The Nightmare

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Chapter 2 - Espy

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Three o'clock in the morning and yet my eyes were wide open. Whether it was the feeling of anxiety or excitement that has been cloaking my emotions, I couldn't comprehend.

Tomorrow or later rather will be the first day of school — for me at least.

Or perhaps due to another reason. Earlier this evening I heard Macforth from downstairs ranting to Dave about how entitled I think I am. I was shocked at that.

He believes I'm spoiled and think of myself above everyone that I repulsed getting touched by the people I considered below me. He was referring to the incident at the grocery earlier when he offered to help me get up, but I jerked away from him. He told Dave that he thought I was changing since my arrival until today happened. But it wasn't anything like that, and I wasn't anything like he claimed me to be.

I am sorry that I had offended him by turning down his help, but I didn't mean it the way he thinks. I moved away from him simply because he's going to pull me up by my arms. They were beaten and already suffering in pain so I couldn't afford to put another pressure on them, the same reason why I avoided everyone's touch when I first arrived here, that's all. Not that I'm feeling entitled or anything.

It hurt me because I am not like that. I never looked down on people. I never brag about my family's occupation because my father was clear about financial independency and not grabbing credit for something I didn't shed a sweat to get. He said that if I wanted something I should earn it.

Of course I didn't confront Macforth about it, I wouldn't. While I might have been offended by his choice of words, I couldn't get mad at him because with the same conversation, I learned that I passed out this afternoon and that he was the one who carried me to the car.

There were two things actually in that circumstance that surprised me. First was the experience itself, I was surprised that I fainted when all this time I believed that fainting was never been my thing. I only put it under the category of weakness, for the ones who don't eat right or someone who lacks of sleep, so I never considered myself qualified for such phenomenon, but it happened anyway, and it stunned me.

I remembered how my vision turned blurred and into a total blackness like a bad reception on a TV, and then followed by the weakness of my knees, I lost my sense of balance. Peculiar this may sound, but for me, experiencing it first hand rather than watching it in movies, it's a bit of unforgettable.

Second, though I know that the incident might infuriate him more, and he probably won't allow me to join them shop next time, I'm happy to know that he didn't just leave me there when he could, but he didn't.

I shifted my weight to my other side and squeezed my eyes shut. I tried not to think of anything and convinced myself that I wasn't thinking, but the pictures kept on flashing back. Abruptly, the undefined emotion had gotten more on me. Something was forcing me to get on my feet and head downstairs.

So I went out of my room and headed towards the kitchen. The house is quiet and with the lights on, I didn't struggle my way down.

Once in the kitchen I took the pitcher out of the refrigerator with both hands. I froze when the door suddenly opened behind me.

"Sorry. Did I scare you?" Dave chuckled, shaking his head for he had seen the obvious answer to his question. He walked close to me and took the pitcher from my hand before it slips, filling a glass then handed it to me.

"Here." He offered, taking a seat in front of me. Dave filled another glass, but hesitated drinking.

I shivered as I let the cold water went straight down my throat, though I was never thirsty.

I placed my empty glass on the table. I was watching Dave having a long heave, staring intently to his own glass. He must have weighing the appeal of water to him and realized that he's not at all thirsty, so he started pushing his glass towards me.

"Thank you."

"How do you feel now?" Then I remembered Dave was with us at the mall. I felt a bit embarrassed, realizing that Macforth wasn't the only one who had seen me in such a state.

"I feel normal." I answered, nodding then started drinking the water. He nodded back, and rested both of his hands over the table, his chin on top of them.

With his unusual messy hair and half close, swollen eyes it was evident that he was just pulled out from a deep sleep. Looking at him, I can't help but to notice the thing blinking under his shirt, so I let my fingers crossed the table and pointed it.

"Yes?" He asked sleepily, following my fingers.

"What are you doing here?" Macforth was standing next to me all of a sudden, he had caught me off guard. I was coughing and half choking with the water before I knew it. I was pumping my chest with a hand, then lifted the glass up to face him with the other, for the irritated tone was requiring an immediate answer.

"You got what you want. Mind if you leave." It was supposed to be a question, but with Macforth it sounded more like a statement. I looked up to him as soon as my lungs had calmed down and was about to ask him if I could stay a minute longer, I wanted to thank them both, but I was distracted by his earring, blinking brightly just as the one under Dave's shirt.

"Your earring is nice." I commented.

"Out." The word came under his breath. I nodded, but then started parting my lips so I can tell my quick 'thank you' before I leave. It just made me stop when Dave spoke before I could do so.

"What's nice?" He asked. We looked at Dave on that same instant, moving as he gave me both surprised and dubious look upon his face. He seemed shocked, something that quickly shot worry to my system.

"The earring?" Cautiously, I answered.

"His earring, you say." I nodded.

He was pulling out his necklace, and it continued blinking brightly blue. They were looking at each other, then to me.

Dave pulled out his silver necklace with a microscopic blue pendant.

"How about this?" I nodded too. And there was a long moment of silence in the kitchen.

They were just there, staring at me, and when I looked at Dave, I realized he has been holding his necklace way too hard that I can already see the veins on the back of his hand.

"Okay... Goodnight." I stutter and immediately headed to the door, rushing to my room.

I don't understand the expression on their faces, and I do not like seeing Dave looking serious as that.

What's wrong?

I spent the rest of the night wondering.

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