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Callispo is the head scientist of the SupraNova Research Mothership. Once the crew of the ship found a frozen body of a human female in a decaying planet. Upon discovering her species, Callispo soon finds himself in a sweet romance but also a cursed fate.

Romance / Scifi
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Act 1 - Cryogenic Human

“How is she?” - Callispo asked to an assistant while both walked towards the quarantine section of the ship.

“She has been successfully removed from the ice and revived.” - The assistant pulled up a pad that contained all the known information of the strange female they found. “However, even though she’s awake, she refuses to let anyone near her.”

“She must be scared. Imagine waking up on a ship. In a quarantine room. Being observed by beings you never saw in your life.” - Callispo said as the panel on the door scanned his face.

“Guess you’re right, boss. I would get really freaked out too.” - Both the Polyrectu entered the room.

Loads of scientists were in that chamber, some of them looking at different panels, while others were trying to interpret data they gathered from that weird, very small being. The “creature” was on the other side of a very thick wall of transparent material, she was on the far corner of the room, her face was showing how confused and frightened she was.

“OK, everyone -” - Callispo called. “What have we gathered from the girl?”

A tall, blue-skinned Polyrectu walked towards Callispo: “So, she’s a female, as we already know, but we performed some tests and scans that confirmed that.”

“Go on, Sallian...” - Callispo took the pad from Sallian and read the info.

“She has breasts which we’ve seen in other animals. Her bones are made of calcium, which we’ve also seen in other creatures. Little hairs all over her body, but especially on her ends and pelvis, but quite a lot on the top of her head and face, which I’ve found quite weird, but I still haven’t found out why…”

“To protect the head from sunlight.”

“No that’s not it, I haven’t found out why only on the hair on her head seems to be more dense and longer than any other on her body.” - Sallian looked at Callispo, who also started to wonder.

“You’re right… That’s quite strange indeed. Oh well, we can ask her once she has the language chip.”

“But she’s not letting anyone get near her right now...” - Callispo looked towards the female, she was tiny and fragile looking. Her hair was just as black as space, eyes a sparkly blue with extremely pale skin. She was wearing some sort of skintight suit and an oversized sweater. Quite the peculiar appearance indeed. Something inside him felt extremely guilty for thinking about putting her to sleep with gas and then scanning her brain and inserting the language microchip, without her approval.

“That’s okay, turn on the gas, put her to sleep, but don’t go overboard, she might die, we don’t know how much her body can take.” - Callispo ordered, feeling a bit bad for the female.

As one of the scientists tapped on the transparent screen holograms and turned the gas on, the girl started to doze off. When she fell over on her side, Sallian entered the room with a special suit and took her on his arms like she weighed nothing. Two polyrectu also wearing special suits brought over a medical bed and once the tiny unknown female was on it, with a click of a button, a magnetic shield surrounded the girl.

“Seriously, is this girl even healthy? She weighs nothing at all.” - Sallian commented while pushing a button and his suit was absorbed into his body setting the long blue tentacles on the back of his neck free.

“Maybe that’s because she’s so small compared to us. And she looks healthy to me.” - Callispo said, his mind wandering about what that female was.

“No need to be so serious, I was joking.” - Sallian looked over to his best friend and boss. “Callispo?”

“Oh! Sorry Sallian, I was kinda lost in thought. I’m thinking she may be related to the Highers.” - Callispo was not in the slightest bothered to speak the name of the unspoken leaders of the universe.

“CALLISPO SHUT UP! You know we can’t say their names like that. They can make us disappear like that.” - Sallian snaps his four fingers, all of which have membranes between each other.

“What? They may be the supreme rulers but it’s not like they keep an eye on us every single second of our lives.” - Sallian shivered when Callispo said that. The white and blue Polyrectu always acted rationally when it came to that “stupid you-know-who garbage”, it wasn’t like he didn’t respect the people that ruled the universe, he just wasn’t afraid of them. “Anyways, let’s go after them, once she wakes up, I’m going to squeeze every bit of info that I can get.”

“Oooh, I wanna see how that turns out.”

The female slowly opened her eyes, groaning in the process, when she looked around an expression of shock and fear overtook her features. Callispo stood near her, on the other side of a barrier.

“DON’T GET ANY CLOSER!” - She yelled, however, Callispo got a bit confused, he was standing on the other side of a barrier, didn’t she notice?

“Not like I could get any closer.” - Callispo answered, pulling out his pad and digital pen, starting to take notes on the strange and small being in front of him. “It seems like the language chip has worked. Can you understand me?”

The girl nodded a bit surprised that she could understand what he was saying.

“I assume you are quite confused, after all, you woke up in a cell, then blacked out and woke up on another ‘cell’.” - Callispo said in a calm voice while taking notes about her behaviors so far and getting ready to ask her a lot of questions. “OK then, If you don’t mind may I know your name, if you have one, and the name of your species?”

“Wha- Can you at least explain to me where I am, who are you, and why am I here?! I mean, am I dreaming? I’m talking to a goddamned Alien!” - The girl raised her voice.

“I believe It’s fair I clarify the situation to you.”

“It’s best you do!” - The female exclaimed with a mixed tone of rage and confusion.

“You are in the SupraNova Mothership, a research purposed spacecraft. People from my team found you inside a cryogenic chamber, at first they thought you were dead, but once they realized your chamber was still being powered, they rushed you up here.” - Callispo tried to make his explanation simple and up to the point, but the girl frowned. “Did you understand? I can simplify if you want…?”

“No, I understood… I just… I’m having a hard time remembering things and taking in the whole situation.”

“You… Can’t remember things?” - Callispo started taking more notes.

“No, I mean, I remember the basics, my name, my age and who I am. But the things that led up to me being me are all foggy.” - Callispo finally looked up from his pad.

“You have memory loss… That’s quite uncommon, but the system that powered your chamber was quite… Rustic, it makes sense why you’re having a hard time remembering things.” The Polyrectu was starting to lose some hope about getting as many answers as he wanted. “I know you may be confused at the moment and if you don’t feel like it, that’s fine, but I need to ask some questions.”

Que girl fell silent for a few seconds but soon came up with a response.

“It’s fine, you can ask me anything. However, you’re gonna have to let me out of the cell.” - Callispo, even though afraid that she may have diseases that may or may not infect his whole crew, opened his communicator and asked that the scientists outside of the room put the barrier down. The female stepped closer to Callispo.

“Can you tell me your name?” - Callispo started taking notes again.

“Chelsea Liyra”

“OK Chelsea, do you remember your species?” - Chelsea paused a bit as if questioning if it would be best to tell him her species or not since a bad feeling was taking over her.

“I’m a Homo Sapiens, a human, female human.” - Saying ‘female human’ felt weird.

Callispo stopped writing, in his head he misunderstood what she said but he knew that it wasn’t him hearing things. However, it didn’t make sense…

“Human? A Homo Sapiens? But... They were extinct centuries ago.”

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