The Nightmare

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Chapter 14 - Moonstone

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"The hell is that?" Eric asked, pointing.

It didn't take another second after Jermond pulled out his necklace when all their gems lit up. Errol's gem was confirmed.

They rejoiced for a moment, but that merriment vanished in the following second, when the wind suddenly became visible.

When Jermond took out his necklace, it's as if he pushed a switch or something that summoned the wind to where we're standing. If that's even possible, but that's what really happened.

Out of nowhere the wind popped up in front of us, circling, cornering us to our position.

I dropped myself to the ground, keeping my skirt in one place and covering my head at the same time, against the wind. Against an instantly very strong wind.

"What's happening?" I tried to call them.

The environment's shaking, my thoughts were lost with the grating of the wind as it moves closer to where I sit, tossing my hair to every possible direction.

My heart's pounding.

In a blink of an eye, I was suddenly in the middle of a whirlpool. I had to close my eyes, feeling that something might get in any second. I feared that our van has been swallowed by the wind and would collide with me any second now.

The surrounding is chaotic. Someone's yelling, but the voice was being swallowed by the whooshing sound of the wind, like something sharp floats in it.

"Dave?!" I started to panic but to my utter surprise the violent wind suddenly stopped.

It just stop.

Completely stop.

As if the eye of a typhoon decided to landfall but change its mind on the last minute.

The wind left quickly just as soon as it came, but my heart's still ecstatic, alarmed by the suppose danger I was in half a second ago.

I'm not sure what happened, so I looked around and my mouth fell open as soon as I realize the majesty presented before me.

What is this place?

I gulped, the cold breeze brushing my cheeks. Enchanted, bewildered and lost, I found myself sitting, face to face with the moon.

The moon.

It's gigantic and extremely close. Like if I would be walking from where I sit, I would be able to touch it with my fingertips.

Awestruck I sat, watching the moon as it slowly rotates on its invisible axis, like a ballerina moving with a solemn melody.

Something blue and glittery swirls around the moon as it rotates. Like the tiniest of the stars were gathered, embraced by the blue dust. And together, they appear like a loose cloth that synchronize every movement of the one who's wearing it.

It feels like the moon has its own life, and it's turning around, taking its time, to display more of its beauty.

It seems like Jermond just opened a portal and transported me to this place. For certain, I am no longer on Earth.

Where am I?

Suddenly I felt a pressure on my head, taking me back to my senses. I never realize Errol was crouching next to me until his hand on my head moved. He's probably been pinning me to my place against the harsh wind earlier. His eyes squinting as he gazes at the brightness of the moon.

I was about to ask him if he's okay, but I was stop by the enchantment that lies behind him.

The vast sky, colored in the deepest shade of purple, twinkling with the tiniest but the brightest stars in the galaxy. I'd never seen the sky this serene prior to this night. And before I found myself dreamy again, I remember I wasn't suppose to see the sky right now, I am suppose to be in a parking lot, covered by a roof, with my friends.

Where are we? What is this place?

And while I'm confuse about our location right now, I can feel that this place will give the answers that my friends are looking for. Dave is right, it will be easier if we just let the things get unfold before us than fighting or trying hard to figure things out.

Dave is right, as always.

So I turned around, focus on finding my friends. Smiling in relief, when I immediately found Dave, Eric and Jermond. Their eyes were glued at the magic in front of them.

I turned to my right and found Macforth. He had his hand covering his eyes, still adjusting to the brightness of the moon. It didn't take him a minute when he finally put his hand away from his face. And there I saw something I didn't before.

For the first time, I found myself looking thoroughly at him. There's something about the moonlight, penetrating on every inch of his expose skin, and refracting through my eyes, that makes me see Macforth the way I perceives him right now.

Silly, I realize that until now, I'd never acknowledge his beauty.

For the record I never questioned that, but with Macforth, who keeps his guard up, and his face impassive, I never realize there could be so much life hiding in him.

I always thought Macforth's irises were black, dull and lifeless. I was not judging, I just thought that the lack of emotion had numb the life in his eyes, the windows to his soul. But now, now that I am looking thoroughly at him, I realize I was wrong.

The color of his eyes lies in between the darkest shade of silver to the lightest hue of grey. They were never lifeless. Just impenetrable, for whatever reason. But not lifeless.

I gulped, feeling guilty as I realize another thing. His eyebrows, which he always held on either a furrowed way or arched, were never hostile. They might be suspicious, or questioning most of the time, but who else doesn't? Macforth just does it more often than a normal person would, he's probably just being careful and vigilant. And as I come to remember all the circumstance I saw him held his eyebrows in an unpleasant way, it just confirmed my assumption.

It is his chiseled jawline, well-defined cupid's bow and his straight hair that was pulled away from his face, falling behind his head, that makes him intimidating; An addition to the strong and unfriendly aura he already has. But Macforth was never a bad person. And the fact that I haven't seen him done anything harmful, just authenticate that it's just me and my prejudice, that's the problem.

All these time I thought Macforth is the unwelcoming one, when all he did was to be careful because of their secret. I might've made him feel uneasy everytime I'm around, the reason why his guard is always up. I was being unfair to him all along. And he doesn't deserve that.

I should've been more observant, more understanding and I should've let him know I am someone worthy of his trust. If I did that, he might've put his guard down sooner.

So once Macforth finally learn that everyone at home is an ally, he could be at ease. He could go back to being himself before I came. He might even find the will to show me the side of him that Dave, Aunt and Uncle know. Then their home, it will feel like home again for him.

And I will do everything to make that happen.

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