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Being indebted to an alpha is not pretty, especially when the payment consists of you working for him as a maid. ********** Blair Winchester is Rouge running from her psychotic mother that stumbled into the pack of the most sadistic, harshest and most cruelest alpha of all alphas. Grayson Matthew. Working job after job she begins to get used to the pack until that fateful night. After being saved in an alley way by the alpha, and adding on top of that her mate, He tells her she is indebted to him and the way for her to pay is in the simple terms of her working for him. And not just any job. A maid. As time passes by and new chapters begin to open, will they begin to cope with each other or continue to snarl. Will Blair be a maid to the alpha or will she be the one made for the alpha? ©RamataMaguiraga 2016 Copyright All Rights Reserved.

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Chapter 1

Chapter 1:

“continue Blair!” they all screamed simultaneously. I let out a little chuckle amused by their interest.

“I’ll continue tomorrow.” I promised as they threw their pillows towards me saying boo’s. I chuckled even more. Getting up I bid them farewell. And walked towards the door. I checked out of the orphanage, my shift over. Heading into the streets.
A cold wind blew against my warm skin as I walked through the city street. Heading towards the club salient. Opening the door, I was instantly hit with the smell of booze and sweat, and honestly it was not pleasant.

“Blair you’re late!” my boss yelled at me. I looked down not having a word to say except sorry. “get to work, those drinks wont serve themselves.” He said harshly pushing the tray against me, as he kicked the behind of my leg. It wasn’t new at all. After all I was a rouge.

You see the alpha of this pack had gone for a business trip and I kind of stumbled here running away from my crazed mother. I hadn’t been accepted yet and everyone looks at me as a threat. The alpha had told them to keep me in the pack until I return because I wasn’t a threat. And apparently he knew that.

The pain in my leg got me limping as I began serving the drinks to the people of the club. More like the rich people. They were all snobby and bitchy. They seriously thought everyone was their carpets to walk all over. Rolling my eyes, I continued to serve a smile on my face. More like fake.

I walked table to table serving drink after drink. I felt someone grope my ass. I turned around to see this idiotic drunk boy with a smirk on his face. I turned slapping him. everyone froze, not finished I took a glass of champagne pouring it over his head. I flipped my hair walking away. I could feel his rage a mile away.

Soon the most enticing smell hit my nose. Could this be him? could this be my mate? I let out a sigh of disappointment when I realized I wasn’t going to find him through this heap of people. I let out a frustrated groan and walked off into the bar side of the club, getting new drinks. I wonder the chances of me running into my mate. 1%. I shook my head and slapped my fake smile yet again serving yet again.

Soon the club kept getting fuller and fuller until it was filled to the smell. Yes, I know the smell. Enough to nauseate me. blegh. 2 hours later my shift had ended and I headed out of the club signing out.

I walked out letting the cold breeze hit, taking a deep breath, I could faintly smell my mate. Soon I was grabbed by the hand and dragged to the alleyway outside the club, I came face to face with the guy I slapped. Ha, my fingerprints were still on his face. He gripped my hand tight feeling as if he were about to break them.

“not so strong now, you poor girl.” He said with a snarl. Soon, his other hand was roaming my body as I let out a scream for help. Slapping me he continued his assault, tears streamed down my face, why didn’t I just ignore the fool!

I let my eyes close. This was it, I was going to be raped. A loud growl caught our attention. It sounded powerful and it got my tummy turning. The man seemed to know who it was since he shook in fear. Soon the most mesmerizing smell took over my senses. My mate was here.

Gripping the man, he held his throat. He looked like he was about to kill the man. “if I see you within a 5 metre radius of any woman I will kill you, as for her you’re not even allowed to be 5 centimetres close to her.” He snarled.

The man fell out of his grip and scurried away. He then turned to me only to knock the breath out of me.

“mate.” He said as he lunged towards me.

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