The Nightmare

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Chapter 20 - Purpose

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"What happened to this world? Why does it seems like everyone is in dange— Ow!" The freezing water splashed everywhere as my body slumped into the river, face first. It was a good thing that my elbow was on the way before my head meet any of the stones underneath the running water. Electricity shot from my elbows to my entire arm, inflicting another pain and numbing it for a second.

I was two huge stones away from the dry ground, struggling to balance myself on the slippery stone against the strong current of the magical river when I miscalculated my step and fell.

The purple and blue water passing through my dirty uniform and clean bag, waking up my tired being as it glows against the darkness. I shivered, the cold breeze blew and the night animals hum.

On the bright side, I finally washed off the smell of vomit from me.

Ali looked back at me and was about to step back into the river, to offer a hand I assumed, when I stood up, walking straight to the dry ground. Stepping carefully is no longer needed for I am all soaked.

"Hatchoo!" I shivered rubbing my nose, jumping in surprise when a heavy cloth landed over my shoulders.

"Let's keep going, shall we?" Ali asked, walking deeper into the forest. Without his robe on, I saw swords and daggers attached to his waist. He's wearing a brown tunic and black pants. And I wonder how effortless he could walk with those huge dark boots.

We'd been walking for a while now, I started feeling the tiredness in my feet, the same ones I felt earlier when we're approaching the coliseum.

"Tha-aank yooou." I buried myself into the thick robe he'd let me borrow and hug myself against the freezing environment. His axe, cutting the huge branches that hinders our way through the empty woodland, and I wonder why he didn't seem bother with all the noise he's making.

"Iisss iiit alrrright that we arrre non-nnot qqquiet? Won't anyonnne... hearr us?" He glanced at me, shaking his head then continue cutting the branches.

"Unlikely. Part of the covenant, galiamas are bound to follow, none ought step farther than the sacrificial grounds." Galiamas.

"Iiis it rreally a sacrrificial cerrremony?" My stomach turned, hearing my question. And I hope he didn't hear me ask. I hope he wouldn't respond at all. Why did I bother asking?

"What is it that the mortal wanted to confirm?" What indeed? Did the Queen send me there on purpose? Or by mistake? It's very important for me because my life has been hanged on the thin line between life and death, and I wanted to know who's responsible for that. If I really died there, no one would know what happened to me. My friends wouldn't know, they wouldn't stop searching, and so does my family. I would cause worry to everyone.

And the people who died there, none of them deserved that. Whoever it is that's behind that inhumane ceremony has to stop. I don't think anyone has the authority to decide whose life is worth sacrifing for and whose life is not.

"I dddon't think t-that's fair." I mumbled.

"What does a mortal regard to as fair?" Ali chuckled. It calmed me a little when he did, because part of me is still scared of him. I'm probably being judgmental, but his eyes are still frightening to me. They're something that can only be seen in horror movies, and I'm worried that he'll jumped at me any moment.

"Since the dark era arrived, every being flunders to live. While most disapproved of the notion, it is must. Few shall sacrifice, many shall be saved."

"Bbbut why? What was it tt-that happened to this world?" I don't understand. How can a world as beautiful as this be in chaos?

"My doubts it's any of mortals' concern." I was taken aback. I thought Ali doesn't see me the way the Grand Duke does.

"Whaa-y does it appearsss like some people in this world have prejudice againssst my race?"

"Some? Thou mortals are truly entertaining. Thy race should've remained one." He laughed, pausing to glanced at me before walking again. And I think I saw life in the depth of his eyes for a moment.

"And at one point, thy race seemed obedient, fulfilling the purpose of thy creation. The gods favor mortals truly much they even created an entire land for thy race to live. Away from the direct guidance of gods, that's when mortals turned vicious." My eyes widen, I can't believe I am actually hearing the secrets of the universe.

"At first, mortals only desire to dominate their neighbors so that watching gods will approve them more and gain more attention than the others. Perhaps that one might be the gods' fault, letting thy mortals compete with themselves, allowing them to crave for their attention, something the gods considered truly entertaining.

"Days turned years, desires outgrown and unmatched attention turned hatred. It finally came to a point when the repeatedly defeated mortals no longer wish to earn favors from gods, getting drifted away from them. Forgetting their purpose of existence.

"The chaos then started, the rebel mortals invaded the homes of the obedient ones, taking everything they'd gained from the favors. It angers the gods, compelling most of them to go down the mortal plane, halting the chaos. But the infidels mocked them, deemed themselves equal to gods and foolishly challenged them to battle.

"Furious though, the gods could find not in their hearts to harm their creation, instead, they returned to heaven and entirely cut their communication with thy race. Only the mortals with the genuine desire to gain favors from the gods are being talk to...

"And by thy reaction, I do not think thou belongs to the fortunate ones." I just stared at him, overwhelmed with all the information. So there is more than one God? But is the God he is referring to is the same as mine? Is that what the people in here consider truth or just myth? Because, how can one compares himself to God? I doubt anyone on Earth does that.

Ali leaned his back to the huge tree, crossing his arms over his chest. The cold wind blew, making our hair blocked our faces, that's when I realized I'd been staring at his eyes in utter disbelief, all these time. All the fright I felt the first time I saw his eyes now gone. I felt at ease looking through them, and a little guilty for the prejudice I had earlier.

He broke the gaze, turning his head a little to the side, gesturing me to step forward, and when I did, my heart raced in both relief and fear.

"Go forth, mortal. Tell what thou had witness. And tell thy princes what is coming."

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