The Nightmare

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Chapter 17 - Lunea Eiluthea

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The lady's pearl delicate arms wrapped around Macforth's torso so tight I could only comprehend it as longing. I started to wonder how long they'd been away from this world that their families' longing is immeasurable.

The clanging of rushing armours from the entrance of the dining stole everyone's attention. We switched our gazes from the crying lady to the Grand Duke whose hands were on his knees, catching his breath. The soldiers behind him also grasping for air.

"My Lord! Before thee..." He started, composing himself in an uptight posture, recovering from the rush.

" Lunea Eiluthea. The Moon Princess. Direct descendant of the Queen." A princess. I see. Another enchanted royalty. Why am I still getting surprise?

Astonished, I looked back to her. Her sobbing stops abruptly, and slowly she pulled away from Macforth. The lady wiped her tears, her eyebrows, pulling together as she turned to face the Duke.

"My Princess, I beg thy pardon. I was not given a chance to tell. The Aluthios could not remember." The Grand Duke explained as he continue walking into the dining.

The Princess is confused, looking back to an equally puzzled Macforth, who is clearly hasn't recover from the affection yet.

They stared at each other for a matter of seconds, then the Princess turned to look at my friends. Her eyes, trying to communicate a thousand words but none of them was able to respond. The Princess gasped, turning her back to all of us, evidently embarrassed, reminding me of the Queen's reaction earlier.

"She called Forth her King." Eric commented.

"Lunea Eiluthea and Prince Greil are bound to rule the Kingdom, my Lord."

"What?" Everyone asked in unison, echoing my thought. Is the lady more than just a family to Macforth?

"Prince Greil. Huh." Eric commented.

"I am begging thy pardon then." The Princess, finally spoke. Her voice, broke at every word, trying to hide the agony she feels. And despite the hurt her words were trying to cover, I didn't miss the melody of her voice. How could someone sounded like music itself just by uttering simple words?

"I beg thy pardon for I know not. My Lord must have been stunned with thy action carried out by mere stranger. It was never my intention to upset thou, thus it shall never happen again." She spoke, her back still turned to us. Jermond nudged Macforth to do something, but Macforth appears to be as confused as everyone else.

"I must go now." I heard the fragility of the words as they break. She started walking back to where she came fr—

"Wait." As if on cue, all eyes turned to Macforth, something to be considered comical if we're in a different circumstance.

We waited for Macforth to continue, all ears are patient, curious for his words. And though he might appears he doesn't know what to say next, I coundn't see any hint of hestitation in his eyes that he indeed wanted the Princess to stay.

"I'm not upset." Macforth said. I'd never seen him speak to a stranger in such a manner before. Calm, solicitous and without any trace of annoyance. I only witness him speaking like that if it's Aunt, Uncle and Dave that's involve. So I found myself staring at the Princess, wondering.

"Let's go eat before I completely lost my appetite." Eric whispered, towing me back to the table. I followed willingly but my attention was still glued to the Princess, who finally look back at us again, responding to Macforth with a smile. A smile that would put a million dollar worth of painting into shame.

"I deserve death, My Eiluthea. Thy servant is the reason behind this misunderstanding."

"My Duke, worry not." She walks back to my friends. Her dress, once again dancing flawlessly with her every movement.

"Am I forgiven then?" She asked Macforth, gazing directly to his irises. The Princess' eyes were so pure, it penetrated the walls Macforth had long put up, effortlessly. I can see it.

"There's nothing to forgive in the first place." If I didn't witness Macforth uttered those words, I would've never believe it came from him. And again, I wonder.

For certain, the Princess truly is captivating. It didn't even take her a month to win over his trust and friendship. And as much as I wanted to question that, I couldn't. Because look at her, her presence alone is sunshine, her beauty is exceptionally incomparable, her existence is like a gift to anyone that would be lucky enough to meet her.

And I knew right there how it will be hard for someone to say no to the Princess, or if it is even possible at the very least.

"There's nothing to forgive in the first place." I turned to my right, surprised by Eric that he immitated Macforth. I see annoyance all over his face.

"I clearly heard that, My Lord." The Princess teased, walking towards the table, pausing across us.

"Memories must have been taken but thy enthusiam remained. My dear Aluthio Kira, the rightful heir of the Eljafi kingdom, protector of the forest, my rejoice of meeting thou after three decades." My eyes widen as she uttered words I didn't understand, but that must be significant. And three decades?

The Moon Princess extended her fragile hand across the table. Eric rised up, walking to the other side of the table, knowing exactly what to do. He bow down a little and kissed the back of her hand, clearly recovering from the sudden bad mood.

"Sounds like you know me well, Princess. Are you sure I wasn't your king?" My friends let out a loud sigh of disapproval. Jermond even had his eyes rolled. But the Princess just laughed, adding life to the dining room.

"Something's not bound to change." The back of her hand rans to cover her lips as she giggled, melting the heart of everyone that hears.

"So tell me, my Princess. Do you come here often?"

"Oh shut up!" Jermond commented.

"I do. I help the Queen look after the kingdom when my Ki—" The Princess stop, looking at Macforth but avoided his stare.

"...when Prince Greil left to the mortal plane."

"Macforth has another name here. He has a working kingdom and a beautiful princess. How do I not get any of that when I'm more deserving than any of them?" The Princess laughed again at Eric's remark and I wanted too, but I supressed it immediately, not wanting to spoil the melody of her enchanted laughter, and deprive the dining room of the music that equals to its beauty.

"My Lord, thou never fails to amuse me." She commented.

The way she speaks to Eric, her kind words and understanding towards him, clearly shows that Eric was close to her back then. She obviously knew him well, I'm not surprise. Those few days I'd known him, I saw why it wouldn't be hard for anyone to be friends with him. I could only hope that Eric and I could also be that close too.

"Oh, Princess. I can amuse you in ways you'd never thought possible." Jermond elbowed Eric's stomach, sending him to his knees. It made the Princess laughed and another music filled the room.

"So tell me, Princess. Are all woman here is as beautiful as you are?" Eric asked, immediately recovering from the pain.

"Wait until thou see thy Princess."

"Oh! Finally! Something good is happening. Where is she? I'm getting nervous." Eric chimed, rubbing his hands in front of him.

"Your Highnesses." A soldier entered the dining, bowing before walking towards the table. The room was filled with silence once more, only the soldier's heavy footsteps and the sound of his metal armour clanging together as he walks, that could be heard. He bowed once more when he reached my friends.

"The Queen requested an audience with the princes."

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