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Black Sun

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My eyes scanned the trees around me, locking in on a pair of golden wolf eyes that seemed to be glowing in the darkness. Slowly those glowing orbs stalked forward, sending a chill down my spine. The wolf inside me howled and stalked back in forth in the back of my mind, she was like a caged animal, begging to be let out. The scent that wafted off of him was arousing, sending shocks all throughout my body. I couldn't move, my body was stuck, frozen and pinned by his stare and by the power that radiated off of him, demanding the he be submitted to. . . . . . Falon had been sent to a pack she had no interest in being in to train with their doula, but she got way more than she bargained for. How could she focus on what she came her for while her mate was right around the corner, stalking her like prey? Alpha Calder Rogan had waited years for his mate, but never expected her to show up in the middle of a war. It wasn't the right way and it definitely wasn't the right time for them, but with the threat of magic in the air they'll have to fight to be together. To stay together? That will be an adventure in all by itself.

Romance / Fantasy
Alyssa Millie
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Chapter 1

THUDUMP, thudump, thudump. That’s all I heard as I speed through the trees, my large blonde paws pounding against the ground. I’ve been running for hours, letting off as much steam as I could. I was pissed, my wolf was pissed, maybe even irrationally so. My pack was sending me off to train as a doula in another pack, that wasn’t what I was so mad about. No, it was what pack they were sending me too, the Black Sun Pack. They were rumored to be one of the strictest packs in the country, following the “old laws” over the more modern laws many packs have evolved to.

The only time I have ever been around them was when I was nine. Their Alpha and some of the members of mating age had come to a social event that circulates through the packs across the country every few years or so. I watched from my bedroom window as the stood separate from everyone else, watching with stoic faces. Then one of them caught the scent of their mate, a girl around 17. The male went nearly feral, tearing her from her friends and claiming her as his own, right there in front of everyone. My mother had pulled me away by then, but from the way people talked about it, he didn’t even allow her to verify her wolf recognized him as hers.

After the gathering, many of the following events like this many packs decided to leave the Black Sun Pack out. Or that’s what I assumed, every gathering that I have been two since I have been of age they were nowhere to be seen. I figured that after how feral the wolf had become parents expressed their fears and the Alphas slowly began to stop inviting them, part of me doesn’t blame them either.

“You need to get back,” my mom, the pack doctor growls through our mind link. “Just because your leaving doesn’t mean you are excused from your responsibilities here.”

Rolling my eyes, I push her out. I knew I had responsibilities, she yelled them to me as I left early this morning when Alpha Victor broke the news of where I was spending the next year. I needed to get out of there, I was going to lose it if I didn’t run. Slowing down, I turned around to look at my surroundings. I was nearly at the edge of our inner border; patrol would probably be coming around soon to do their rounds.

Our pack land is huge, nearly 500 square miles of mountainous forest. In the center is our pack village, where the packhouse, family house, clinic, school, and even small shops were. We have enough space to expand if needed and being in the rough mountainside it’s not too often that we experience many threats. It’s part of the reason for the inner and outer boundary lines. The borders are about 100 miles apart, the inner border is monitored the most, with rounds every few hours. While the outer border is only patrolled once every 12. The system has worked for as long as my parents can remember, we hope that it continues to work. If not, we may have to add even more patrolmen than we have now because of how expansive our territory is.

Growling, I turn back, I’m leaving in two days and in that time not only do I have to pack but with two females ready to pop my mom is going to need as much of my help that I can give around the clinic. It was still around 9:30 am, it wouldn’t take me long to get back if I pushed myself hard enough. My ears perk up about six miles from our village when I hear the sound of paws charging from the left.

“Falon!” My best friend Chrissy whimpers through our mind link. “Your mom just told me. Why didn’t you come to me and why them? You’ve heard the rumors, they’re dangerous.”

I huff, shaking my head. “I didn’t even have a choice Riss,” I sigh, rubbing my wolf up against hers in an affectionate way. “It’s for a year, only 365 days. I’ll be back before you even miss me.” I try to reassure her, but I knew it was all a lie. I was probably going to miss her the moment I leave and by the look, she gave me I could tell my words weren’t any comfort.

