.”

“Doing what?” He asked, innocently unaware.

I shook my head.

“Looking at me as if I was the greatest damn thing you’ve ever seen in your life.”

“Well, Luke, surely you know by now…you are the greatest damn thing I’ve ever had in my life.”

It wasn’t lost on me the change he made. I fought the desire this time because sis was right and I wanted to actually dance with Eli at prom, which involved not getting kicked out before the chance to do so. All I really wanted to do right now, though, was leap into his arms, kiss him, and just stay there. It was amazing to me that we’d resisted.

As we neared our table, though, I allowed a kiss.

“I feel the same way about you, Eli. I hope you know that.”

He smiled.

“I know.”

We sat. We were told when we’d first entered the house to wait in the dining room so the chaperones of the dance could speak to us, to remind us about being safe; so here we waited. It took about fifteen minutes for the room to fill and then the safety talk began. There were four chaperones for this event, two of whom I recognized, the other two I’d never had as teachers. They were aware of our impatience to begin dancing in the ballroom downstairs, so they kept the talk short.

At seven-thirty, I was sharing my first slow dance [at prom] with my beloved.

Zach watched as the couple, unaware that they were in the middle of the room and had been given space by the other dancers, swayed side to side, bodies pressed close, heads rested together over each other’s shoulders, eyes closed, acting very much a couple madly in love. Sometimes they kissed, other times they were content just to be so close. Those two had definitely gotten busy last night…and Zach hated it. His plan had seemed so solid, but then that bitch Autumn had to go and ruin everything! Well. That was okay. He had a plan B, and it would work for sure.

Things went smoothly for about an hour and a half. I’d been having a lot of fun surprisingly, even though all I’d literally done was sway from side to side as I rested against Eli in his arms. At nine, I grew tired of being on my feet, Eli too, so we went over to some tables in the back off the room and sat down. Well, he sat down, I sat on his lap, and we cuddled as we watched the other dancers. A few minutes later I decided to go get a drink, and asked if my beloved wanted anything. He requested his favorite soda if they had it. If not, he trusted me to find a suitable replacement from whatever they did have. We shared a kiss before I went upstairs.

Once up there, it took me almost no time to find the sodas (they did indeed have soda he wanted as well as the one I wanted) and just as I was about to head back down, I spotted Zach and the most popular of Eli’s exes conversing over by the stairs. Their backs were turned to me and they stood side to side instead of facing each other, so carefully, I snuck on over to eavesdrop. I know, I know, eavesdropping is bad, but it didn’t take a rocket scientist to know Zach was up to something, and that it was about breaking me and Eli up; I had an opportunity to get my beloved and I ahead of these schemes for once so of course I was going to take it.

“So, you clear on the plan?” Zach asked the ex.

“Yeah. I’m to try to get Eli alone and then when I’m sure that his pansy boyfriend is looking, I kiss him.”

“Yes, but make sure you make it look like Eli kissed you. That’s the seller we need. Lucas is massively insecure when it comes to Eli, probably even more so now that they’ve fucked, and we need to seriously hit him where he’s still wounded. I don’t think Lucas will forgive him this time around.”


“Now, take it from th…”

I turned and quietly hurried away, Zach’s voice fading as I did so.

Back in the ballroom, I set our sodas down, took Eli by the hand, pulled him to his feet, and led him outside. Nobody else was out there. Once there, I turned to him to let him know of this recent development and felt my mind go blank. Being so close to him had shorted it out and I found myself kissing him. He went with it, his hands grasping my shirt at my hips. His body was pressing as much as possible against mine and yet it wasn’t enough, I wanted—

No! I needed to focus, damn it!

I pulled away, hands on his chest to hold him back; or to hold myself back if we’re being completely honest here.

“Okay,” Eli said a little dazedly, “that was wonderful but you didn’t have to bring me all the way out here just to kiss me, Luke.”

I shook my head, trying desperately to get my coherent thinking back.

“Not why I brought you out here.”

He looked puzzled.

“I didn’t plan on kissing you at all, it just…overcame me.”

Eli smiled, placed a hand on my cheek, stroked it with his thumb, and then gave me a soft kiss that had me yearning for him even more. He pulled back this time, and asked me what was wrong.

Ah! Right! There was a problem.

Gahhh...those eyes of his...Okay! No. I got this. I could focus.

“Which one of your exes was the really hot one that the entire school was, like, obsessed with?”

Eli blinked for a second, a little taken aback, then drifted his gaze to something over my shoulder behind me while he thought back, trying and apparently struggling to remember. After a minute, he met my gaze again, looking confused and regretful…and a little suspicious.

“Hon, I have no idea who you’re talking about.”

I found myself comforted by that fact. None of them were hotter to him than the others because looks were not what he concerned himself with.

Oh, how I fucking loved him!!

I fiddled with his shirt (we’d both taken our jackets off shortly after we’d started dancing; I don’t know if that’s actually relevant here but…all the same…)

I tried to think of how to trigger his memory.

“He was the one that lasted the longest, uh, like, eight months I think it was? It was sophomore year after you came out, I remember that. He’d been from out of town…”

Eli continued to draw a blank.

“Nothing?” I asked.

His face was overcome with the world’s most adorable (okay so I’m biased) sheepish expression and he shrugged.

“I’m sorry, love. The group pushed so many guys at me that they all became sort of a blur. What’s this about, anyway?”

I remembered an important detail, then.

“Wait, wait, he had a really weird name.”

I saw it clearly as it clicked in Eli’s brain. His eyes went wide.


“Yeah!! Him!”

Eli now looked astounded.

“Wait, so you thought he was really hot?”

Blush creeped into my face.

