Maid For The Alpha

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Chapter 14

Chapter 14:

I was looking at darkness. All I could hear was the wind blowing through my bedroom window.

This was. Painful. It’s been a week since I’ve been here and I’ve been tortured in the worst way possible. Every time I close my eyes, Grayson’s face comes to Mind. Has he forgotten me?

I know not intentionally, because mom says she put a spell on him making him forget me. But my heart tells me otherwise. Our bonds too strong to forget.

The bedroom door creaked open and Mom came in a whip in her hand. I was chained up to the wall. She smiled evilly. I closed my. Eyes and let the tears roll out my eyes. But what’s worse is Damien being present.

Damien is mom’s beloved stupid follower. He is so mean, cruel. We were once friends, until I rejected him for loving me.

Mom gave him the whip as he smiled at me. I didn’t say a word. I’m not feeling pain anymore
I’m so tired.! “Leave me ALONE!” I screamed at him as the first lash hit my body.

It felt as if my skin was being torn Open, but I Didn’t care, I was going to fight back. Grayson doesn’t want a weak mate. I’m. Not weak. I won’t show that side.

I screamed and moved, though the chains scraped against my skin aa if it was going to rip my wrist off.

Mom had a dissatisfied look. Other face before something kit upon her face. “Are you still fighting even though we made your skin nasty so your mare would be disgusted by you, but I guess that’s not working. How about we do something a little more terrible he can feel.” my eyes widened. No, she wouldn’t.

“No.. ” I whispered.

" Oh, yes, it seems Damien has always wanted a taste of you. Isn’t that right?” she said as the tears rolled out my eyes. I screamed at her only to get slapped. “Damien do what you please.” she walked out.

Damien looked at me, “I wonder how I’m going to do it.” he said until his hands roamed up my body. He ripped my dress, leaving me bare for the wind to hit my body.

He walked behind unhooking my bra. “NOOOO! DAMIEN STOP! STOP! DON’T TOUCH ME, DON’T TOUCH ME. GRAYSON!” I screamed out as the tears rolled out my eyes. He forcefully grabbed my chin kissing me.

And soon his hands went places they weren’t supposed to be. And things took a turn from there.

Grayson’s POV:

I sat in the meeting room getting inflation every second about Blair’s where about and still not trace.

Knowing she was gone shattered my heart more that anything in the world. I stood up in anger as yet another report cane in with no strength.

Lionel my Gamma looked at me under hooded eyes. “Grayson calm down were doing everything we can to find her!” he said making my head snap to him in anger.

I opened my mouth, only for a burning in my. Lower stomach began to erupt. I held my stocked and abdomen in pain as I fell to my knees.

“Grayson are you okay?” Lionel questioned me.

The tears began to brim my eyes. I can’t believe this was happening to her. The were fucking raping her. They Dare touch my mate.

I felt my body become consumed. I was angry, no furious. I was in pain.

“Grayson your eyes are changing colour again, calm down! We need to you to come down! Don’t loose control!” Lionel yelled but it was too late. My demonic side took over

“Grayson?” I turned to Lionel with a smiling face.

“The name is Lucien, and you my friend is going to help. Me find what belongs to me, and you’re going to do it fast. Okay?” I couldn’t take my body back. I was too deep into lost control.

Lionel's eyes widened in fear. My demonic side was the worst of them all. Because I don’t show mercy and I always get what I want. Blair, please hold on.

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