“It’s not the time you’ll be gone but where you’ll be gone is what’s bothering me. What if you make one wrong move and they chain you to a pole? Or worse, send you home in pieces?”

“Not going to happen, Riss.” I snort, turning towards the clinic. “Besides I am confident the rumors about them are just that, rumors.” I could tell she still wasn’t convinced I’ll be okay, and honestly, neither was I. How could I whenever Alpha Victor didn’t seem as sure about sending me there. He even warned me to keep my head down and focus on my studies. Not like it won’t be my main focus, I wanted to get away from there as soon as possible and I wasn’t even there yet. If I spent my time doing anything working with their doula there wasn’t a point in me going. Besides, after hearing about the horror stories about them, my head is going to be in the ground.

“Whatever you say. I think you are delusional for doing this. But I’ll here rooting for you and hoping for your safe and whole return.”

And that, my friends, are what I love most about Chrissy, no matter what she is 100% supportive; although I could hear the distaste in her voice.

“I’ll be fine, I promise you, Riss. I’m sure nothing will go wrong. I’ll keep my head down and focus on the doula work and be back before you know it,” offering her a wolfish grin I dart off. Hearing her huff, I throw my head back in an amused howl. “Last one to the clinic is a rotten egg!” I yell before pushing forward just a bit more.

“Not fair you cheat!”

“Never said I’d be fair,” I laugh at her before darting passed the tree line and towards the greyish building about a hundred yards away. I could feel her breath on my haunches, and I strain myself to go just a little bit faster.

I stop, darting behind one of the buildings closest to the clinic when I see Alpha Victor and two burly men standing out front. Chrissy nearly ran passed, but skid to a stop in just enough time to hide with me.

“I agreed on the 13th! I didn’t say the week of,” Alpha growls, his face already red with frustration. I shift as I wait to hear the response of the other two, who didn’t look friendly. I pulled on the shorts and shirt I had tied around my ankle while I ran.

“Alpha Rogan didn’t set a specific date, you were told over a month ago we would send for her and to have her ready.” The shorter of the two grumbled. He was tan, bald and covered in tattoos, while he was shorter than his counterpart this man was still much taller than I was.

“If you still want the female to study with our doula, it’s now or never,” the other warned. He was much paler than the first, and his dark black hair was long and brushed his shoulders. They were both built like houses and if they weren’t wolves, I’d assume they were taking steroids.

“She’s not even packed yet, we only told her that she was leaving this morning and she’d have two days. If she has to leave now, you’ll need to wait until she’s done.” I could tell he wasn’t happy about this and was only agreeing because it was unlikely another pack had room for me to train with their doula.

I wasn’t able to catch what the two brutes’ reactions were because I was wrapped up in Chrissy’s arms as she lets out a gasp of disbelief. “They can’t force you to leave only hours after you found out! This isn’t fair.”

My arms wrapped around her and held her as I shook my head. “Riss, I don’t think even Alpha Victor has a choice now,” I whisper to her, wiping a tear from my cheek. Our doula had passed away nearly six months ago and it put a strain on my mom to be by herself caring for normal injuries and pregnant she-wolves.

“Falon, you need to pack, plans have changed, and they’ve come early to take you. Meet me in front of the clinic in forty minutes,” Alpha Victor’s voice booms through the pack link.

“Yes, Alpha,” I mumble back and turn towards Chrissy. “Come pack with me?” I ask her, my voice soft and quiet and I head towards the house I still lived in with my parents.

Even with how sad she looked; her head perked up with a tiny smile gracing her lips. “Only if I can pack some outfits that show the curved you always hide. All you seem to wear are baggy!”

I couldn’t help but laugh at her and shake my head. “Not everything that I wear is baggy! I just don’t have any reason to wear anything but scrubs or comfy clothes,” I shot back at her. She began pulling me even quicker towards my house and ran up the steps as we got there.

“Just because you feel like there isn’t a purpose doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear them. You have amazing curves, and your mate is bound to show up. Don’t you want to knock him off his feet when he first sees you?”

