The Nightmare

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Chapter 3 - Pace

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Yanking myself in the van, I was perfectly aware that there were two pairs of eyes that were following me. One from my side, and the other from the rear view mirror, both eyes were watching me, cautious. It was as if I did something more severe than making both of them late for class today, or was it the scene from last night?

"I'm sorry I took so long." I uttered, putting my registration form in my bag, the very reason for my tardiness today. Heaven knows how long I'd been searching for this just a few minutes ago.

I exhaled, remembering the chaotic room I'd left, and would be dealing with later.

This is not the right time for asking myself the lesson learned, but really, if I'd double check my things yesterday I wouldn't be in all the rush and intense like this today. But on the second thought, I remember that I was in a sleeping mode almost the entire day yesterday so I should not be blaming myself. Or should I?

"You know what's more annoying than hearing you apologize for the same things over and over again?" My attention snapped to Macforth.

"It's when you don't intend to stop doing the things you said sorry for." He angled his head slightly behind him, to me. And then he started the engine and drove, silencing me.

While I knew very well that Macforth doesn't like waiting, I never intentionally made them wait. I always do things as fast as I can.

"I'm sorry I never—"

"Seriously stop it!" He hit the breaks, my face almost landed on the back of his seat. I stared at him through the rearview mirror, wide eyed. My heart, beating loudly in my chest.


"No, Dave. She should know." He unbuckled his seatbelt and turned to us as much as his seat would allow.

I looked down to my lap as soon as I was met by his furious eyes, all my blood rushing to my face. Slowly I moved, buckling up my seatbelt, pushing myself deeper into my seat. What did I do?

"If your fancy family lets you get away with that bratty attitude, I regret to inform you, Your Highness, that won't work here." The intensity of his voice echoed inside the van. I began shaking my head, denying his assumption.

"I am not like that." My fingers, digging into my bag.

"Really? Then why are you here in the first place? Wasn't it because their little princess wanted to try to be independent, so your fancy parents sent you here?"

"It's not like that." I shook my head infinitesimally. It's not like that.

"Well guess what. Your freedom is causing us inconvenience. Clearly, you can have your way with Aunt and Uncle, 'She wants to go to the park, tour her. She wants to go the mall, give her a ride. She wants to come with you, take her.' Do you even realize we had better things to do?"

"Forth, that's enough." Dave didn't raise his voice, but the assertion in his tone was very evident that it scares me.

Macforth held still for a moment, before sighing loudly. He then composed himself and started driving again.

I exhaled, finally knowing how my presence actually affects them. All these time I though every favor they did for me, they did it willingly. I'm so foolish. It was probably Aunt's idea that one of them always tag along with me whenever I asked to go out. While I never actually wished for them to accompany me, Aunt and Uncle would never allow me to go by myself. Of course not. Why did I not realize that sooner? And of course, Dave and Macforth are gentlemen and obedient enough to do as they're told, they are respectful to Aunt and Uncle, so that left them no choice.

I inhaled deeply.

From now on, I will do everything on my own. I will prove to Aunt and Uncle that I am fine on my own so they would stop asking the guys to do anything for me.

I sighed, feeling tensed and nervous.

I hid my shaking hands in between my backpack and my stomach, clutching my fingers into a fist. I am not certain if the anxiety I am feeling right now has something to do with Macforth's furry, or the fact that I was really nervous for my first day in the university.

I inhaled deeply, shifting my weight to a much comfortable sitting position, I couldn't understand the sudden odd sensation going on inside me.

In my peripheral vision, I see how comfortable Dave is wearing the same two layered uniform. The first time I wore this, I was certain it fit fine, but now it made breathing almost impossible. At the nape of my neck, I felt a tiny drop of sweat sliding down, it didn't do any good that the cold air inside the van was making my sweat ice cold. I shivered.

I felt another wave of crumbling in my stomach. I bit my lip, trying desperately to divert my attention onto other things.

Looking out through the tinted window, I entertained myself watching the straight line of trees that has been shedding the pavement. Aunt's home is located in the heart of the subdivision. That must have been the reason why the trees growing here are different from the ones on the outer part of the village. Here, the trees were like steadfast soldiers, place on both sides of the wide road. It was like they were really put there to guard given that their sizes were gigantic.

They might not be as scenic as the Banaba trees placed on the outer part of the village, but they were as beautiful as those. Magical, was the term Aunt once used.

Their branches were spread across, arching above the road. Their leaves were thick, always dynamic and never falling. There were red aerial veins, hanging on each of the branches. That must have been the reason why the sun never penetrates the ground. It's always dim in our block, something I consider enchanted.

As we continue driving out of the village, I saw no one taking a walk on the pavement. Not a single soul. It was very quiet. That must have been the reason why Aunt and Uncle chose this place to settle. They want peace.

When I looked back inside the van, particularly at Macforth, I wanted to say sorry, but that would only infuriate him. I noticed that he had his earring removed, I could only hope I wasn't responsible for that.

Dave on the other hand still wore his necklace, it might be hidden underneath his uniform but the silver lace was obvious around his neck. Their friendship things were like periods on a sentence, very tiny and almost impossible to notice. It was the blinking effect last night, minus the brightness of the daylight that made me actually see it.

I hope Dave and Macforth will still be talking after I'm out of their sight. I hope Macforth wouldn't take it against Dave that he asked him to stop speaking earlier. I couldn't afford to have their friendship ruin because of me. That would do me no good.

"What are you waiting for?" Macforth faced me, his eyebrows pulling together.

I believe both of my eyes were wide open in surprise. I couldn't answer and thought, What did I do this time?

"Come on, Privs. I'll take you to the admin." Dave announced, already out of the van, holding my door for me. It took a matter of seconds before I realized what he had just said.

My head snap outside at once.

My eyes widen upon the realization that we're already in the university.

But how?

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