Maid For The Alpha

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chapter 8

Chapter 8:

There was a strain of silence as he watched me intently. I could hear the clock ticking and the wind blowing. Was he going to reject me?

“I don’t understand.” he finally broke the silence. “What do you mean you don’t remember anything?” he asked, his voice holding worry.

“Just that. I don’t remember anything before my 16th birthday. I don’t know, who I am, what I did, what I said. Did I have friends? Did I have a father? Was my mother this bad? Is my mother really my mother? I don’t know and honestly it hurts.” I confessed whole heartedly.

He seemed to zone out on me. He seemed in a daze. Thinking so intently. Then a smile broke out on his face.

Why was he smiling.

“That means, I can create memories for us. You may have forgotten your memories, but I’ll make new ones with you. To help you remember, to help you feel. I’ll help you make new memories. One’s that you’ll never forget.” he said in a promising tone. “But one thing.” he said.

“What is it?” I questioned.

“Just because you forgot doesn’t mean I’m going to forget you’re still my Maid! Now get working I want dinner.” he said as I stared at him with wide eyes.

“We just ate. At the party. Theres ni way you’re hungry, you ate a fill of an army.” I exaggerated. He simply smiled.

“But I’m hungry. So please prepare something for me as I take a shower.” how disrespectful.

He walked to the bathroom after grabbing his towel off the chair. He shut the door calmly as I heard the shower run. He is such an.... Alpha!

I let out a sigh of frustration. I wanted to pull my hair off my head. Was this seriously going to continue.

I shook my head as I went downstairs and began preparing a small meal. I wonder what’s to come soon. I wonder what really happened before I lost my memories. It felt like I knew, but not.

I shook my head. Soon I felt two warm arms wrap around my torso. Grayson snuggled his face into my neck breathing my scent. “Allow me to mark you.” he requested.

Was I ready to be claimed and protected? Perhaps.

I nodded my head. “Okay” I said giving him the go ahead. He then began kissing down the crook of my neck.

His kisses, hot, wet and perfect. He found my spot which got me moaning. He the grazed his teeth against my skin. It felt absolutely perfect.

But I never imagined getting marked in a kitchen, while cooking food. Odd. But it’s happening. And I’m not gonna stop it.

Soon I felt his teeth puncture my skin. The pain was beyond excruciating. I swear I never thought marking would hurt. Soon the pain dissipated and pleasure coursed through my body.

I felt his hands roam my body as he stayed in my skin. Soon he pulled out and my neck began to cool off, leaving a small irritation. I wanted to itch it, but Grayson slapped my hand away.

“Just give it a moment, it will stop soon.” and it did.

Grayson got a bandaid and put it on my neck. Allowing his hands to lightly touch the mark. I could feel emotion after emotion wash over me and he felt a lot. He felt every emotion, but when I looked at his face none showed.

What truly is Grayson hiding? And why?

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