My eyes narrowed at my friend; I should have been used to her mate talk. You see Chrissy found her mate when we were seventeen, the age that most wolves can recognize their mate. It isn’t the scent, a look in the eyes or even your wolf telling you that our mate is just that, our mate. Instead, it’s a combination of different sensations, your body reacts to them pulling you towards them. For wolves we aren’t attracted to any others that aren’t our mate, the Moon Goddess seemed to plan it that way. Many wolves don’t even know what arousal feels like until they meet their mate, even if they never do. That only happens in extremely rare cases. But, since Riss found her mate she has been pushing me to dress more provocatively or to be ready since he’ll be around sooner or later. I know she was only being a friend and I am looking forward to finding my mate, but I want fate to bring us together, not to go searching for him.

I do know, however; my mate is not in this pack or the ones that are regulars at social events every few years. That’s why I never really give in or allow her to dress me like a barbie. I think if I did, I would end up crushed each time I didn’t meet him.

“If my mate is at the Black Sun Pack, I think I have more problems other than how I look,” I tell her and run up the stairs to my room. Pushing open the door, I take in a deep breath to take in the last comforting scent I’ll have from it for the next year. Chrissy plops down onto my bed, as I pull out my suitcase and toss it up next to her.

The next thirty minutes are spent with me filling my suitcase with scrubs, my normal comfy clothes, toiletries and the six outfits that Chrissy was able to convince me to bring along. Admittedly, I found her choices tasteful and was also looking forward to any pack events that I may end up at. At the last moment, I threw in a few pictures to keep my pack in mind while I was gone.

Slinging my backpack on my shoulder and pulling my, now much heavier, suitcase off my bed, I turn to take one last look. Once I was sure I didn’t leave anything important that I may need I head out and follow my teary-eyed friend out the door.

“Mom, I... Can’t breathe...” I squeak as my mom squeezes me tightly.

“I’m sorry. I’m just going to miss you and I don’t think I can let you go.” She cries, the tears soaking my shoulder before she pulls away. “I need you to call as soon as you are settled, and you get to work with your doula. Pay attention to her! I need you back as.

soon as possible,” she adds.

“I will, I promise mom. I’m sure if you ask Riss to help she will be happy to at least do all of your office work.” I shrug, knowing she didn’t have a job yet or any children running around.

She didn’t answer, just a simple nod and moved over so my dad could say goodbye. He was a lot less dramatic, reminding me that I’ll be missed but to also try and enjoy myself. I could tell he was worried, but he was the laid back one out of my parents, putting his faith in the Mood Goddess to do what is right. He did worry, his eyes gave that away but instead of reminding me of what could happen he just showed me encouragement.

“I love you,” I tell both my parents and my best friend before I slid my backpack off and threw it in the back seat of the white SUV that the wolves brought and climbed in after it. I found out that my two travel companions were the Gamma and a top enforcer for the Black Sun Pack.

The Gamma, or short and bald, was already in the driver’s seat and from my very few interactions with him I’ve already concluded that he was the silent and brooding type. Tall, dark and mean, however, seemed like being here was an inconvenience. When I had brought my suitcase out, he grabbed it from me and tossed it into the hatch before slamming himself into the passenger’s seat. Ultimately, leaving me to believe there would be no small talk between any of us.

The vehicle roared to life after my seat belt was in place and I watched as my going away party shifted, ready to send me off. As we pulled away, they chased after us, following in the tree line as we drove the two-track to the inner border. Once, we crossed it their howls pierced my ears long after we left the pack. With how sad and filled with worry they were left a stabbing pain in my chest.

From pestering Brutus, the Gamma (his name fit him), I learned that it would take at least seven hours to get to their pack land and another two hours to finally reach the pack. With the little, I know about their pack and the information I wheedled out of Brutus I’ve concluded that they are more secluded than we originally thought. they are deep in the middle of Montana, hidden behind a small mountain range.

