The Nightmare

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Chapter 8 - Emerald

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I find the strong scent of coffee lingering the air so comforting. Let alone the yellow dim light. It feels like we weren't gone through any tension a few minutes ago.

"Privs." Dave called, handing me a frappe he ordered for me. He gave Primeric a latte and put his own on the table before handing the tray to a crew who just walked pass us.

I sipped it immediately, feeling like my throat had totally dried up with all the fire and bizarre event I'd gone through today.

"Privs." Primeric repeated, smiling at me. I nodded in response.

"It's Priavara actually." Dave said, chuckling.

I realized we haven't formally introduced yet. I felt so threatened earlier that I couldn't find the courage to step away behind Dave.

"Eric then." He smiled at me, holding up his latte and nodded once.

On the round table, I was seated in between Dave and Macforth, across Jermond and Eric.

They'd chosen the table on the corner most part of the coffee shop, where the view faces the road, where other customer wouldn't be able to hear what they would be talking.

It was Dave's idea to be here. According to him it would be better to talk things in a proper way, given that the beginning we had wasn't that good.

"What do you know about this?" Dave asked, looking at Jermond and Eric.

Curious, I can't help not to glance at them every once in a while. With care of course, not wanting to get caught and be offensive at the same time.

The two brothers both have narrowed shape eyes, only that Jermond's were pulled downwards, giving him an appearance of someone who tends to reject the company of others. It didn't help that he has straight eyebrows, it only emphasizes the unfriendly aura. But even then, still no one could question his beauty.

Eric on the other hand, has much bigger eyes compared to Jermond. The center of his eyes were a bit circular, but still narrow on the corners. He appears kind, and like his brother, beautiful.

Their fit bodies complemented their tall height like Dave and Marforth. Both have glowing, fair skin. They looked human.

"Well, obviously..." Eric started.

He took off his green microscopic earring and placed it on the table, it's blinking exactly like what I saw last night. I couldn't help but to glanced up at Macforth, who, doesn't seem to be surprise upon seeing Eric's earring. He just looked at it for a second and turned to face the glass wall next to him, turning his back to me. He rested his left arm on the back of the chair, then listened.

"...whenever we stroke this, everything stops." My eyes widen. I was preventing myself to look towards him, I sip my frappe and look intently to the table.

"It was only yesterday that we discover about this. Midnight, we're on our way home. I was driving and my brother was being grumpy about a jerk at the bar that caused us to head home early. He was clenching his fist when he accidentally stroke his ring...

"The tires stop rolling, we're at full speed. It was as if I hit the brakes out of nowhere. I was almost thrown out of the car." Eric was fighting a laugh.

"And as you can see, my brother here is the unfortunate mad one who didn't bother to put on his seat belt." Jermond stared at his brother coldly.

"It was later that we found out he can control fire." My body stiffened upon hearing the confirmation of my assumptions.

How is it possible?

"I wonder why is that I don't get to control anything when he can effortlessly do it with fire."

I inhaled, still eyeing the green earring on the table. I couldn't believe they're actually talking about something that isn't rational in this world. Though I was hearing it first hand, witnessed it first hand, but still―

"Jermond, is your stone colored red?" Dave asked. All our heads snapped to face him. With his tone, clearly he's thinking of something.

"Yes." Jermond immediately answered, his tone was of that curiosity too.

Dave's forearms were on the table, his fingers were interlocking as he looked at his drink in the middle of his palms.

"Could the color symbolize elements?" Dave looked intently to his drink. I rested my back to my chair to give Macforth a better view of him.

"I have a blue one and I can control water." My head snapped back at Dave. My eyebrows pulling together. Dave controls water?

"Cool, Man!"

He controls water? How? I'd been living with them for a month now but... Dave is human.

"I have a green one but I couldn't control anything green. Why is that?"

How can he control water? I'd never seen him does anything supernatural. How?

"Forth too. He has a white stone but couldn't control anything." Dave added.

I am dreaming.

That's for sure. This is just one of the long dreams I always have. It's just different this time that I am aware of it. I'm just dreaming.

The incident with the crane probably never happened because I was never hurt. Or maybe, I'd never went to school and probably still sleeping on my bed. The anxiety for the first day of school must have been the reason why my dream was about a series of unfortunate events that started from the university.

That must be the reason why the morning seemed to passed by in a blur. The reason why I think I'd been jumping from one scenario to another. That's got to be it because there's no way this could be explained.

I leaned back to the chair and relax my body. Then I glanced up at them. Since I'm already in I might as well get through it.

"Until we figured out what these serve, it might be better if we avoid using these for now." Dave suggested.

