The Nightmare

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Chapter 10 - Tuesday

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I was feeling normal when we got out of the house today. Normal compared to yesterday when every part of me was reluctant to go to the university when I had no idea what I was about to go through.

I'm feeling normal, so I assumed this day shall be good.

Macforth parked the van in the corner most part of the paking lot like yesterday. And I'm not sure if the parking spaces in here already belongs to a specific owner or it's just a coincidence that the space was not yet occupied whenever we arrived.

Dave got out of the van first and before I could land a foot on the ground, something loud has caught my attention — everyone else's attention. There, coming from the entrance of the parking lot, was a high pitch sound of screeching wheels.

Curious, I walked in front of Dave to get a better view of the entrance but not entirely walking out to the open space in front of our bumper. And there, I saw a black, tinted car, speeding its way ahead.

As it goes closer to us, the sound went louder, making the few people on the parking lot cringed with curiousity. I wonder why the driver is in such a hurry when the bell for the first period hasn't rang yet.

When the car reached our place, it went a meter away, drifted in a circular motion, twice, thrice, and thrust into one of the available spaces across our van. The car moves so quick and swiftly without even pausing.

Finally, the abrasive sound stop. The friction of the wheels on the ground was so intense, it left marks everywhere.

All eyes stayed on the car as its roof started unfolding.

A guy wearing sunglasses went out of the driver's seat. He held his bag in one hand and clung it to his shoulder, crossing the lot, walking to our direction.

"Iconic entrance. I know." The guy said, looking around then smirked, satisfied by the attention he drew.

"If you wanted attention so much, you should've parked in front of the statue." That was Jermond walking towards us too. I looked back at the first guy, realizing it was Eric. I didn't know they were enrolled here too.

"How's my favorite human doing?" Eric asked, completely ignoring his brother's remark. He wrapped his left arm around my head, pulling me in a tight hug. I nodded in response.

Eric freed my head, and I saw Jermond, cringing at his brother's action, he looks at me apologetic. I waved hello at him. And I'm hoping that the wound behind the bandage on his forehead will heal sooner.

"Escalade for school? Seriously, grandpa?" Eric was eyeing Dave's van, joking.

We only met Eric yesterday but it feels like he's been in our lives long before. He's comfortable with everyone and everything. He's an easy going type of person, cheerful and genuine. I admire him for that.

"I'll escort you to the admin." Dave said, already walking away. Macforth smirked, then followed.

"Is today your first day?" Eric nodded, he put his arm over my shoulders and started towing me, following the three guys.

Watching my friends, walking side by side, and chatting like a normal person would, I couldn't help but to enjoy an inside joke. Who would've thought that these four guys are actually magical people? Far more than what meets the eye, far more than what one can imagine.

And again, I couldn't help but question, what will happen to Earth that requires beyond natural protection? And right now, even though I'm still not sure whether my knowledge about their secret is a gift or not, I am happy that our paths crossed.

"Eric, were you and Jermond at the mall on Sunday?" I asked. My eyes widen when all four head turned to face me. My body froze in my position, making them all paused too.

I was taken aback, I didn't know they're listening. It feels like all my blood has gone up to my face. My four friends stared at me like how my classmates looked at me yesterday when I first entered the classroom, just worse.

I gulped, hesitating to continue. I'm not that sure of what I saw at the mall that's why I wanted to confirm first before I tell them, but now that they know I have something in mind, I'm worried that my assumption would be wrong.

"We were. Why?" Jermond asked.

"Privs, what is it?" Dave seconded.

"I could be wrong." I want the truth out there first. Dave nodded, encouraging.

"I'm thinking, if Eric and Jermond were at the mall too, it means that the small stars I saw before I completely lose consciousness were your gems. And I remember seeing five gems. So I'm thinking, there could still be another one out there, like you." They looked at each other and fell silent.

"I could be wrong. But I remember your gems, blinking from different direction. And I remember a guy, standing from exactly where the purple gem was." They stayed still, staring at me.

I wasn't sure if what I said has brought help, or more confusion. I'm beginning to doubt myself, but the next thing I knew, Eric has already spun me around to face him, both hands on either sides of my head.

"Look what we have here! Our human is starting to be the sidekick she is destined to be. So proud of you!" He exclaimed, looking at the guys and me.

It was a relief knowing he considered it as a help.

Yesterday, Dave informed me about my involvement, but like everyone else, he isn't exactly sure what we all stands for. Dave said, it's better to take things slow, for whatever the reason behind all these, we'll definitely find out later.

Being the only non magical human to know about the bizarre things didn't bother me. I didn't even consider 'knowing' as an involvement to their secret world. It was until Dave stressed that something is different in my case that made me wonder. It was until Dave concluded that I am actually involve for whatever reason, they too have to find out yet, that made me question.

And as much as I wanted to ask, I wouldn't. I realized, that the persons who's actually involve, have a lot more questions to ask, and are even more puzzled than I am. So, I decided to stop asking and just let the things get unfold before me. In that way, I could be one less burden for them.

"So, what now? Are we going to look for Blueberry? Or Blueberry will going to look for us?" Eric asked, excited.

"Will you remember the guy when you see him again?" Dave asked me.

"I would but, Dave... I'm not really sure if he is the owner of the gem. Or if there really is a purple one."

"Then we'll start there. No pressure." Dave smiled at me, reassuring.

I felt happy, being able to help. I hope, that whoever chose me to be a part of this secret has a reason for picking me. I am hoping that whatever the reason for my involvement is, will actually bring light and support to my friends. And I am hoping, that my being involve in their magical world, is more help than liability.

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