We’ve been on the road for at least six hours, taking a few detours for food at a small diner and to refill on gas. The terrain has also begun to change, it’s still covered in forest but it’s thicker and less patches of prairie land. I could tell it helped calm the two wolves to be in more familiar land by how their shoulders sagged just a fraction. Small reactions like that continued the closer we got, the furrowed brow on Greg, the enforcer, softened and I didn’t get a grunt when I asked about the scenery we passed.

The closer we got the more on edge I felt, my legs couldn’t sit still, and my heart pounded in my chest. As weird as I felt I knew it was probably the nerves of meeting a new pack. That, and I could feel the weight of an entire pack as we entered their territory. It wasn’t like the pack link since I wasn’t connected to it yet, but it’s the same feeling you get when a pack runs together on a full moon a sense of comradery.

I wasn’t surprised to see a group of wolves running in the trees along the road, probably to welcome their brothers back home and to possibly even catch a glimpse of me. Seeing them run excited my wolf, she wanted to run with them, push ourselves to the limit as she explored our temporary home.

When we turned onto an unkempt road the view before me was captivating. A tall dark read packhouse stood on the far north side, surrounding it was dozens upon dozens of stone-walled homes and unlike at home they seemed to spread out for acres. I knew that this pack was big but seeing just how many there may be sent a chill down my spine.

Brutus pulled the car in front of the large packhouse where some of the pack stood watching us. I wasn’t even unbuckled when my door was swung open. They seemed to crowd around me, their faces critical and some had their noses upturned. Greg was already pulled out by his mate and they were locked into an embrace. Maybe that’s why he was so on edge the entire time we were in the car?

“Alright, you vultures! She’s mine, now move!” A gravelly voice demanded. As soon as a small blue hair elder pushed her way passed, I knew she was who spoke. “You must be Falon,” she asked, her eyebrow rose, and she leaned against her wooden cane in her right hand.

“I sure am, are you Doula Mar?” I counter, pulling my backpack on my shoulder and slid from the car.

“You got it pup,” she huffed and already began headed towards the woods on the far side of the packhouse. “Alpha Rogan should have been here to greet you but he’s preoccupied for now. Until then I am going to get you settled in the cabin, we have prepared for you.”

She didn’t leave any room for argument as she disappeared into the tree line. I had to jog to catch up to her and looking back I saw Brutus tugging my suitcase after him. We walked just fifteen yards into the tree line before we were faces with a small single floor cabin. I could tell no one stayed here often by the lack of landscaping that’s been done, but as long as I had any extra time, I would be able to fix it up in the next few weeks.

The air inside wasn’t as stale as what I had assumed it would be, Doula Mar must have left the windows open for a few days to let it all out.

“Well child, I’m not your mother so you’ll have to unpack and settle by yourself. But I expect you up and ready when I come by at seven on my way to the clinic.” She grumbled, staying by the doorway as I ventured in. Brutus didn’t stay, depositing my suitcase by the table and leaving without a goodbye.

“Seven, got it,” I confirm with a smile.

“There’s food in the fridge and pantry, but if you’re up for it we do a pack dinner each night at six. You missed tonight’s, but if you want you can come tomorrow.”

“I’ll keep that in mind, thank you Doula Mar.”

I didn’t even get a response, just her waving me off as she slipped out the door, letting it close behind her. Just before it clicked shut her cane shot out, pushing it open again. “The Alpha will be by before too long, to run over what’s expected of you,” she added before she was gone and left me all to myself.

The cabin had two doors on the east wall, I assumed they were the bedroom and bathroom. As a whole it was an open floor plan, the kitchen was only separated by a large island and the dining area/kitchen and living space were connected through an archway. The living room did have a dark green, plush carpet that went well with the rustic decor, unlike the hardwood floor of the dining room and kitchen. Most of the furniture was made of wood, even the couch that was covered in cushions and pillows.

I spent the next hour unpacking and getting used to my new temporary home before my phone started going off, for the third time. I knew it was Riss, she had texted me or called every hour since I left.

“Hello?” I answer, smiling as I walked to the kitchen and stared out the tiny window.

