Maid For The Alpha

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Chapter 3

Chapter 3:

We came into view of a giagnormous house. Was this the pack house? I followed closely behind him. He stopped making me bump. Into. His hard back.

He burst into laughter and shook His head continuing off. Stupid mate. He came to the door and opened it only to welcome me into an.... empty house. Was he okay?

“Why is your house empty?!” I questioned him in shock.

“I don’t like people.” he answered bluntly.

What was up with him? What could have possibly made him like this? This weird, cold?

“why smoking I here anyway? Aren’t I supposed to be given am apartment if my own until I do the binding ceremony?“I questioned him dumbfounded.

“No, have you forgotten you’re my maid, mate? Or do u have to remind you?” he asked his expression changed.

I shivered uncomfortably as he walked up the stairs. I think I was supposed to follow him, right? I walked close behind him as we came into contact with a door. He pushed open the door and walked into it.

The room was beautiful, but singing I’d never actually seen a bedroom in my life, it could just be ordinary. My mother used to lock me up in a cage in the basement, I was like her prisoner no where to escape, go anywhere.

“You sound like it’s the first time you’d seen a bedroom from the way your eyes are gleaming.” he concluded making me stiffen for a split second.

“n-no no its not that. It’s just this room is a whole lot bigger than my old room.” I said to him. If you weren’t including cage bars.

He shook his head a smile implanted in his face. “Very well than. Anyway. Here is the bathroom some clothing, nightwear and these are some body products.”

I walked to the closet opening it, only to see a few suits, jeans, boxers etcetera. I turned to him in confusion.

“I think you mistaken my room for someone else’s, there seems to be someone else’s belonging here.” I explained posting out.

“Those are mine.” he said not caring really. Can this man be any more mean than he is.

“Why are your things in my room Grayson?”

“that’s because baby, this is my room as well.” he whispered in my ear.

I froze, how could I forget, he was my mate. My bloody mate. Ugh. I shook my head and turned away for a moment catching my breath and finding my cool. I then turned around only to be taken by surprise.

“Why are you holding something like that?” I questioned him.

I’m Grayson’s hand was an extremely short, slutty looking maid outfit. It looked like it hardly went to my knees. A smirk said on his flawless face as he watched me and my reaction.

“It’s your uniform.” he said bluntly. Was he insane.

“No, no, no, no way! There is no way I’m going to wear something so revealing, dirty, do you think I’m some kind of stripper huh? Some type of whore, or hoe who gets paid to be sexy. Oh no honey I’m sexy just the way I am. I’ve never worn something like this in my life and I’m not going to wear it anytime soon so you can trash it.” I said and panted. That speech really took it out of me. I’m actually breathless.

I looked up to Grayson only to see his dimples embedded on the sides of his face. His expression changed unto that of something dark, something dominant.

He pulled my check, making me feel the pain and let me tell you it hurt like a-

“listen here and listen good my little mate, I am your master and you my maid, and I will drill this into your head only thrice after that no more warnings. You are the mud and I the master, and a maid never Disobeys her master! Understood?” he questioned.

I nodded but inside I was boiling like a kettle in a stove. “Tell me Mr. Big bad alpha, do you have a maid complex? Or do you have a mate complex?” I questioned him, but he seemed to look at me like I was stupid.

“none baby, I just like being the dominant one in a relationship, and with that said, I need something to do to kill time and it seems you would be perfect, my beloved mate.” he said as he showed his pearly white teeth.

What the hell have I gotten myself into?

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