Maid For The Alpha

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Chapter 5

Chapter 5

The pots cluttered as the stove steamed. I stood behind cutlery. I really can’t believe I’m doing this for him.

He sat behind the island, his phone in his hand. I house he was texting someone with all the seriousness on his face.

I let out a sigh as I put my last ingredient. I took out the waffles from the waffle maker and the sandwiches from the sandwich maker.

Fixing a cup of cuppicinno and cream. I placed the food in front of him. Pulling out the omlet from the pan. Abd taking the toast and putting it on the plate. The sausages, the muffins and last but not least from the pot steamed potatoes.

I placed all in front of him A I smiled. “well then, dig in.” I said. He then looked at the food. Then looked at me. Looked at the food. Then looked at me.

“You can cook.” he said in a shocked and teasing tone. Almost insulting.

My mouth gaped open, how dare he! He should be more nicer after I took so much time preparing this for him. I refused to show and weakness. “Yeah yeah, whatever. Just eat.” I said, but truly inside I wanted to beat the hell out of him.

He then dug in and chewed slowly. Was it bad? Did it taste stale? Why was he eating it like that? “it’s good.” he said making a sigh of relief wash over me. I don’t know why but, why did I need his approval, I’ve been cooking since I was 5 so there’s no way my food would taste bad, so why did I need his approval. I guess the bond does crazy things.

“but you could improve” oh that son of a-

He then rushed to my side and grabbed my arm, pulling me down to the ground with him. Soon the glass from all the windows Shattered. I screeched at the sound. Pieces of glass pierced my skin.

And blood dripped slowly onto the ground. Soon the house quieted down. Grayson pulled away and stood up. “Shit!” he groaned but it was as if his words had a double meaning.

I stood up only to stand in glass. I moaned quietly in pain and moved away. Grayson walked through the house looking everywhere only to freeze in front of the main hall wall.

I tiptoed my way around the glass and came to look at what he was looking at.

‘Let the games begin’.

I stood in shock. It can’t be my mother right? She’s not that insane or powerful. Soon Grayson picked up the phone and began speaking to the person on the other line.

His eyes turned gold with specs of silver. He looked Pissed and it utterly scared me. My heart beat rapidly against my chest, my head began pounding.

Why was I remembering my past now? There’s no way I would remember. I fell back and hit the ground.

“Blair?” his voice called out to me, but I was too scared to look at him. Too afraid to remember.

“Blair, are you okay. Baby speak to me.” he said in a tender tone as his hand touched my knee. He stroked my hair as I let a sob break through.

“I’m afraid of remembering, I’m afraid to be found, I’m afraid to go back.” I whispered to him, “I want to forget this moment, I want to forget.” I said as a strangled sounded came out.

He picked my face up and looked me in the eyes. He opened his mouth to say something. But rather, his lips descended on mine. He was kissing me. My mate was kissing me.

Shocks flowed through my body as my heart beat bear even more rapidly. As if it were going to jump out my chest.

He pushed closer to me, deepening the kiss. Right then a man, dark wings, dark hair, a soft smile, flashed through my mind. What was this.

Grayson pulled back and looked me in the eyes. His beautiful face cupped in my hand. He let out a breath and looked at me with soft eyes.

“I don’t want to ever see you like that, because seeing you like that is like shards of glass piercing my heart.” he confessed. I couldn’t help but let a smile break out on my face.

Was this how it felt to be cared for? Because if it is, I want to continue being cared for. It feels... Nice.

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