“Fal!? Where have you been! Have they already restricted you to only talking on the phone?” She huffs. “I wouldn’t be surprised to know they have your phone bugged!” My laughter stopped her ranting, and I could hear the faint chuckling of her mate in the background. “You think I’m joking? They could!”

“Riss, slow down. I’m fine, I was just unpacking. My drivers weren’t the friendliest, but I met the Doula I’ll be working with. She seems rough around the edges and has to be the oldest wolf I’ve ever met, but I think she’ll warm up to me.”

“Wait have you met the Alpha? I heard he took over just a year ago after his dad was murdered. My bet is he’s the culprit, and only did it so he could take over.”

My eyes rolled, but my stomach churned with fear. With the rumors already flying about this pack, I wouldn’t doubt he had something to do with it. I couldn’t tell Riss that though, it’d only feed her hysterics. “I doubt that.” I sigh and move to the door, pushing it open and stepping out on the front deck. “But no, I haven’t met him yet. According to Doula Mar, he is going to stop by sometime tonight and welcome me.”

“Well text me and let me know if he is as dangerous and power-hungry as the rumors say! I’ve got to go, but I miss you and stay safe.”

“Bye Riss. I miss you too.” She didn’t give me a response, only a soft click as she ended the call. Tucking my phone in my pocket I sit in one of the rocking chairs that faced the packhouse. I already missed my mom and dad; this was the first time I was this far from them and to think I wouldn’t be seeing them for a year ripped my chest open. I was already feeling lonely, I was too far away to feel the pack link or have even a connection with anyone in my pack. It didn’t help that my wolf has been so agitated and hasn’t shown any comfort. The only possible reason is because we are somewhere new, and I didn’t feel comfortable here. I am just hoping as I get settled and interact with the pack it’ll get a little easier.

The sun was already almost set, the sky to my right was already a deep blue and as it spread out and over me melted into a dark orange color, peeping through the trees. As I watched the sky grow darker and stars begin to show themselves, I could hear others running around me, their paws thumping against the ground. It gave me a bit of comfort, and if I closed my eyes, I could pretend I was back at home.

I must have fallen asleep because I found myself jolted awake, something was watching me, or rather someone. My eyes scanned the trees around me, locking in on a pair of golden wolf eyes that seemed to be glowing in the darkness. Slowly those glowing orbs stalked forward, sending a chill down my spine. As they came into the dim moonlight the largest black wolf, I have ever seen stood only twenty feet from where I sat.

The wolf inside me howled and stalked back in forth in the back of my mind, she was like a caged animal, begging to be let out. The scent that wafted off of him was arousing, sending shocks throughout my body. I couldn’t move, my body was stuck, frozen and pinned by his stare and by the power that radiated off of him, demanding that he be submitted to.

He paused, nostrils flaring as he took in my scent. The low growl that he made sent another attack on my body. I was transfixed on him as his body went from standing on four legs to only two, shifting from beast to man. I couldn’t help myself as I ogled him, his skin was taut around his sculpted muscles, his features sharp and a deep tan color and he looked like a god. I had to force myself from looking at his shaft, it was as hard as it was distracting as it pointed towards me. When I finally met his eyes, they were still the glowing gold color, and if I wasn’t sure already, the recognition flashing in his eyes solidified the one thing that both thrilled and terrified me.

This male was my mate, the man rumored to have killed his flesh and be a ruthless Alpha. My body finally moved, standing from the rocking chair and carrying me to the steps. I could feel my heart pound in excitement but fear as I slowly took one step at a time. Only, I didn’t stop there, instead, I was thrown into the woods by the fear and confusion my mind threw out me. I didn’t know where I was or where I was headed, but as I heard the nearly feral growl behind me, I knew I had made a mistake.

Hey everyone! This is my first book on here and I hope you all enjoy it! I do want to clarify that the supernatural world is the main world in my tale, instead, humans are the minority, and this allows for packs to have such expansive territories without running into human towns.

Please like, comment and even share with friends if they may be interested. I am open to constructive criticism, so please try not to be hateful in your comments.

Thank you all for reading!

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