Maid For The Alpha

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Chapter 13

Chapter 13:

My body felt as if it was being kicked over and over again. And honestly what I’m trying to say was it hurt so much.

My eyes opened only to be blinded by light. I closed my eyes yet again trying to adjust to the light. I moved only to hear the clinking, and shackles. I looked down to my feet only see me chained to a bed post. Not any bedpost. My bedpost.

I swallowed my saliva as I looked around myself only to be sitting in the prison I once escaped from. Tears started brimming my eyes as I couldn’t tell how much I just wanted to die. I would rather die than sit in this room.

I pulled at the chains, only to be hurting myself. I was here again trapped. Alone and not loved.

Grayson face popped into my kind as I looked around the room to see no one here. Just me alone. I pulled my knees to my face as I let the tears roll freely.

There was no second escape. She was going to keep a close eye on me. She was going to double my chains. She was going to punish me for leaving.

The door creaked open as mothers heels clanked against the wooden floor of the room. She came in, an angry expression on her face. I scooted away from her, as far as I could, but it was only a few centimetres because of my bind up legs.

“Blair.” she said my name. The way she said it held hate, venom, pain and mostly rage. She was furious. “Blair my dear child. The outside world is not for you. I warned you about going out but yet again you disobeyed me. Your mother who raised you through everything.” she said in a whisper.

“Momma, I’m sorry, but please let me go, my mate needs me.” I said to her, only for her to tsk at my words.

“Blair my child, you know what happens to naughty girls. They get punished and your punishment us going to take effect soon. That will teach you to never disobey me.′ she spent our to me.

“What do you want from me! All you ever do us keep me locked up, you don’t need anything from me. Why are you doing this to me? Mod please let me go!” I yelled at her, only to get slapped in the face.

“You don’t get it do you! Your father us going to feel the pain of not seeing you from here on out. That’s the only reason I have you! The so called father I told you didn’t have! He’s going to get what’s coming to him.” she said.

Father? I gave a father? And I didn’t even know! I looked up to argue cut just then things stared becoming blurry. I couldn’t see clearly. My body started aching as if I was bring stabbed and sliced.

I let out a scream if pain as the pain jury. Darkness wafted over my eyes bit I knew I was concious.

“Why is everything done so dark? Mom please, I’m scared!” I yelled at her as my body have out. I felt numb, I couldn’t move. I couldn’t move any part of my body.

“Blair, my sweet Blair, no one will find you, you’ll never escape, you’ll never see the outside world again. Because from here in out your temporarily blind and paralysed. This will last for a month, so during that time I’ll find arrangements for us to go. You’ve put your beloved Grayson on our trail.” she said, and I’ve never hated anything so much in my life!

I’ve never hated anyone as much as her. All I could do was very out my pain and frustration. I was better off dead. Because the pain if knowing I was going to be like this for a short while was excruciating. Grayson. Will I ever see him again?

Graysons POV: (The moment we’ve been waiting for!)

“...... up! WAKE UP!” my eyes shot open as I watched shattered pieces of glass surround me.

My head pounded as if my brain was going to splurge out. I looked towards Julian, as he watched me with scared eyes.

“What’s wrong?” I questioned him as everything came flying back.

“Where’s Blair?!” I asked him. His eyes couldn’t meet mine and honestly I didn’t want to think of anything bad.

“Grayson, I’m sorry.” was all he said as I felt my heart shatter, my entities scratch against my walls.

I needed to keep calm, I took a deep breath as Julian stared at me with a scared expression. “Grayson your eyes their turning colour.” he said as if it were a surprise.

“I know, so why are you repeating what you see?!” I spat out in anger.

“That’s the thing, their not changing silver, their changing into 4 different colours.” he says, I was about to question him when pain ran through my body.

I could feel her pain and my heart started beating rapidly against my chest. My mate was in pain and I sound by sense her anywhere.

My feet have out as I sensed something wrong.

Why was thus happening?

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