The Nightmare

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Chapter 11 - Mundane

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When I entered the room, all head automatically turned to my direction, more curious than yesterday. It held me back for a moment, wondering how many days do I still need so that my classmates would no longer consider me new, but when Vivien suddenly popped up in front of me, that's when I understood that the stares were for a different reason.

"I'm so glad, you weren't super hurt yesterday. I felt so guilty for leaving you alone." Vivien said, following me to my seat. Then everything flashed back.

"Hi, Priavara. I'm Chelsea. How are you feeling?" The girl seating in front of me turned and offered a handshake. Then, two more students inside my three meter radius turned around and walked to me.

"I'm Lillian. I was in the lib yesterday, I didn't see what happened but I heard it's so close." The girl sitting next to Chelsea said. Her face was saying sorry to me.

"Bookworms are always in the library, it's no surprise you always miss exciting events, Lil." Baron walked to us, introducing himself as Baron Ford. On his side were two other boys whom he presented as Vincent Hampshere and Marco Dewey. It was actually unnecessary to introduce themselves because I already know them. These three guys were the most active in World Literature's class yesterday, always getting Sir Mont's attention.

More of our classmates came and joined the conversation, circling my table. They'd thrown me questions after questions. Mostly about how I felt towards the incident and why I didn't skip school today when I could take the day off given the trauma, the incident caused me, and if I consider the university dangerous. I would answer no because accidents can happen anywhere. My classmates would agree, and then the incident continues to get retold. I heard a lot of 'Thank God', and 'I'm so glad'. It didn't take long until almost everyone was talking to me, exchanging their thoughts to what they would do if so happen they were in my shoes.

"You're lucky, Forth was there." I froze, it was something I didn't see coming.

I stared at everyone, thinking someone else could've noticed that Macforth wasn't anywhere near me yesterday. I focused, gathering the appropriate words to say so that their secret will remain untold, but the sudden giddiness on my surrounding calmed me.

"Oh Macforth! He's such a hero!" Vivien exclaimed, most of them agreed.

Macforth indeed is. I was saved by him with the help of the gems. If it wasn't for his ability to stop the time, the metal basket would've crashed my bones to pieces.

Dave said, the original plan was that Macforth was just suppose to transfer me to another place, probably a meter or so from where I was standing. He was suppose to walked back to where his friends were. In that way the nuances could easily be missed, but according to Dave something unanticipated happened. Macforth accidentally stroke his gem while he's on his way to me. The time was suddenly moving again, the basket was closer, leaving Macforth no choice but to threw himself next to me and pulled me out of the way. It was dangerous, for their secret and his safety.

It only means that, with or without the gem, Macforth risked his life to saved me.

"Everyone, settle down." The bell rang, exactly when Mrs. Pears went inside the room.

"Ms. Agras, I'm sorry for what happened yesterday. I hope you're okay now." I froze when I heard my name but immediately recovered. I nodded.

Most of my classmates turned to face me, smiling, wishing the same. It was a relief that it felt like my classmates and I had grown closer together just after minutes of talking.

"I can't believe you heard about that, Mrs. Pears. Do you know how close it was—"

"Drop it Mr. Ford. I know what you're doing." Mrs. Pears smirked, cutting off Baron. The class laughed.

Mrs. Pears started the class right away. Continuing where they left off yesterday, explaining why Switzerland was never attacked in both World War I and II.

Apparently, Mrs. Pears isn't as strict as she appears to be. She would be dropping jokes from time to time, to lift the mood inside the room given that the topic was so serious. She is actually a funny person.

When it was time for World Lit, Sir Mont went to my seat asking me how I am. I was tense the whole time, thinking Sir Mont would remember asking whether or not I already got the book he told me to have, it was a relief he didn't.

When the bell rang for break, Vivien walked to my seat, apologizing because she couldn't accompany me to the cafeteria due to some student council's errand. And it was okay, mainly because as far as I know, she isn't oblige to walk me to the cafeteria every break time. Vivien is so passionate about her post, she's fulfilling her duty way too far.

And secondly, I wasn't exactly sure if I wanted to go out of the room in the first place.

But the indecisiveness happened a few minutes ago and now, I found myself standing near the statue again, not that I wanted to get involve in another unwanted situation, I just wanted to checked.

The construction of the building continues, a new crane was installed, as far as I can say. On the ground, was a patch that is obviously newly repaired, the cement is on a different color than the rest of the pavement.

I was pulled from my thoughts when a ball flew passed me, almost hitting my arm. The ball went straight ahead, landing onto the lady professor passing in front of me. The professor stop, flabbergasted and so do I.

She looked back in a haste, eyes eager to find the culprit. She must have seen the reaction on my face, covered with shocked and guiltlessness, that her ominous glare spared me.

The professor continued searching passed me, but it didn't take a second to get her direful glare back at me, only this time, it is accompanied with accusations and certainty.

I automatically look behind me, desperate to know what she's found.

For a moment, I thought there was no one behind me that left her no choice but to put the blame on me, but there were four students, scattered behind me. Like everyone else, they might have been going somewhere but was pinned on the ground when they witness the ball hit the professor. Like me, they must have been startled and petrified to be the one wrongly accuse of doing something, but unlike me, they're all resolved to put the blame on someone to save themselves.

I was dumbfounded to see that they all had their forefingers pointed at me.

I immediately looked back to the professor, my head shaking, infinitesimal, denying the accusation.

"To my office. Now."

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