The Nightmare

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Chapter 13 - Amethyst

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The rest of the day passed like a blur.

Walking towards the parking lot, I jump in surprise when the last bell rang, the signal that meant everyone should be out of school by now, for security purposes I guess.

Today's last subject was Physical Education with Coach Rochet. It was wonderful, only that I haven't actually started today.

When we entered the gym, it felt like the olympics has been brought before my eyes. From tennis, to badminton, to Taekwondo, every indoor sports I am familiar with, I saw them at the gym earlier, happening at the same time.

The gym's so spacious it looks more of a football field, but with a smooth wooden floor and a roof.

I remember how I felt lost earlier at gym, when my classmates parted ways, everyone walked towards different directions. Apparently, we were given free will to pick which sports we wanted to get involve.

I spent most of the period looking for Coach Rochet so my slip could be signed. I toured the whole gym, pausing every time I saw an interesting sports, still I couldn't decide which one I wanted, because we are only allowed to choose one, and there are a lot to choices.

One Coach approached me earlier, asking me why I wasn't changed to my PE uniform, I explained and asked for Coach Rochet, he told me she was in the podium.

Surely she was there, and she was busy.

Coach Rochet asked for my help, organizing the envelopes and folders before her. She's young, probably on her early thirties. Her long sleek black hair, pulled back in a tight ponytail, her face looks unfriendly but she's beautiful. When the bell for the closing of the last period rang, I had to remind her of my slip, her eyebrows pulled together as she looked at me, and I fell silent. Apparently, she forgot why I was there in the first place, so I explained again.

I shivered, remembering that.

I continue walking towards the innermost corner of the lot where Macforth parked the van. Almost all of the cars were out, except for that one brown car that's just heading its way out. It is blowing its horns, loud and long, signaling me to get out of the way. The car isn't even close to where I am, but I stayed out of its lane anyway so it would stop horning.

My eyes never leaving the car as it moves, wondering why it has to blow its horn that loud. I transferred to the other lane but the car all of a sudden turned to my lane, blocking my suppose way, the passenger's side facing me. It didn't stop blowing its horn, so instead of guessing, I started walking close to it, thinking that the driver is probably asking for help.

I scan through the windows to check but as soon as I found familiar faces from today, chills went down my spine. My heart's suddenly alarmed.

They people inside the car laughed at my reaction. And my feet automatically moved when one of the doors began to open. I step away from the car, heading to go around it.

"Hey!" One called, laughing. I heard the door shut again, the wheels turned but I didn't bother to look back.

My heart races, as soon as I realized that their headlights are focus parallel to where I'm heading. I ran faster.

At the back of my mind, I'm positive that Dave and Macforth are already in our van. I only need to let them know I'm here, they will look for me.

I'm holding on to that thought. I ran faster.

I heard another set of wheels, speeding from my side. I have no idea what I did why they're doing this. My knees, weakens, but I need them more now. The second car drives fast, as if racing with me. The wheels screeched the ground, easily advancing me.

The next thing I knew the second car has already stop. Its headlights, blinding me.

"Daaave!" I gave my best shot. I couldn't see our van yet, but helpless as I am, there's nothing left for me to do. I'm hoping I was heard.

I remained firm in my position, calculating what move I would be doing next.

It was silent.

Neither of the cars from either of my side moves. As if they're waiting for something. But I am determined, whichever car opens its door, I would run towards the opposite direction.

It was a second of stillness, of silence. But I could hear my own blood rushing to every vein in my body. My heart, pounding loud, it almost hurt. I clutched my fingers into a fist, as the shaking becomes uncontrollable.

Knowing this is not the right time to faint, I breathe deeply and tried hard to focus. Almost jumping, when the brown car pulled back, and drove away.

My eyebrows automatically pulled one another, looking at the brown car as it drives away. I exhaled, my shoulders dropping in relief.

They just left. Something I didn't expect. It left me questioning, but I am grateful it did.

Maybe, they're not really coming after me. After all, I wasn't the one who told Mrs. Belle about the ball that landed on her. Maybe those people are just jokers, and they're just trying to be funny and prank people, and it's just happen that I'm the only one available, both earlier and now.

My heart skip a beat when the door of the other car opened, bringing my attention to itm anticipate what is coming.

"Now, I am extremely curious why they are ganging up on you." I heard him chuckle as he leaned on his car.

My eyes glittered, realizing it was the good guy again. I walked next to him, away from the blinding headlights.

Today must be another lucky day for me. God has sent down an angel.

"Thank you. I am grateful you're here. I don't know how I can thank you enough..."

"Well, you can start by telling me what's going on. I wanted to make sure I'm helping the right one." The good guy asked, and I think he has every right to know, only that I couldn't offer any explanation that would justify the situations he'd seen me in with. Would he think I'm lying if I told him I did nothing bad to those guys?

He leans down at me, waiting, leveling his head with mine as I struggle to gather the words to say.

His brown irises glittered with curiousity and amusement, something that made me looked away.

"I did nothing to them. I do not even know them." He stared for a moment, probably internalizing what I said before pulling back, returning to his upright posture. He slid his hands into his pocket, exhaling.

"It's the truth." I added. Something in me wanted to earn his trust. Or maybe, I'm indebted to him that I wanted him to know there's no way I could lie to him.

"I know. I was just kidding." He dimpled, and I breathe.

