Crescent And The Deep Sea

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The rain pelted the roof of the police car I was in. The drops that were on the shining cold metal that were cuffed around my wrists were not by the rain but my eyes. These reminded me of the same day. The day they made me bite the dust right before I could see him. Mare Walker, a beautiful and smart English woman, crossed seas for the first time to start her career in the States as an executive assistant for the world's richest man, Nilan Davis, CEO of the rank one multinational technology company Crescent. Inc. When secrets unfold, what is the real intention of her to be here? Why is it hard for her to make him fall for her the same way she did? A journey to an unrequited love, betrayal, death, tragedy... Will she overcome all of this? Is it right for her to lose everything for her love?.... Started : September, 16, 2019.

Romance / Thriller
Hema Rajthilak
Age Rating:

1. Get Your Girl

"Why don't you take care of dad's business? Do you really need to go?" whined her mum Diana Walker.

"Jason is already supporting dad very well in every way. Let her do what she wants to do mum."

Clove walker, her sister said, holding her husband, Jason Wright's hand.

"Getting a job offer from the Crescent is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I hope she gets it."

"Exactly! Thank you Jason" said Mare Walker, 24, tall, brunette, and very pretty in an obvious way. She was wearing a cardigan, boyfriend jeans, and single-sole heels.

"Are you travelling in economy? Why?"

Clove asked her and she shushed her not to tell before Diana. Mare was never a showoff and likes being simple. She hugged her mum than her sister. Clove whispered something to her before breaking the hug.

"Don't worry about dad. I'll talk to him."

Mare forced a smile on her and went inside to get on her flight. When she was about to get to her seats, some guy from her back barged into her.


She blurted out when the Forbes magazine, flipped out of her hands. He

crouched down, took it in his hands and handed it to her.

"I'm sorry. It was not me, but the lovey-dovey couple behind me..."

Before he could finish his sentence, the couple walked past them to the seats holding hands.


Mare looked at the man before her. She felt goosebumps all over her skin. She felt something different, but not better. He was tall and young, probably the same age as her. A big camera was hanging on his neck. He ran his hand over his stubble and raised his eyebrows for her to take the magazine. She nodded her head and took it. She made her way to her seat.

The couple was now standing before her seat and were discussing something with sad expressions on their face. The girl sat next to me. She was probably from East Asia. Mare noticed her sighing and looking at her boyfriend two seats back.

"Your boyfriend?"

She nodded her head as she can't speak English.

"Do you want me to switch?"

She nodded her head, grinning excitedly.


Mare let her boyfriend sit in her seat. She went to his seat. She was trying to place her luggage in the overhead bin to his seat when she heard him again.

"Let me."

He offered me to help and she thanked him. He was the same good looking guy. He was sitting in the seat next to her.

"Thank you."

He smiled and looked at the photos in his camera.

"Mare Walker."

Mare introduced herself.


He looked at her puzzled. He might have not heard her or doesn't care to listen. She shook her head and started reading the magazine. Suddenly a message popped on her phone.

Chris : Bon voyage. Take care. Miss you.

She ignored the message just by reading his name. She sighed and went back to reading the magazine. After a while, out of nowhere, he startled her by asking,

"Which part of London?"

"West London."


Noticing her frequent stare on his camera he replied,

"Travel photographer."


"Why New York?"

"Getting interviewed for the role of EA."

She said, pointing 'The Crescent' in the magazine. Likewise, they talked for hours. Well, she did the most talking. He was a good listener. He showed her the pictures he captured. Then there was a photo of a pretty girl.

"Who is she?"

He stared at the photo quietly with a sad smile.


"Not sure if you can say that. Lasted only for a day."

Keiran skipped the picture, but mare noticed him being with the long face till they reached New York. When they got out of their flights, he said,

"Welcome to New York."

Then he helped her to get a taxi. He also offered her to get my luggage into it, but she waved him off. Just before getting inside the taxi(cab), she looked at him and said,

"I just want to say something to you even though we know each other for less than a day and.... Also, you didn't even say your second name but still.... Considering you as a friend and considering the way you looked at the woman in your photographs.... I guess you should go for her. "

He gave her a warm hug and said,

"Thank you for considering me as your friend. Because of that woman I was disturbed throughout the journey. But you know what? You are absolutely right. I'm going back to Paris. Pleasure to meet you Mare."

He grinned at her excitedly, waved her a bye and left.

"Oh, so he did hear my name."

She thought as she got inside the taxi. She looked at the cover photo of the Forbes magazine with the most handsome eligible bachelor, CEO of The Crescent, Nilan Davis.


Nick bateman as Keirana

Emikia Clarke Mare Walker

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