Maid For The Alpha

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Chapter 11

Chapter 11:

Where was he when I needed him most? Oh that’s right in his office, with an almost naked woman.

I strolled down the forest. My eyes tearing as I walked. There was only pain evident in my heart. I felt pain. And only pain.

Was this how Betrayal felt.

I could here Grayson paws on the forest ground nearing and right now I was too tired to continue running. Soon his black wolf made an appearance and he looked at me with sad eyes. Was he upset because I didn’t listen to him and ran, or was he upset that he did me wrong and had no explanation?

I needed him and he was too busy with her, another woman rather than listening to me. I want to forget this ever happened. I want to forget all this.

Something ran up my body as my feet gave out under me. I fell to my knees in pain. Something felt wrong. Grayson eyes seemed to change into the silvery color yet again and for sure something felt wrong.

My mind hurt so much it gave out and I was consumed by darkness surrounding me everywhere. And yet his name was engraved inside my mind.



Nothing but darkness could be seen. I felt empty and alone. And I couldn’t find him. My mate. The man who said he’d never leave me alone.

“Driana!” I heard someone call out, I looked around the dark place to see No one there.

“DRIANA!” the voice became louder and much more scarier and I turned around only yo come face to face with my mother.

I gasped a little and took a step back as she smiled at me cunningly.

“Blair, no one is going to love you. So just come back home and be a good girl.” she whispered, but her voice echoed.

“No! NO! I refuse to go home. Grayson loves me. He loves me so much.” I screamed at her.

“Are you sure?” she asked, making me freeze. Wait stop! I know what’s she’s doing, she’s trying to get into my head, I won’t let her! I won’t!

“Blair!” she yelled as her hand came down about to slap me.

I sat up abruptly as the lights blinded me. My breathing was shallow, my heart was pumping hard against my rib cage. This did not feel like a dream. It was almost as if she was there.

“Blair?” I heard a voice croak. I turned to look at Grayson. He looked exhausted, tired and his eyes were bloodshot red, almost as If He was crying.

“Who was that woman?” I questioned him almost immediately. ARE YOU SURE? Her voice rang in my head.

“Blair, baby, you have to believe me, she’s nothing but the pack slut, I swear to you, her and her mother have been trying to get power for as long as I remember.” he said to me, as my heart lightened.

I cupped his cheek in my hand and rubbed his stubble. “I believe you. I can never doubt a word you say, but you have to promise you’ll never leave me alone. I needed, you Grayson, and you weren’t there, I thought I saw her, my mom, I tried reaching out to you but you weren’t there, I was so scared.” I said to him.

He looked at me with glassy eyes as tears rolled out of my eyes. “Don’t cry, I promise you, I promise you and swear on my life, that I will always be there for you. That I’ll never leave you alone, just don’t die on me again.” he said making me freeze.

“I died?” I asked him and he nodded.

“Your breathing stopped and your heart slowed down giving out and then miraculously you woke up again. You were breathing fine and Even now, the doctors don’t know what happened, or what could of caused it.” He said.

My mind wandered to my mother. Was her getting into my head the cause? It couldn’t be, could it?

Grayson pulled me into embrace and held me for dear life. I guess he does love me, I’m sure of it, even if he doesn’t say it, I can feel it. And there’s no reason for me to doubt him, even for a second.

Because he was my lifeline. He was my mate. My life. And nothing, not even my mother, that could make me forget that ever.

But why did it feel like for a second there, I almost didn’t know who he was?

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