The Nightmare

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Chapter 16 - Helmithio

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"So, Grand Duke. Tell me, how is it that Dave and my brother have power over water and fire while the rest has none. Don't you think that's kinda unfair?"

"It's the mortal land that's the problem, my Lord." He looked back at Eric then glanced to me before he continued walking. The Grand Duke must be preparing to express critical words to my race. Again.

"The land is bound to protect its inhabitant. Regardless whether or not they are worth defending. Still it hides mortals the moment a presence of higher being was felt. It is the land's doing to keep the mortals from getting preyed upon." Really? I should be more thankful to Earth then for it does more than just provide shelter and give food. It's protecting us in a way we could never have imagined.

"That doesn't answer my question. But what about Privs? She doesn't disappear like the others. So is she being left out by Earth?" My head snap back to the ground, aware that all eyes were on me again. I didn't see that question coming, I actually almost forgot about my being different from the rest of the people on Earth, and I wanted to know the answer too.

"Perhaps, the mortal has been awakened. I assumed it has been touched its Utovajian self." Self?

"Self? You mean like a doppelganger?" Clearly, Eric dislike the thought. And it scares me also, the thought of another me. Does he really mean there's two me?

"Ay, my Lord. The—"

"Where did you meet yourself?" Eric turned to me, eyes eager for answer. I shook my head for I am certain I haven't seen anyone who looks exactly like me. The idea alone frightens me. I don't think I could stand being face to face with another me.

"Wait, so we have a mortal counterpart too?"

"Ay, my Lo—"

"Do they look exactly like us? Are we on the same age?"

"Thy otherself, my Lord perhaps not appear like yours, nor behave like thou. However, the soul lies within the physical body is what bounds thy existence. Thou and all thyself are intertwined from both birth and death." Eric fell silent, the very reason why the forest became quiet again. His eyes stared intently through the thin air.

The thought of having another version of oneself existing in a parallel universe must have pulled Eric away from the present. And I wonder also when did I meet myself. Why did she visit me? And as much as I would freak out the moment I probably see her, I wonder why she didn't approach me. Didn't she come to Earth to meet me in the first place? She touched me, so she probably knows we are one. Or perhaps, it was by accident that we had physical encounter? Could it only be by accident that she touched me? But still, what sent her to Earth?

"With all due respect, if my Lord plans for search to thy otherself, thou humble servant begs to object." Eric didn't respond. The Grand Duke probably is right about what Eric was thinking. Seeing his eyes, I could tell he has been caught off guard.

"My Lord, it is death that awaits thou, for no being in the physical world is bound to meet oneself. No two could exist in the same land at the same time." Death?

"What? But you just said she met herself."

"A lot of things not bound to happen has been brought before our eyes today. The Alf'ru, my Lord. The order has been chaotic since that forgettable twilight...

"Seeing the mortal breathe before us today only meant that its Utovajian self had left the mortal land in time before any of them kiss death. And having that mortal breathe in our land at this very moment, definitely one of them will be face to a series of misfortune events, until death finally arrives to one. No two could exist on the same land, at the same time." I could hear my own ecstatic heartbeat. I never want to hurt anyone nor to get hurt. I wanted to support my friends in their mission, but if my presence here could put someone or myself in danger, I think it's better if I just head home.

Is it cowardice? What can I do? I never wanted to die sooner, nor to bring death to someone. Probably, my help in this land is not needed. I can still offer support to my friends, but only when they are on Earth. Right. That's what I'll do then.

"Does that mean, five humans struggle to death with our presence on Earth?" My eyes widen. Dave is right, if everyone has another self then...

"Ay, my Lord. But worry not for thou had no reason to set foot back on the mortal land. The Alf'ru has been destroyeth. For one, few lives must be sacrifice in order to save many." Knowing that, they probably won't go back to Earth anymore. They wouldn't want anybody suffer from harm especially knowing very well that it could be prevented. But, how are we going to explain that to their family? To Aunt and Uncle? Selfish.

I exhaled, knowing too well that's my least concern. I only had my friends for a very short span of time, I couldn't afford to lose them. Selfish.

We walk in silence. I, probably, wasn't alone thinking about the life they have on Earth that they need to abandon. I glanced up at Dave, wondering what he plans. I can't lose my friends. Selfish yet again.

"Near enough, my Lord." And I witness the plants getting thinner as we continue forward. The grass is getting tamer, with tiny little white flowers, glowing through the night as we step on them.

