The Nightmare

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Chapter 9 - Sidekick

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"Are you alright?" Dave asked, finally breaking the silence.

It has been a long moment of stillness inside the van after Eric and Jermond left. Only the soft sound coming from the air conditioner could be heard, plus the occasional hiss Macforth makes every time he felt the traffic lights had taken forever to turned green.

We dropped Eric and Jermond in front of their gate, it was gigantic. The village they are in with, is somehow near ours, but still, wouldn't fall under the category of walking distance.

Their house from the front view was painted in white. Two storey and the roof was colored blue.

Lucid life-size windows from each of the ten terraces on the second floor, all covered with golden curtains. In front of their house, scattered four plants that were shaped just to stand tall. Green vast front lawn was left bare.

Their house is something I consider too much for the two brothers.

Eric offered us to get in but Dave politely refused, saying it has been a long day.

It wasn't a long trip from the coffee shop at all, more like fifteen minutes had taken us before we reached our village, and I couldn't be certain if it has something to do with how fast Macforth drives or with the fact that they could make the time stops whenever they feel like doing.

I suddenly remembered how we made it to the university today in a short time I never thought possible. Everything I witness today explains it.

"I'm okay." I smiled at Dave as he got off the van, opening the gate for us. I watched him. He still looks like the first time I saw him, so I couldn't understand when, or why, or how the magical things started to takes place.

I followed Dave inside the house, leaving Macforth in the van. The idea of Macforth having superpowers disturbs me less than knowing Dave has. Not that I don't care, but I'd come to realized, that must be the reason why he doesn't want me around. He must have been very careful not to spill their secret.

The house is quiet. Aunt must have been taking a nap. It was a good thing since I didn't know how I'm going to explain why we're home early without lying at the same time.

I went to the kitchen to where Dave had vanished. When I opened the door, he was sitting on the edge of the dining table looking sternly at the floor.

"Dave?" I called, pulling him from his thoughts before he could completely drown in it. He looked at me then smiled, automatically changing his uptight course. I couldn't read his eyes, I am not sure if he's willing to entirely disclose what is obviously left untold, but for my sanity, I know I needed to ask.

"About the magical things, I am wondering—"

"Of course." Dave was grinning when he cut my words.

It's seems like he was anticipating my curiosity. That's a relief. And I couldn't careless to how much or how little of their secret he's willing to share with me. All I wanted to understand are the things that were already given. Still, I don't want to be intrusive.

"How is it that you can control water? And Jermond fire? And the gems? And the time? So, is magic real? But I never see you does anything strange. Are you not human?" The words were rushing out from the tip of my tongue. They'd been there, hanging, longing for escape since we were at the coffee shop. Finally, the questions had been asked.

"I am human." His grin went wider. Dave stood up and pulled out a chair in front of him, gesturing me to sit down. I did, and he sat down to the chair next to me, facing it to my direction.

"We all are. The stones give us control over something, in my case water. So yes, magic is real." He chuckled, putting emphasis on the word magic. I wonder if Dave's taking me seriously.

"The reason why you haven't seen me does anything unusual is because, we only learned about it yesterday—" Only yesterday?

"But how long did you have the gems? And where did you get it?"

"When we went home yesterday, Forth and I were too preoccupied to take notice. But we're already aware that something strange has been going on that day. So when everyone had calmed down." Dave chuckled a bit.

"I meant, when Aunt Joyce finally stop panicking about you, having to faint in the middle of the mall. That's when Forth and I started discussing the stones blinking relentless on us. Annoying, was his term." He grinned again.

"It was only yesterday that it started blinking?"

"It was only yesterday that the stones came to our possessions." My forehead furrowed.

"When we went home from the mall, the next thing I knew was that the stone has already been hanging around my neck, as if it has been there all these times when I couldn't even remember I had one."

"It just popped up? Why? Do you thing the mall is magical?"

"I don't know, Privs. I could only guess." Dave stared at me, waiting.

I exhaled, looking at the air between us. It seems like he's anticipating another question. And as much as I wanted to ask, I don't think I can handle more. My mind is busy figuring out what will happen in the following days. Will the Earth going to be invaded anytime soon? Are they the ones chosen to defend people? That's the only thing I could think.

"Are you not going to ask about your involvement?" My head snapped up to face him. My eyebrows, pulling each other.

My involvement? Wasn't I just a passerby? I thought it's just an accident that I learned about the gems because I happened to be around with the people who have them?

"For the record, it was you who made things a little more complicated than they already are."


What did I do?

"You see, Forth has been annoyed with the persistent blinking of the stones yesterday. And you know well how obvious it is when he gets annoyed. So, when Aunt asked what's wrong, Forth told her about his earring. But she only replied, 'Which earring?' She said that despite the earring being there right in front of her, blinking. That's when Forth assumed that aside from the two of us, no one else could see the stones. We waited for Uncle to confirm that theory. And it was confirmed." I stared up at him, confused.

They can't see the gems? How could anyone not see the gems when they're blinking so bright?

"Actually, you weren't supposed to see the stones either. Can you imagine how annoyed Forth was last night after you nullified the only theory he got right?" Dave teased.

"Did you try showing it to other people? It might only be Aunt and Uncle who can't see the gems."

"We'd done a lot of experimenting for the past twenty four hours. It's you, who's different. Like any other normal human, you should remained unconscious whenever we use this." He pulled out his blinking necklace.

"Last night you were. Even earlier at school. And like the rest of the other humans, when we use this, you were expected to be invisible too, just so you know." Then why?

I looked away, breaking the eye contact between us. I couldn't help but wonder why am I the exception. Could Eric's theory be right? That I am a sidekick? But what can I offer? What is it with me that made me worthy of their secrets?

Dave cupped my chin up to face him. He looks so serious now, all jokes were gone.

"So, when we thought that's all it, and things couldn't get any more confusing, the next thing we knew was that, you were there, moving freely like you own a stone yourself."

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