The Nightmare

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Chapter 12 - Psychology

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"With all due respect, Mrs. Belle. She didn't do it." A guy nearby started walking to us, looking to a particular guy standing behind me.

"He's the one who threw the ball, I saw it. You can check the CCTVs." He stated with easiness looking around the nearby buildings. The professor looked at the new guy for a moment, but seemed to be convinced by the testimony he offered. Mrs. Belle switched her gaze to the four guys behind me.

"To my office." And then she walked away, the guys followed, scratching their heads, but they didn't forget to glare at the good guy as they walked passed him. He beamed at them.

"Thank you for telling the truth." If it wasn't for him I would be the one walking away with the professor now. I didn't even realize there were CCTVs around to prove my innocence.

The guy just stared at me for a couple of seconds, smiled then walked away. I hope that the four students wouldn't take that against him. The good guy just told the truth, I hope they would not bully him or something.

I decided to go back upstairs. I wasn't hungry in the first place.

Five students remained inside the room, excluding myself. The first one is Lillian standing by the window talking through her phone, looking outside. It seems like she's talking to someone on the ground.

"Oh my gosh! I'll be right there!" Lillian exclaimed, making us all jumped in surprise. She hangs up the phone, staring at Nicole, who's standing next to her.

"We have to go! They're in the cafeteria right now. I want to see them with my own eyes!" She exclaimed again, tagging Nicole along. I ease up, knowing no one is in danger.

Looking at my right, three tables from mine, three girls remained quietly seated in front of one another, eating. If I wasn't mistaken, the girl with the light hair with curls and the other girl with the black wavy hair are originally seated in the frontmost part of the room. The third girl with the dark straight hair is the owner of the table they're sharing with right now.

I was deliberating whether to walk to them to introduce myself or not. I'm actually hesitant that maybe, they're not interested to have me as a friend since they didn't join the group conversation earlier, but I decided to give it a try. Besides, no one else is in the room.

"Hello. I'm Priavara." The girl with the wavy hair smiled, saying hello back to me, her voice sounds like chime. She gestured me to have a seat, and all my doubts vanished.

"Hi, I'm Julie and these are my friends, Shelly and―"

"It's Shalani for her." The girl with the light hair said, scrolling through her phone. Julie, smiled at me and continue.

"And this is Katharina." Katharina didn't look at me, she continues with her pasta, her eyes on the screen of her phone.

Julie, offers me a chocolate, I accepted that, wondering what else can I say. We still have eight minutes for break, and I'm no longer sure how to continue, they seemed busy right now. I think my timing is bad.

"So, do you have a boyfriend?" Julie asked, smiling. I was starled by her question but Katharina is suddendly coughing, choking with her food. She's coughing hard, tears are forming on the corner of her eyes. It makes the three of us panic.

I was on my feet before I realized it. I offered the nearest drink I could get from the table, but Shalani took it from me.

"Seriously?" She stared at me before walking around the table to stand behind Katharina. She's giving her pats on the back, applying pressure on each, just like what Julie's been doing the whole time.

After a couple of seconds Katharina is well again.

"You're giving us a heart attack." Julie tease, smiling at us. She looks at me, gesturing me to sit down again.

"I can't believe you're really offering her a drink. You could've worsen the situation. Don't you know anything about first aid?" I was taken aback. My intention is to help, I didn't mean to hurt Katharina.

"Shelly only means that, giving a person something to drink while actually chocking will only block the airway. So it's usually better to let them cough to clear the blockage."

My cheeks felt like burning. The thought that I could've worsen the situation sent chills to every part of me. I completely undestand why Shalani reacted that way. I almost put her friend in danger.

"I'm sorry. I have no idea..."

"Obviously." Shalani said, disappointed.

"Well at least, now you know." Julie encouraged.

I can't believe how she manage to be so calm, talking to me when my ignorance almost harm their friend.

Apparently, I was the only one panicking earlier, how foolish of me to think that the three of us have no idea what should be done.

The bell rang. My classmates started to arrive, rushing. I took it as a cue to get back to my table. To be honest, I just wanted to vanish in this instant. I'm glad that no one else witness my ignorance, and I feel ashamed. I can't even find the courage to look back to Katharina.

With a heavy heart, I sat quietly on my chair, busying myself. I took the confirmation slip from my bag so it will be ready for the next professor to be signed.

The subject, Psychology with Ms. Victoria Shaw.

"For the longest time, experts have been debating whether dreams meant more than what they are. A lot of theories have been created, but we are narrowing it down to the major three."

"First theory by Scientist Dr. Sonya Hugo. According to her studies, dreams are a summary of what happen during the entire day or days ago. It becomes a wrap up, the emotions you felt, and the response you made. It just changes most of the time because of the symbols, the people involved, and the response you think you should've done.

"Which leads us to theory number two, by renowned Psychologist Dr. Alyssa Merry, who believes that dreams are like mind's escape from reality. Dr. Merry says that the stronger the desire an individual makes, the more likely the desire happens in their dreams. Other theories supported that claim saying there are exceptionally strong desires, making the subconscious mind take control of what it wanted to see in dreams. They said that when a desire is too powerful, that is when lucid dreaming happens."

"I experience that before. I think I'm gifted." It was Marco, and he seemed so much into the discussion, like everyone else.

"Save that experience, Mr. Dewey. We wouldn't be discussing lucid dreams until next chapter." Ms. Shaw continues.

"Third theory is the most controversial of all. Psychologists call it Theory X. Even though a lot of firsthand experiences had been brought up, there hasn't been enough documents and studies produced to support this theory. Theory X states that dreams are either visions or unremembered memories. Some theorist believe that dreams are either telling us what happened in the past or what is coming." The bell rang but everyone remained quiet, listening.

"For your assignment class, find out what happens to the brain when a person is dying."

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