The Nightmare

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Chapter 4 - History

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"Alright, Ms. Agras." Mrs. Pears said, her voice was deep and big.

I clung to the books in my arms tighter as I stood awkwardly next to her in front of the class.

"You're too early for you second subject." She said, smiling at me. The smile that Aunt Joyce gives to Uncle Jason whenever he jokes and it wasn't funny.

I gulped and waited.

She handed me my record slip, the one I got from the admin office together with the books, my schedule and a map.

I stared at her, wondering what would be the consequence for my tardiness.

When we got here in the university in such a short period of time, I didn't know was possible—and still surprised how it could be possible— I thought I would be right on time for my class. However, it was the trip to the admin office, and the fact that I would be lost searching for my room, that I failed to put in my calculations.

Finding the main office was not a problem, it was placed on the ground floor of the very first building when we entered the gigantic gate. But, finding the exact room was another thing.

For the purpose of preserving silence during class ―I assumed― the buildings were placed far enough from one another. It just gets a little confusing because there are buildings in the view that aren't on the map. Buildings that obviously, in the process of making.

From that moment I knew I should've not declined Dave's offer earlier when we jumped out of the van. I remember Dave chuckling when he said I would get lost searching for my room. It was later when I found out that he wasn't joking, and that I could've saved myself from all this regret if only I accepted his help.

"Go find your seat." Mrs. Pears simply said, I wanted to hug her for letting my tardiness off the hook. I thought I would be in all embarrassment for the following seconds, on my first day, but she's too kind to just let me go.

Mrs. Pears gestured to the door with a remote control, and it shut closed behind me. I took it as a signal to go and find my seat.

Aware that all heads in the room was towards my direction I tried not to meet anyone's gaze.

As I moved forward I felt the intensity of the stares everyone's giving me. I inhaled, walking straight to the back part of the room.

"I remember in my college year..." Mrs. Pears, out of the blue, started talking, getting the attention of the class, to which I absolutely benefited.

"...there was a new guy arrived in our university. All of us were looking at him as he passed the hallway, like that, exactly like what you're all doing to Ms. Agras." I jumped a little at the sound of my name.

The class giggled.

I took my seat and arranged my books on the table, and then pretended I was looking for something in my bag. I felt my face turning hot red.

"All the girls in the university admired him, there was no exaggeration. I really meant all." She chuckled at the class before continuing, remembering the memories from her past.

I, however, kept looking for nothing in my bag.

"He was gentleman for not taking advantage of that attention. He refused the girls politely for that one lucky girl that captured his heart." Courageous now, I looked in front. Everyone was facing the board now so I relax a little.

Mrs. Pears was smiling.

"Oooh." The girls said in chorus, I heard some of the guys hissed. I sat properly then, knowing nobody was paying attention to me anymore.

"Do they have a son at my age, Mrs. Pears?" A girl from the front row giggled, the class agreed with her query.

"Yes." That's when the girls went ecstatic.

Mrs. Pears was smiling when she answered, but her tone wasn't happy. And her eyes were suddenly far.

"He does. Only he." She continued.

The class waited in silence.

"The guy came from a very well known family, they didn't approve her for him. Well, they did fight for their love but..." She shook her head, and continued putting her things back into her bag, only that she moved slower.

"Now he is one of the most prominent man I know." She smiled sadly.

"He chose wealth over love?" In the middle of silence, someone asked. And the curiosity and accusation were obvious in her voice.

"I don't know the whole story, but that's pretty much sums it." She stops gathering her things back, refreshing the untold details. The sadness in her eyes, undeniable.

"Sometimes it's the smallest decision that can change one's life forever." For once, the class was silent. The normal mood that I witnessed the very moment I entered the room now vanished, replaced by sadness and disbelief.

Everyone seemed to be internalizing the story.

Mrs. Pears stared at the class.

"If things just went the other way around, he must be happy right now. Well, not as successful as he is but definitely, he would be happy, and alive." Mrs. Pears stared at the shiny flooring on the isle, her thoughts were somewhere far, and at the same time wishful.

She smiled sadly before finally dismissing the class.
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