“I didn’t mean hotter than you and I didn’t really see the big deal I just…the whole school was like…really into him because of his looks…and…”

Eli was looking very much in love with me at the moment. I trailed off getting lost in it.

“Luke, honey, precious sweetheart, I love you so very, very much but why are you bringing up a guy from my past? He’s long gone. I haven’t thought of him since we broke up, not before now anyways.”

“He’s here,” I told him.

His smile faded.


“I saw him with my own eyes, heard him with my own ears. He’s being used by Zach to break us up.”

Eli traveled through a lot of emotions before he settled upon annoyance.

“God! That fucker just doesn’t give up! Did you hear their plan entirely?”

“Yeah. Braxton is to kiss you within my line of sight, but he has to make it look like you kissed him so that I’ll think I’ve been betrayed and thus never trust you again in my life.” I let out a sigh. “Zach knows we’ve had sex and thinks I’m more vulnerable than ever. And…he’s going through a lot of trouble just to break us up, why? Why does he care so much about your reputation?”

“Beats the hell outta me, but I’m so glad you caught him scheming.” He pulled me in for a hug. “I just got you back.”

I smiled a little, burying my face against his neck, one hand against the back of his head.

“If I’d not found out about this, and it went according to plan, you would not have lost me anyway.”


“I am yours, Eli. Last night really sealed that deal.”

As his arms tightened around me, he turned his head and pressed a kiss to my neck.

“For me, too.”

I met his gaze, surprised to find that I was still shocked by this.


He rolled his eyes as a grin pulled at his lips.

“Yes, Luke, stop doubting your worth.” We shared a kiss. “Now, obviously we can play this to our own advantage,” he said, “and really make it backfire in Zach’s face.”

I was intrigued and so, Eli explained his plan. It was a very good plan.

When we went back inside, Zach and Braxton were waiting, partially hidden, by some tables in the back that were near enough to our table from earlier for them to be able to hear any conversation of ours. We made like we didn’t see them, stopping just in front of our table. It was just our luck that the music got so loud at that moment that we’d have to raise our voices (ensuring that Zach and Braxton would definitely hear us).

Do you wanna dance?!”Eli began.

“Yeah! But I need the restroom!” I replied.

Okay, hon! Do you need help finding it?!”

“No, that’s okay!! I’ll be right back!”

“Hurry back to me!”

We grinned at each other before we kissed and then I went off. I did actually need the restroom so at least that part was real timing. As I returned, and my gaze fell upon Eli, Braxton was kissing him. Zach leaned towards Braxton and said something as I pretended to be horrified. Braxton pushed himself away from Eli, feigning surprise…ya know, as if Eli had suddenly kissed him. I let the fake horror on my face fade and determinedly made my way over.

“What the hell is going on?” I demanded.

Eli feigned shock.

“No, wait, Luke, I swear it’s not—!”

It should be noted that Zach was beaming. Braxton was looking mighty smug himself. Eli winked at me: it was go time. Braxton having seen the wink began to lose his confidence. He knew something was not right; pretty obvious, that.

I sighed heavily.

“I am hurt as hell, Eli! You never thought to ask me if I wanted to be a part of this?!”

“Well, babe, I know we talked of it, but…I just…”

Braxton was looking between the two of us, seeming increasingly disturbed by what he was hearing.

“Wait, what’s going on?” He asked.

“I’ll tell you what’s going on, big guy.” I cast him a sultry glance. “You, me, and Eli are gonna go to his cabin and have ourselves a real nice time, ya dig? I’m gonna pound that ass so deep you’ll never forget it.”

Braxton’s eyes went wide with absolute horror. Eli lost control and started laughing, covering his mouth to try to stifle it. It took everything I had not to join him.

“No, that’s not what…I was…No!” Braxton objected.

I feigned hurt a second time.

“You mean to say you don’t want me? Ugh! How dare you! I will have you know I am insanely sexy! Just ask Eli!” Who, for a brief moment, gave me a look that confirmed I actually was sexy…at least to him (and that was all that mattered). “Better yet, I’ll show you.”

I grabbed Braxton’s face, locked my lips with his, snuck my tongue into his mouth just long enough, and then I stepped back (the whole thing lasted about a minute, not even). Braxton looked like he was going to be sick. Without a word, he ran off, hand over his mouth.

Eli and I burst out laughing and hugged. When our laughter subsided, we turned to Zach. He was staring at us with wide eyes; I think part of that was shock that we’d known where he was located.

“Nice try, asshole,” Eli and I chorused.

Zach looked between the two of us.


“I overheard everything, you complete dumbass. You could’ve avoided this if you’d just looked behind you,” I told him.

“Lucky for me, you’re a clueless fucking moron,” Eli piped up.

Zach recovered from his shock and glared at us.

“One way or another, I will break you two up!”

I just rolled my eyes.

“You’re too late,” Eli informed him, his voice now ice cold. It was actually kind of spooky. “Luke and I made love for the first time last night and let me tell you there is not a god damned thing on this planet that is ever gonna drive us apart. I belong solely to him and I always will. My heart belongs solely to him and it always will. Nothing, do you fucking hear me, you sack of shit, nothing is EVER going to get in the way of that. We are forever. So give it the fuck up already or so help me God I will make your life a living god damned hell, even after high school.” To me, Eli offered his hand. “Shall we dance, my love?”

I smiled, firmly placing my hand in his.

“Let’s dance, hon.”

Zach, or anyone else for that matter, didn’t bother us about our relationship that night or really ever again. As an added bonus, we were not only chosen that night as cutest couple at prom, but crowned king and, well, king. It was a spectacular night to behold, one of many that we shared together.

The end.

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