I can see the final trees on the edge, they were perfectly aligned horizontally, as if they'd been precisely measured, emphasizing the beginning of another territory.

Eric advances, walking in front next to the Duke, almost breaking the Ada's formation in the process.

My mouth fell, as soon as I saw where we are heading. A castle!

"What the—" Eric complained I turned to his direction and found him covering his eyes, the Duke chuckled. I turned to my left to asked Dave for the joke that I missed but the next thing I knew, my hand has ran instinctively to my eyes, covering them from the blinding sunlight.

Just when I thought that I'd seen all the enchantment for a night, the next thing I knew is that we're greeted by the bright daylight, the moment we step out of the forest.

"Unbelievable!" Eric uttered.

The sun, that litterally looks like a giant sphere of white crystal, rotates on a white sky. Its rays are blinding with luxury. I remember how the moon dances in solemnity inside the forest. Both the sun and the moon are beautiful in another paramount degree that is beyond comparison. No amount of heavenly body in the galaxy could probably equal the two. I'm lost.

"Welcome to the Kingdom of Helmithio. Thy home, my Lord." He looked at Macforth. And Eric's eyes twinkled. He walked in front of the Duke, stopping him from walking.

"Do we have separate kingdoms?" He asked, his tune vibrating with excitement. The Duke was silent for a moment, and then bowed to Eric before speaking up.

"Say what, you'll be institutionalizing Prima Nocta if yes? Blessed are those outside your territory." Jermond commented but Eric ignored. His eyes continued to sparkle as he waited for the response of the Duke.

"Ay, my Lord. Thy kingdom offered nothing but comfort, peace and protection. Unfortunately, even the oldest Muijr could prevent not the wrath, the Alf'ru has brought. A lot has happened whilst thou absence. The Alf'ru, my Lord, destroyeth most kingdom that's on its way." The Duke looked at Dave, Errol and Eric, before continue walking. And I am certain I wasn't the only one who caught sorrow from his eyes. We all followed.

"That sun, one of two Utovaj has left." He added, trying very well to hide the sadness in his voice.

"Now I'm starting to hate that Alf." Eric complained.

When we stepped through the gigantic crystal door, a huge amount of circular space greeted us. The ground is golden marble with symbols like the ones carved on the soldier's armour. Those symbols are a composition of two crescent silver lines, two gold dots and a sword in a color that lies between bright and dark.

From the ground up to the huge open windows above were gold symbols or letters vertically engraved on the walls. The walls are also made of what appears to be a marble, but is not.

The ceiling is absolutely high it could probably fit eight more floors in it.

This spacious marbled reception, entrance or holding area, I'm not sure what it's called but it definitely looks like a ball room for having such a huge space, it seriously fits to be considered the entire interior of the castle, only that I can still see five golden archways that stood meters away from each other, obviously leading to five different hallways.

I believe this room is too much for a spare room. It is so grand and yet seemed irrelevant for it was left bare, literally empty.

Despite the amusement the interior of the castle offered us we didn't stop walking in group. We continue heading towards one of the arches in the center of the castle. And I couldn't help not to notice the people. They're all moving, all walking by group. One of the group wears a white flowy dress, on their head were veils, brighter than their clothes. They walk in unison, faces are pale and impassive. Their eyes are white. They didn't even bother to look at us, either we're still invisible or they really don't care.

My hand ran to cover my eyes as we made the first step through the hallway. The left wall is one massive glass that look like a thin sheet of diamond. From the floor to ceiling, from the beginning of the hallway through the end, is a glass wall, the sunlight penetrating the castle. On my right is another line of human-sized vases, gigantic portraits and each is covered by sparkling blue curtain.

At the end of the hallway, another massive space and line of arch doorways greeted us. We continue, heading the center path that leads us to what obviously appear to be a dining room. To an extremely luminous, extravagant dining room.

"Wow." Eric commented.

Both the floor and the walls were decorated by vases of lavander and tiny white flowers.

The floor is made of the shiniest white marble, it litterally sparkles as the sunrays enter the glass walls on the right portion of this circular room.

I didn't remember we climb stairs, but the scenery that is being offered by the glass walls is a penthouse point of view of how beautiful it is down the perimeter of the castle. I see the forest where we came from. A broad, transparent black lake, with white pearls in it. I see a fountain, on the portion of the ground that is not covered by grass but with stone. But on the distant, I see ruins, and deforestation, black trees, most were empty trunks and branches. Dark mountains under black shadow clouds.

