Maid For The Alpha

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Chapter 17

Chapter 17:

I felt so lonely. Alone. I’m alone. I watched as another man walked in, in place of the previous man, and he seemed pitiful.

“Luna, I’m Eli, so you know your name?” he asked me.

I thought for a moment before nodding, “Theresa Eduardo” I said. He seemed shocked at my answer.

“Well Theresa, we all know you as Blair, and you happen to be our Luna.” he explained and I nodded. My heart felt empty and for some reason I don’t know why.

“Nice to meet you Eli.” I said as he nodded. He guided me out the room and for once I was free. Free from her.

But for how long?

I shook my head trying to push away the bad thoughts and made my way down the hallway. As I was walking I bumped into a hard chest. The scent enticed me and shocks ran through my body.

I looked up at the person destined for me, only to see the man from earlier. His face held no emotion and he looked empty.

“Hi, I’m Theresa, or you know me as Blair, I’m guessing you’re my mate?” I questioned.

Something flashed in his eyes as he nodded. “Nice to meet you Blair, I’m Grayson your alpha mate.” he introduced. I smiled at his warm atmosphere but it didn’t seem sincere.

I wish I remembered, I wish I knew. My mate was probably hiring because if my memory. And yet he us still trying to cope with it.

I admit him leaving in the first place was a bad move, I felt rejected, but I can’t blame him for not being able to bear me, the one whose meant to cherish him, has forgetting him.



Grayson’s POV:

Being I front of her was the most difficult thing for me right now. Everything inside me was at constant battle. My emotions were all over the place and the others inside me were trying to take control. But I couldn’t let that happen.

Blair smiled ar me as I looked at her face searching for something. What it was I didn’t know. All I know was I was searching for something and when I found it I’d relax.

But it wasn’t there.

Just like how Blair wasn’t all there. Sure her physical format was in front of me, but the matei grew to love on my own without the stupid bond standing before me.

I wanted her back. I wanted my mare back. But right now I had to be there for her, no matter how much it pierced my heart to do so.

“shall we leave?” I asked her. She nodded. I put out my hand to help her as she smiled taking it to support herself.

She still seemed a little weak, but it looked like she was healing. I pulled her close to my body, wrapping her arm around my shoulder and holding her waist.

We walked down the stairs of the house towards the entrance.

“You might wanna hop onto my back when I shift, can’t have you collapsing can we?” my voice didbt sound as gebuine as I intended it to be.

She looked down her gesture slightly faltering. She gave a half-hearted smile and nodded. “Of course.“.

My body didn’t feel right. I wasn’t being myself. I wasn’t being me. I wasn’t being the alpha mate I usually am. And honestly me noticing that is saying something.

I sighed as I shifted, she quickly hopped onto my back grabbing onto my fur as I starred moving.

What was wrong with me? Why was I acting this way?

Blair’s POV:

He seemed so tense the whole ride and honestly I didn’t like it one bit. Was imaging my mate uncomfortable?

We came before huge house and my eyes almost bulged out of their sockets. I can’t believe I was living in such a lovely house before.

What memories did we make? How does he look when he wakes up? Did we run together in the woods? Did he hold me like the end of the world?

I sighed as my eyes began to water. Why can’t I remember? Why? Everything we went through, everything we’ve seen together, everywhere we’ve been together, all the problems we faced togetger.

Grayson walked towards the house, basketball shorts already slipped on. I followed behind him into the magnificent house.

He pulled me into his arms, his head rested on my hair. He breathed in he scent if my hair as he held me close.

“Welcome back home Blair.” he muttered in my hair. a smile slapped it’s way in my face.


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