The Nightmare

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Chapter 22 - Walls

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I stood in horror as I watched him crossed the distance between us. My knees, shaking as a familiar feeling started taking over me.

This anxious and frightened feeling I get everytime my father arrives in the picture, as if on cue, after I did something he wouldn't consider logical, and knowing very well what would happen next when father finally analized what I had done.

I gulped. My hands, running to my chest as I watched Macforth gets nearer. Every step he took ringed like a loud thud for my tensed senses. Every breath becomes harder to make. Every second feels like eternity.

I shivered as droplets of sweat slid down my temples. What shall I do?

"Aluthio Greil." The Queen called weakly, bringing my attention to them.

My heart, pounded in both fear and panic, as I realized a worse situation I should be more anxious about.

It's the picture of me standing in front of the two empress, one worried and the other bloody, that made nervousness shooting through every vein in my body. It was the picture of me, standing fine while the Princess' blood spilled all over her and on the floor, that pinned me hard to my position.

I barely breathe, looking back at Macforth, praying he would just turn around and head out of the room. Or that he's not really here. If he could just wait for a moment before showing up, I could've asked for an apology to the two empress, this would've been settled, and then I wouldn't have to be in this state where I trembled in guilt as I wait for him to address me.

Macforth stopped, aproximately three meters from us, that must have been when he's finally gotten a clearer picture of what lies before him.

"Ii-it's nnot w-what you think." My fingers, crossed behind me, hoping he would listen.

His eyes were tired, I see weariness all over his face. His hair that's usually pulled away from his face, falling behind his head is now disheveled.

What has he been doing that caused him to be so exhausted like this. And this whole situation would only drained what little energy left of him. He stood immobile for a few moments, probably regretting now why he has to be involve in our unpleasant situation.

"Macforth..." And while he appears like he doesn't want anything to do with us here, I really need to explain to him. I don't want any of my friends to get the wrong impression regarding this incident and get mad at me.

"It was an accide—" Macforth gave me one long blank glance before his feet finally move towards his family. All my words rushed back, cowarding to the back of my tongue, knowing too well that the glance demanded my silence.

"Who did that?" He simply asked, sounding uninterested, as if he already has an answer.

I gulped when the two lady glanced up at me, verifying his assumption.

Macforth exhaled.

"Can you walk?" He asked, kneeling next to the Princess. And I was taken a back.

For the record it didn't surprise me that they pointed me out, I am very much aware that I really am the responsible for that. What worries me is that, Macforth didn't bother asking follow up questions, like 'Is it true?' or 'Why did you do it?'. Questions that could give me a chance to explain my side. He ended the narrative just that, depriving me of my only chance to state I never meant to hurt the Princess.

Macforth tore a cloth from his tunic and pressed it against her bleeding forehead. His eyes were solicitous as he studied her state. His gestures towards the Princess are clearly gentle and protective. I'm curious if Macforth even realized he has completely let his guard down around her.

I looked back to the Princess. And then again, I found myself wondering.

The Queen leaned closer to them, taking the Princess' golden hair away from her bloodied face.

"Macforth, it was an accident." My voice pleaded for him to listen, but it seems like he'd entirely blocked me out the moment he had confirmed his theory. I stood awkwardly in front of them. My guilt and the silent treatment were eating me alive.

I watched the three magical people as they moved in front of me, and while this might not be the time for adoration, I couldn't help but be lost and held captivated by their beauty. I feel as if I'm watching a high definition movie. And while they're right here in front of me, they really seemed to be unreal.

None of them bothered to look at me again. As if I'm not in here to begin with. And I'm starting to believe that too.

The Princess glanced up to him, sending her eyes shut, immediately regretting her small movement. Her hands, running to her head as she wait for the dizziness to subside.

"I really am sorry, Your Highness." I started walking close to them. I couldn't afford to see her suffer, knowing too well that the fault is on me.

"My Prince, I wish not the mortal's presence any longer." I heard the Princess whispered as she tried to wrap her arm around Macforth's, moving extra slow. Her eyes, shutting close with every tiny movement. I wanted to hurt myself for causing her such pain.

"Stay back." Macforth uttered, turning his head slightly to my direction but his eyes never left the Princess. His two simple words, in line with her wish, made me stop approaching. I felt my heart beating sharply in my chest, it almost hurt. I only wanted them all to stop for a while and listen.

"Macforth..." I pleaded, picking up the wand. I stumbled a little when I lift it, realizing it's heavier than I'd imagine. I reached for Ali's robe, wiping the blood away from the edges. The blood all over the mirrored floor sent my eyes scanning the room for a mop but found none.

"Leave, mortal." The Queen spoke, standing protectively in front of the Princess.

I sighed, handing her the wand. The Queen's eyes were like daggers, I couldn't find the strength to stare back at her enchanted irises. How could such eyes look so pure and yet frightening at the same time?

"I'm sorry, Your Highness." I whispered, taking one step back.

I watched the Princess' shaking knees tried so hard to held still as they stood but failed. She collapsed into Macforth's arms, sending me next to her side in panic.

"How could thou?" The Queen's words were clearly dressed with loathe and dismay. The accusations in her voice had me snapped my attention back to her, only to find her sitting on the floor, evidently enranged.

My eyes widen as I realized my rushing to the Princess made me sideswiped the Queen. My quick and rash movement sent her to the floor — an addition to the foolish actions I'd been unintentionally making today.

"Hands off!" The Princess screamed at me, her velvet voice echoing the empty room. I glanced back at her. My hands were barely touching her for Macforth had caught her completely before I had the chance.

"Leave! Mortal!" I'm no longer sure which one of the empresses said that.

"I'm so sorry, Your Highness." My hands, wringing in front of me as I rushed, determined to help the Queen on her feet. She pushed herself farther from me, towards her family. And then all of a sudden I felt like flying.

Seconds later, I heard a loud crash. Louder than loud.

Next to my ears were the sound of glasses being shattered. It was velvet like chimes and deafening at the same time for the high pitch sounds seemed to be happening inside my head. And it worries me that my ears would bleed soon for the unbearable sound is taking forever to finish.

This has to stop. What's happening?

I waited another moment.

Fortunately it came to an end.

My hands pushed to the ground, helping myself get up, when I don't even remember sitting. I took my hand back the moment my fingers touched something sharp. That's when I saw the shredded glasses around me.

My eyes refocus and I saw the three of them, watching me in horror from a distant. Confused, I mirrored the same startled reaction they were giving me. Then the pictures flashed back and I conceived what probably happened.

I must have pushed Macforth to his limits. He's tired, the Princess is bleeding, the Queen is hurt, and my being loud and persistent to ask for an apology probably got into his nerves. He had unintentionally sent my flying, literally.

I remember I was approaching the Queen, her eyes started watering in what appeared to be fright of me, then Macforth... then I was here.

Macforth was protecting both the Princess and the Queen from me. It must have been a usual push from anybody trying to set guard over someone, but unfortunately it was from him. He is magical and much stronger than a normal person would, that he had sent me flying across the room and landing on one of the glass dividers nearby. And from what I gathered, he was unaware of the ability he has. More than anyone in this room, Macforth appeared the most stupefied. I saw guilt, shock, daze and confusion swirling around his eyes.

At least, now we know that an ordinary reflex coming from him, or from any of my friends — I assumed, will be thrice the impact. I will have to constantly remind them about self control.

I stood up, brushing the mirrors from my shoulders. My eyes never leaving the ground in embarrassment. I went quick and straight to the wall I entered earlier.

My back, burning from the heat and intensity of the stares I believe they are all giving me. I rushed to the exit trying to save whatever self-respect was left in me.

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