Maid For The Alpha

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Chapter 6

Chapter 6:

My mind couldn’t quite get around the glass incident. And with that, Grayson has been absolutely cautious.

He doesn’t know that I see him, when his eyes wander, when his posture stiffens, when his breathing becomes rapid, or when his eyes turn color.

I don’t know what it is about him, but I don’t know much about him either, but there’s something odd. He seems so different, he gives out a different air, a different atmosphere.

It’s almost as if he’s fighting himself, trying to control something. I shook my head as I looked in the mirror. My hair perfectly done, my white dress elegant.

Today was my Luna and pack joining ceremony.

My face was flushed and my thoughts were all over the place. I couldn’t seem to think or see right. Im so nervous.

A knock echoed through the room as the door creaked opened. His scent filled my nose calming me down.

I turned around to look at a gorgeous, mouth drooling Grayson. His hair slick back, a suit against his defined body. I probably looked like a complete idiot. But who cares?!

“Are you ready?” he just has to remind me why I was sitting here. I slowly began hyperventilating, and my breathing became shallow. My palms sweaty and hot. Was I really prepared for this?

“Yeah” My idiot mouth spoke. I feel like I’m about to Faint. Grayson gave me a blank stare and a small smile.

He put out his hand for me to hold as I grabbed it without a doubt. He then helped me up and we walked to his car. We got in and drove to the forest.

Lights had been lit up and there were so many people. I let out a sigh of frustration and huffed, sulking my shoulders. This does not look like it will end well.

Right then u felt something stare at me. A twig cracked and I turned around to see nothing. It was... Odd.

I shook off the feeling, buy honestly I couldn’t, I can’t stand to be found by my mother. I caught up to Grayson lightly tapping his shoulder.

He turned to me, his eyebrows furrowed in confusion. He looked at me worried as I whispered in his ear.

“I think something is watching me.” I said to him. My voice shaky. He got up and his eyes held no emotion. He pulled me closer to him and together we walked towards the crowd.

Everyone cheered as their alpha walked in. He walked on stage, his eyes locked in mine. He then turned to the crowd and spoke. He seemed cautious yet again.

His eyes wandered, his posture stiff and ready, his eyes changing color. He seemed so distant to me. He didn’t seem like Grayson.

Soon I was called up and everyone cheered. It was honestly surprising, I was never cheered for before that being because I actually never left my mother’s prison. But still it felt nice to be amongst people, it felt safe.

We then proceed with the ceremony, I joined the pack and I was introduced as Luna, but the feeling never left. I was still being watched. I was still feeling another presence. Soon the crowd got into the ceremony, as a loud Growl erupted from Grayson chest.

Everyone froze, no one making a sound, no one doing anything.

“Come out, Cornelius.” he shouted. As the twigs bristled and in front of us all a man, an eye patch around his left eye. Wearing nothing but black, an evil smirk on his face had made an appearance.

“Oh it seems you’ve found me, Grayson?” he says, his voice absolutely deep but it held a hint of resentment.

Could they be enemies?

“Why have you come here?” Grayson asked as his eyes turned silver yet again.

“Simple, I’m here because of what you had done to me, and not only that, a woman is looking for your mate.” he says making my breath hitch.

She couldn’t have found me. There’s no way my mom would have found me. There’s just can’t be.

A chuckle erupted from the man’s chest as he walked towards Grayson. “it’s such a shame isn’t it? You could’ve prevented your existence.” he says and then looked towards me.

“Blair dear, why are you here? Your mother won’t be too happy when she finds out where you are.” he laughed.

I gulped as my fingers shook. I can’t stand it. I’m too scared of her, I let mysekf fall and hold my ears. She won’t fund me, I kept changing.

“until we meet again. Grayson.” he says as he vanished.

My eyes pickled with tears. She can’t find me. She won’t find me. Grayson will protect me.

Won’t he?

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