Maid For The Alpha

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Chapter 12

Chapter 12:

I woke up to two warm arms wrapped around my waist. I didn’t bed to turn back to know my mate was still here. His warmth and the shocks running through my body was enough.

I felt his warm breath hitting the back of my neck. It was soothing knowing that I was loved and anything my psychotic mother says was a lie.

I felt Grayson stir as he let go looking the other way. I laughed at his scrunched up face and got up heading into the bathroom.

I took a long shower, relieving myself from all the stress and smiled as I thought how much we’ve been through and it’s barely been 2 months.

I got out of the bathroom to see Graysons bare back facing me. He turned around with his piercing eyes and face me smile. “morning.” he greeted.

“Good morning.” I said to him. The giddy feeling all through my body.

“Say, have you forgotten already?” his eyes seemed to have turned dark. I looked at him with furrowed eyebrows, what had I forgotten? Everything was perfect.

“forgotten what? I didn’t forget anything.” I said to him as nothing came to mind.

Grayson smiled darkly as he seemed irritated. He grabbed my cheek as the pain hurt. “How could you forget you’re still my Maid and Indebted to me.” he said making me get irritated.

“I thought we passed that stage in our lives, do we need to worry about that now? It’s your fault for saving me, I think I would’ve gotten out of the situation perfectly!” I said as he shot a glare towards me.

“You’re an ungrateful brat!” he said as my eyebrows rose.

“Who are you calling a brat?!” I yelled at him throwing a pillow straight at his face. I bust put laughing as it made perfect contact. “You call yourself an alpha? And you can’t dodge that?” I taunted.

Grayson clicked his tongue and looked at me his expression serious. “Have fun not seeing me for the rest of the day.” he said, though it sounded like he was upset. He walked out of the bedroom, making reality crash in me.

My morning was going so perfectly, so why did this happen all if a sudden?

I had finished cleaning the entire house and giving breakfast. Grayson was indeed still here at home, but rather locked up in his office stuffing his nose in work.

I looked at the warm food, and I know Grayson is too stubborn to come down I decided I was gonna take up his breakfast. Because I’m so much more considerate.

I walked up to his office knocking only to get the cold shoulder. I groaned opening the door only to see Grayson looking at his laptop screen.

His hair disheveled, his eyes focused on the screen, and he still want wearing a shirt.

“hey” I said to him. He looked up, then looked back at the screen. Okay, I see how it is. If he wants to play, then two can play that game. “you don’t live me anymore.” I said in a heartbreaking way,which seemed to capture his attention. “I guess my mom was right, all I ever do is make people hate me, that’s why no one lives me.” I said as Grayson looked up.

I didn’t say a thing as I placed his breakfast on the coffee table ready to walk out. I felt his hand encircle my wrist. As a smile took over my face.

“You should learn to act, your acting skills are terrible.” he joked making my face flush. I guess I’m that bad huh?

“whatever.” I said trying to get my hand out of his grasp, but he pulled me close to his chest as he placed a gentle kiss on my forehead

“But since you’ve got a great mate like me I’ll actually-” he said but cut his sentence as something flashed in his eyes.

“Grayson?” I questioned him. “Is something the matter?” I asked as he pushed me away. He let out a scream in pain as he clutched his head..

“Grayson!” I called out his name as I tried helping which only resulted in me hitting my head against the wall of the office. Grayson s eyes rolled back as he fell unconscious, and I couldn’t keep my eyes open. Everything seemed hazy.

“Close your eyes Blair, soon you’ll be home again.” I heard a voice say. And I could really do was close my eyes.

But honestly, I didn’t want, because I needed to see him one more time. But it was too late as darkness enveloped Me.

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