"Privs." Dave called, offering a seat beside him at a table that could accommodate our entire village at one shot. To say the table is so long is an understatement. I wonder if they could still manage a conversation with this.

We occupied the small portion at the edge of the table, seating close to each other.

The table is covered by a golden silk cloth underneath a white one, and so does the chairs. The plates, the glasses and the utensils are all transparent crystals, that were perfectly set on the table. They're all shining.

On the center of the table is a line of lit scented white candles on each of the crystalized candelabras. The scent is so enchanting and inviting, luring anyone to the table. The candelabras are all surrounded by glass flower vases of lavander and tiny white flowers, and I am so much aware that the flowers turned to us the moment we took our seats.

The Grand Duke, excused himself, telling us to wait for a moment.

It must have been silent in the dinning area if it weren't for the occasional 'Look at that', Eric says every time he saw something astonishing.

"Look." He tagged my chin, towards the unreachable ceiling. And there, hangs a chandelier, that looks like three consecutive sizes of a diamond table attached to one another and was hang in the middle of the high ceiling.

The sunlight, penetrating through the open window up there, gives the chandelier a luxiourious refraction of the light, an addition to the already regal display it offers.

The food came, brought by girls whose dress are like they've just pulled from a ball and was ordered to deliver the food. Huge dresses, ancient. They put the golden platters on the small space we occupied at the table. And I couldn't help not to notice their shaking hands as they move.

"Seriously." Eric commented as the girl uncovered the first on the platter, revealing a dark colored piece of huge rock. She jumped upon his reaction to which Eric immediately apologized saying the comment wasn't for her. I saw Jermond glaring at Eric across the table.

The girl continued, reaching for a knife, cautious with her every movement. I have no idea how easily she got a portion of it and put each on our plates.

I picked up my fork, not wanting to take down their hospitality. I also assume that if people in here eat rocks, then it must be safe.

Half of my fork was swallowed by the rock. It had sank through the center, for I had put so much pressure, I didn't know the rock was soft. I took my fork out and get a little piece of the rock, it's not even hard. The rock just sticked to my fork effortlessly. When I finally put it in my mouth, it suddenly turns liquid, bursting the rich flavor of... velvet... rosebeef... white wine, all of them and none at the same time. The flavor, I couldn't find the right comparison. It is delicious on an utterly different degree.

The girl filled our glasses, from a golden transparent pitcher that looks literally empty. Then, a blue sparkling liquid came out, but it immediately turned into white gold as it hit Dave's chalice.

The dining room is silent. I realized I wasn't the only one getting amaze by the bizarre foods in front of us. I looked back at the chalice as a smoke came out from it, probably indicating it's hot, or not. So I waited for my turn to find out.

"Your Highnesses." I immediately search for the owner of the voice that sent both chill and comfort to my spine.

There's a lady, walking from the same hallway we entered. And then I found myself lost with another celestial beauty that has been brought before our eyes today.

Her white fitted gown, almost crystal, sparkles as it met the sunrays penetrating through the massive window.

My friends stood in anticipation of the guest, and so I did, standing behind them. We waited for the lady to reached us.

Her presence alone brightens the already blinding dining room. She walked closer, bringing our focus to every inch of her perfect being.

Her straight long blonde hair lies behind her sculpted waistline. On her forehead, a white tiny gem rest, hanging on a silver twig that embraces the rest of her braided hair.

She, without a doubt, is another existence, that has been personally crafted by God. She stopped in front of us. Her silver irises, glistened as they scan the faces of my friends. Her lips, smiling.

I glanced at my friends and all of them were smiling as we wait. Suprisingly even Macforth look thrilled with the beauty that is in front of us. Though, he doesn't smile like the others, but for the first time I saw sparks in his eyes. They were glowing. For someone whose eyes were so experience hiding emotion that they always appear blank, it becomes noticeable if something has been change. And the sparks I'm seeing right now, evidently indicates happiness.

I looked back to the lady, thinking she's lucky. Upon Macforth's reaction, I assumed he wants to be friends with her. She probably wouldn't experience being shun by him.

The lady's eyes sparkle as they met Macforth's.

"Your Highness, I'm Eri—"

"My King!" She cried, running.

Gasp everywhere. All mouths were open. All eyes, widen. All attention were gathered. We stood there, glued on our position, astound with the picture in front of us.

The lady's sobbing. Her face, burried in Macforth's chest.

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