Maid For The Alpha

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Chapter 15

Chapter 15:

1 week later...

I couldn’t explain how disgusted I felt with myself. I was disgusting. I felt sick to the stomach. I hated my self.

Who was I? Where am I? Why am I here? I just want to die! I want to forget! I want to disappear.

My bedroom door opened, and I made no effort to move. I didn’t care any more. I’m. Not worthy of anything. I wonder if my mate remembers me? What’s his name? Oh that’s right, I’ve forgotten, I’ve forgotten every memory we’ve shared every thing we’ve said.

The only thing that lingers in my mind is the change in color in his eyes, the turn almost silver when he was having a battle within himself. His scent was fading from my mind, and I was slowly giving up all hope.

What has become if me? Have I been forgotten or will I be saved Way from this tragedy.

Has he forgotten me like I’ve forgotten him? Does he still need a mate or has he found my replacement? What has my disappearance put him through.

What have I put him, my beloved mare through. I closed my eyes trying to recall anything Bout him, but nothing came to mind. I was cruel. I was a bad person. How could I forget the one person who lived me unconditionally? How could I?

My mother walked in a smile on her face. “Shall we leave?” she said. I answered her nothing. There was no use, it was just a waste of my energy.

Why doesn’t she just kill me? I want to die already. I want to die! I looked at her from under my lashes, as a growl erupted from. My chest. I was furious, angry, and mostly I hated her. I hated her so much I’d do anything to get the chance to kill both her and Damien.

After all they’ve done to me, I feel duty, disgusting, and if my mate was to see me, would he even spare a second glance at me?

Without a second thought I pulled at the chains binding me to the bed. I just wanted to scratch her, I was becoming an animal and I didn’t care, I don’t give a damn.

I just needed to get out. I needed to find my mate. I wanted to be free from all this nonsense.

Mother chuckled in my face as she saw the pain, anger and hate in my eyes. She didn’t try to even conceal the enjoyment she had putting Me through all this.

My muscles felt weak and I lost control of my body. I let go, and my body made contact with the bed I’ve become accustomed to.

Tears rolled put of my eyes. I’m weak. Why am I so weak?

Grayson’s POV:

I paced around my office,well Lucien did, the wind blew through the window and pages on my desk clattered. I tried regaining control of my body but I knew the perfect time to take control.

Eli, my tracker, barged in his body covered in sweat. “Alpha, we caught her, she seems to be in some house it’s very weird they’d keep her there, but I think something off.” he said.

My smile was regained. Lucien seemed to calm down allowing me to take control. My felt my body returning to me.

“Lead the way.” please be strong for me Blair. Please.

We walked through the forest towards the house Eli spoke about. I had about 10 of my strongest warriors behind, me, I was not going to forgive those who have taken my love away from me.

We surrounded the house from the outside as we found and entry way. We walked into the house trying not to make a Soubd. Her scent lingered and my heart skipped a beat. Was I finally going to find her?

Laughter echoed from up the stairs. Eli and I along with two other people tiptoed up the stairs.

I could hear laughter louder as we got closer and the silent breathing of my beloved mate. I pushed open the door only to see red.

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