Maid For The Alpha

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Chapter 2

Chapter 2:

“Mate.” he growled as he linked towards me. Everything about him screamed power.

He muzzled his face into my neck taking a deep breath of my scent, making my face flush in embarrassment. I never really grew up with love and hugs. So it felt all new to me.

He pulled away and looked me in the eyes. Something was off about him. “What’s your name mate?” he questioned me.

“Blair, Blair Winchester.” I introduced with a smile.

“Well Blair Winchester you are indebted to me for the rest of your life.” he said making me freeze. What?

“I don’t understand. You lost me.” I said to him.

He looked at me like a master would to his slave. His face twisted. Dark. “You think saving you was for nothing? Pshht, I’d never go out my way to help anyone, not even my mate. So in payment for my services you will work under me as a maid. And as I remember you were a Rouge that stumbled into my territory, I’m making life a bit easier for you.” he said as if he were doing me a favor.

“you’re the alpha of this land?” I questioned I wonderment.

“Alpha Grayson Matthew, nice to meet you mate. Now let me set some things down for you. You BELONG to me. You are MINE. And your payment will consist of me waking up to your beautiful face everyday, you cooking breakfast dot me every morning in my shirt and then clean our house and when I return from my pack duties I wanna have a nice calm finer with you.” he said.

I looked at him like he was insane. Was he right in the head? That’s something a married couple would do minus the cleaning part. I can’t help but wonder, why is it he wants this?

I let out a sigh. I can’t leave because my mother is still looking for me and I can’t become a Rouge outside the territory, I made to much mischief amongst Rouge packs. And I can’t reject it leave my mate I’ll die. So I left with no options.

“Do you have a maid complex or something?” I questioned him making him look at me like I grew two heads.

He shook his head as his unique red eyes looked at me, “No, I just like making people suffer but for you my mate, I’ll make it pleasurable.” he winked. Blegh.

“Very well than alpha, I’ll payback my debt to you, but keep in mind, know your limits. I am still half human and like you carry your demons I have mine, so keep to your limits and don’t pass mine.” I compromised.

“Very well then, that can be fulfilled. Now mate hurry along Let’s go home.” he said as he began to walk.

I began following close behind him, as we walked through the dark city. “Tell me a little about yourself.” he asked.

What was there to say? That I have a psychotic mother after me? That I kind of slapped a king of rouges? That I used to have a dream of becoming a mafia gangleader? “There’s nothing much about me, my parents died, I became a Rouge and the rougesooked after me, and I always had a dream of becoming a doctor.” I lied.

He seemed to buy it and nodded. What an idiot. “that’s nice. I have no information about myself to offer you so I’m fine here except for my age being 24.” he said. “How old are you?” he questioned.

“19” I simply answered. He nodded as we continued to walk down the dark street.

“Well Blair let me tell you something, because you’re my mate there will be a lot of crazed ex’s so try to stay alive if they come into my home demanding for me.” he warned.

Great I’m about to get clawed by fake nails and hair flipped by hair extensions. Why is my mate like this. What the he’ll did I get myself into?

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