Maid For The Alpha

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Chapter 18

Chapter 18:

I sat silently on a comfortable bed, Grayson slept peacefully, his breathing a beautiful melody to my ears.

I lied back down taking in every inch of his face. How could I forget how perfect a mate I had? Why was this happening to me?

I let out a sigh as I felt him wrap his arms around my waist pulling me close to him. He breathed in the scent of my hair as he placed a kiss on my head.

“I’ve missed having you next to me.” he said his voice sending shivers down my voice.

I merely hummed as I snuggled unto his brain chest. We stayed in the position for what felt like ages.

“Grayson? What was it like before I got kidnapped?”

He let out a sigh and smiled at my question.“It was heaven. I woke up everyday to your beautiful face and fell asleep staring at your beautiful face. You actually owe me a favor though I’m your mate.” he chuckled.

“What favor?” I questioned curiously.

“When you remember, my beloved, you’ll turn a beautiful shade of red like you always do. So please remember.” he said holding me closer and taking deep breaths.

That was something I could never promise.

I smiled and pushed away from him into the bathroom. I closed the door opening the shower and opening the faucet. The water ran calmly as I stepped underneath it.

Grayson believe me. When I say I want to remember, but I just can’t, will you wait forever? Would you be able to live me like you once did?

I slid down the shower wall as I felt my hot tears rolling down my face. This was painful. And to think Grayson has it 10 times more than me. I heaved a sigh as my chest clenched. It’s all her fault! The woman I did everything for because she was my ‘mother’.

Was I a burden on him? Did he loose his attraction towards me?

I let out another sigh as I stopped the water from running and walking out of the shower. I wrapped myself in a towel as I watched myself through the mirror.

“Why are you holding something like that?” I questioned him.

I’m Grayson’s hand was an extremely short, slutty looking maid outfit. It looked like it hardly went to my knees. A smirk said on his flawless face as he watched me and my reaction.

“It’s your uniform.” he said bluntly. Was he insane.

I felt my head pound as I lost balance knocking over a few products. Quickly a knock echoed through the bathroom as his voice rang in my ears.

“Blair love. Is something wrong?” he asked worried as I shook my head trying to stop being so dizzy.

“Yeah, no need to worry.” my voice shook slightly hoping that he didn’t hear it.

I heard him heave a sigh as he didn’t move a step. I saw his shadow outside the door waiting for me to open it so he can inspect me.

I shivered slightly as I opened the door holding my towel tighter against my body. As the door opened Grayson eyes came into view.

He instantly grabbed my hand and pulled me into his chest In a long needed embrace. He then began inspecting my body making a light blush appear on my face.

“are you okay?” he questioned as I nodded.

“I’m fine Grayson, nothing happened.” I reassured him calmly and smiled. He didn’t look convinced yet he nodded not uttering another word.

He pulled away walking into the bedroom as I followed behind him. The vision in the bathroom meant something. Could I be remembering?

“Grasyon?” I questioned as he hummed telling Me he was listening. “I think I remembered something.” I said as he froze in his spot and turned around

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