Maid For The Alpha

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Chapter 16

Chapter 16:

Grayson’s POV:

I stared as everyone in the room froze. She was being touched right in front of me. Everything turned red.

I couldn’t think any more. They were touching what’s mine! Mine alone. I didn’t even take a breath before I caught a hold of this.... Boys, arm. Twisting it with no remorse. A growl left my lips and only death was stamped on his forehead.

I gripped his neck in anger, rage. My mate was being touched, raped, hurt, tortured and I wasn’t there to save her which made me even angrier.

I tightened my hold on his neck as he began scratching at my hands trying to loosen my hold, but nothing could allow me to do so. Nothing!

He slowly began to loose air but I wasn’t gonna let him go so easily. I made him pass out a sinister smile on my face. He wasn’t going good to get through with an easy death.

I watched my mate tied up eyes closed, she’d already given up and broke me to see her that way. I felt my race coming on.

Hands clapped against each other allowing the soundtrack echoes around the bedroom.

Eli walked in and pulled the boy towards him. I guess he sensed my anger. He walked out with the boy, leaving me on the room with the person.

I turned around only to come face to face with a woman. She looked extremely young, but, you could tell she was in her mid thirties, Theresa’s no lie she was beautiful, but she seemed off.

“You must be the mate, to dear ‘Blair’” she said emphasising Blair’s name.

“Who are you?” I questioned as I sent a glare her way.

She pouted, and smiled, “it seems Blair dear hasn’t told you about her mummy did she? The woman she has been running from? I swear Blair can be forgetful at times.” she laughed. I caught her rotting scent, but I couldn’t put my finger on which species she was. But there was no lie she was a lone.

I kept silent as she continued to speak. “how could Blair forget about telling you about her crazy, mother? And I did promise her if she was a bad girl and left I’d punish her.” I growled and ran towards her only for something to be holding me back.

“No, no alpha, you can’t do that to you soon to be mother-in-law.” she laughed as I felt a pain in my leg. “Oh, is your leg sore? I’m sorry, magic can be a cruel thing.” she laughed.

That’s what she was, a witch. A lone witch. I pulled against her magic as Blair began to stir.

“Oh it seems my time has run out, but aloha do you want to be heart broken by this girl?” she asked a smirk plastered on her lips.

“Blair would never hurt me! She wouldn’t! She’s mine!” I said as she burst out laughing.

“Well I guess it’s time for me to go, this us a dangerous situation I could get caught, but I’ll be back to take what’s rightfully ‘Mine?’” she laughed as she disappeared into thin air.

My body was released and I fell to the ground. I growled in anger and banged the concrete wall next to me. My knuckles busting. This woman is going to die.

I heard Blair sit up and I instantly stood up making good my way towards her. She saw me and with wide eyes. I sat next to her, trying to reach out to her face, she pulled away in fear. What was wrong?

“Blair, baby please look at me” I asked her pleadingly.

She kept her face down her hair drawing as a curtain to cover her face. “Blair?” I called out again and I felt my eyes price with tears.

She looked at me as tears rolled out of her eyes. “I can’t remember. I don’t know. I’m sorry, but who are you?” those were the words that shattered my heart in an instant.

“Blair? Tell me you’re joking.” I pleaded with her.

She stared at me with her innocent eyes, “who are you?” and nothing could take back the words she uttered. Nothing could take back the words I heard. My mate didn’t know who I was.

She doesn’t know me.

I stood up, not having the strength to look her in the face. I walked out of the bedroom as a chuckle left my lips.

“Alpha are you okay?” Eli asked me.

I looked at him with my now rolling tears, “An alpha, whose mate doesn’t even know him.”

Eli looked confused, “alpha, please” he tried to encourage me.

“What’s the use? My mate doesn’t know me.” I let out another laugh.

She doesn’t know me.

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