Even in my dreams, Dave will always be someone to look up to. I smiled at him. Then I suddenly remembered the dreams I had. When I fell off a cliff, when I tried to escape from something but eventually get caught, and when I was about to be stab by someone, I would be awaken.

I stood up and all four of them looked at me.

"What is it?" Dave asked.

For a moment, I wanted to just ran outside and don't answer at all but Dave, even in my dreams doesn't deserve to be treated rudely.

"I have to wake up." I smiled at them and headed outside. I suddenly felt the urge not to stay in my dreams any longer, like my instincts are telling me that if I don't get out of here, there's no way I could walk away from this long dream.

So I went straight to the middle of the road, with a silver car approaching, I stop exactly on its lane.

The horns were getting louder as it approached nearer.

If this doesn't work, might as well ask Jermond to fry me.

"Pria!" I heard Dave's concerned voice but I remained still.

I closed my eyes when the car was nearer, I felt a blow of wind got passed me. Someone was uttering unintelligible words and I felt being towed away. I opened my eyes. The driver had stop and was yelling at me. Dave kept pulling me back to the pavement, apologizing to the grumpy driver.

"What were you thinking?" He's eyebrows pulling together. I tried to take my wrist from Dave's grip but he won't let me. He doesn't look mad, more curious and disappointed.

I sighed.

"I'm sleeping, Dave. I have to get hit by something." I needed to wake up before one of you turned into something vicious and hunt me to death. I left that out, scared that it might trigger someone or something to actually start doing it if they heard that.

I was suddenly nervous that this casual dream would turn into a nightmare anytime soon. I need to wake up before that happens. I never liked getting up in the middle of the night, catching my breath, petrified by my own surrounding. I never liked that. So I started looking around, searching for another car.

I felt Dave's grip loosen up. When I turned to glanced up at him, he's just staring at my face, disbelieving.

"That is what's going on? You think you're dreaming?" I simply nodded, not wanting to explain further. I understand why he won't believe me.

"She thinks she's dreaming? Weird." Eric pulled his head back, skeptical. He was leaning his right arm on the shop's wall, grinning questioningly.

"She's been through a lot today. That's something I would probably come up with if I were her." Dave sighed, staring down at me, I returned the glances.

The way he spoke that makes me doubt the theory about my being asleep. Could I be wrong? But there's no way the bizarre things could be explained.

"Aw!" I ran both hands to my nose. Dave, all of a sudden, out of nowhere, flicked my nose, extra hard.

"You felt that." He stated, chuckling. I stared up at him, waiting for the explanation, while massaging my nose. It felt like he injured the bones in it. The tingling sensatio—


My head snapped automatically at Dave upon the realization.

I felt that.

So, I wasn't dreaming?

I stared at the wide road in front of me. Meaning, I just had my life went on fifty - fifty again? And I voluntarily did that for myself?

"She's not like us. Is she?" Dave shook his head, staring at me. In his eyes it seems like he's pitying me.

"No superpowers?" He asked again. I shook my head.

Eric was staring at my face, analyzing. It was dead silence for a couple of seconds and I wonder what's going on in his mind. I hope he's not suspecting me. I hope he isn't thinking that I will tell other people their secret so they'll need to silence me permanently.

The idea made me shiver. Dave wouldn't let them do that to me. Would he?

I glanced up at Dave, who like Eric, is staring at me, scrutinizing. I gulped. The way Dave studies my face makes me question my beliefs. Dave's one of them now, how can I be sure he will remain on my side?

"My favorite human now!" Dave and I gasped when Eric all of a sudden pulled me in a tight hug. He is so cheerful that all my doubts had vanished at once. I feel my face turning hot red, I am not used to this kind of situation. Eric pulled me away from the hug and looked at Dave.

"She's the sidekick. Without a doubt." Eric stated, convincing Dave.

A sidekick? Could I really be?

"Pardon my brother. He insists being the superhero." Jermond and Macforth by now were crossing the road, towards the bookstore where we parked the van. Eric started towing me by the wrist, following them.

"It's true though. There's no way the superpowers and the time-stopping, could be explain." Eric said.

Macforth entered the driver's and Jermond seated next to him. It seems like the two have gotten along, and it looks like they're going home with us.

Eric opened our side of the door and gestured me to get in before he got in himself, Dave followed.

"What if you're the sinister?" Jermond teased his brother.

Eric, coming from the rear seat, leaned in between me and Dave, then answered.

"Nah. That's not likely gonna happen. You, brother might be the villain. You could be the temperamental and depress one that easily gets swayed by the evil forces, which wouldn't surprise me, but come hell or high water, I will remain on the good side." Confident as he is, he rested back to his seat and held both hands behind his head. Eric winked at me before looking outside the tinted window, beaming.

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