"May I know your name?" I asked, shivering. I don't even know where the courage came from, it was so sudden I didn't even think before I asked. It was too brave of me. I'd never done that before.

Surprised and hesitant as I am, I'm still glad I did. It's something I considered empowering.

My fingers automatically crossed behind me as I wait for he only stares at me. I'm not sure if he's hesitating whether it's worth giving me his name, or that he's not entirely interested of being my friend, that he's probably been thinking of a polite way to decline. It makes me nervous, but as I look at him, I could not find the will to look away.

His eyes, I can feel something bizarre going on in his eyes. Now that I'm looking thoroughly at them, his irises are like wooden-colored marbles that is being lit by fire. Like rubbies caressed by melting bronze.

The wind blew a little, playing with our hair to one direction, but neither of us moved. When the cold breeze tamed, his hair was tousled, almost covering his eyes. But the golden flames, burning the entire autumn forest remained firm, holding my gaze, I couldn't look away.

His lips parted a little, emphasizing the exemplary sculpted bow. It matched flawlessly with his chin.

Everything in him spelled perfect. Like my friends, he looks exactly like them, he is beautiful and—

"It's you. You own the purple gem." I stated, convincing myself more. My words were thoughtless. I could be wrong, but at the same time, I am sure. He's the one I saw at the mall, standing alone on the second floor.

I gazed at him, waiting.

He had his lips close again. No reaction on his face, neither traces of confusion nor denial to what I just claimed can be seen.

He only stares at me, blank face. His eyes, looking thoroughly at me.

"You're one of them. Are you not?" I asked, starting to doubt my assumption. He had me bitting my lips, in curiousity and embarrassment. My fingers, crossed tighter on my back. His face is apathetic, he had his eyes piercing me.

I wanted to take my words back and ran away. Unlike earlier, I couldn't find the strength to look back. So, I started looking everywhere but his eyes.

"Should I trust you?" My head snapped up to look at him again. I found the courage from his words. His tone is more of inquisitiveness than suspicion.

"Yes!" I felt my electricity is radiating through me. I'm already drowning in my thoughts that my assumptions are right. That's more than enough confirmation. And it thrills me more that I was the one who found him, and that I was able to help my friends again.

Before I realize it, I was already towing him towards where our van was parked.

"My friends and I are good people. You can trust us." I assured him, walking faster so he could meet my friends sooner.

"I can see that, Priavara." I stop, glancing back at him. He chuckled at my reaction.

How did he know me?

"I'd witnessed your friends used the stones for quite some time now, and though I may not approve some of their actions, the fact that they're not harming anyone is enough proof that they're nice. I'm Errol by the way." He smiled at me. He is so genuine, I'm sure they will all get along easily.

I started towing him again.

Meters away from our van, I saw Macforth just walking towards it too. I called him, and he waited for us to reach him. I ran faster, beaming.

"Macforth, it's Errol. He's the one and he's nice too. He help me twice today. And he knows all of you." I almost clap when I said that.

Errol offered his hand, I gasped. My eyes popping when Macforth totally ignored the politeness and started walking towards the van.


It feels like someone has poured an ice water on me. It took me a while to collect my senses. Errol doesn't deserve that treatment. I felt embarrassed for a moment but immediately realized what has to be done.

"Just a minute. Okay?" I whispered to him, running after Macforth.

"Couldn't you afford to buy some manners?" Errol asked behind me, my eyes went wider.

I immediately turned around to explain that I'll only be leaving him for a second so I could convince Macforth that he's a good friend. But when I did, I realized his words weren't intended for me. I panic.

He had his eyes on Macforth. I stood there, ice cold, looking at Errol, hoping Macforth didn't hear that. I wanted to look back at Macforth for confirmation but that would only cause me a delay, so I started walking back to Errol to pull him away from here. That's the best thing I could think of, just in case Macforth heard that.

"What did you say?" I froze. The irritated tone had me bitting my lip, I felt like all my blood went up to my face. I didn't want them to fight. It's my fault, I must have made the wrong introduction.

I started shaking my head, pleading Errol not to repeat what he had said. I don't want them to fight. This is my fault!

"What do we have there?" Eric called, his voice is illuminating with excitement.

He and Jermond were walking away from their car. I didn't know they're still in the university ground. And with Eric, popping his knuckles as they come closer to us, I'm not sure if I should be happy that they're still here.

"Dave?" I called as he walks out of our van, asking him to interfere, because I didn't miss the unfriendly stare that Eric gave to Errol as they stood next to Macforth. He continued giving unfriendly stares at Errol.

This is wrong.

I didn't want to leave my post between them. At least if someone ever tried to attack one another, I could cause a delay so the other could run.

"What's happening?" Dave finally asked.

"Well, that guy wanted recognition for his heroic act today." The way Eric pulled his head back and chuckled after Macforth said that, is somewhat unkind. He made it obvious that Errol isn't welcome, and I think that's not fair.

"It's not like that. I just wanted to tell you that Errol is nice too. And he is one of you." I explained. All four heads turned to face Errol completely.

"Is it true?" Dave asked, politely.

Instead of asnwering Errol glanced down at me. It feels like he is hesitating whether it's still worth telling them the truth after this unwanted introduction. It's my fault. So I nodded, encouraging him that it's still the right thing to do. After all, these five guys in front of me are all good people.

"One way to find out." Jermond said, pulling out his necklace.

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