Maid For The Alpha

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Chapter 9

Chapter 9

I woke up the next morning to an empty bed. No Grayson in sight. It felt sort of odd.

My feet passed across the tiled floors of the bedroom and until the bathroom. I put a shed open the door only to be hit in the face with a wave of steam.

My body froze as my eyes widened. This cannot be happening. Grayson stood before me stark naked not even a towel around his waist.

A scramefr my mouth. He grabbed the towel covering himself as he looked at me with a smirk. Please don’t let him speak.

“pervert.” he muttered. Me? Pervert? Huh?!

“Who the heck are you calling a pervert? It should be you who is labeled a pervert since it is you who likes kinky stuff like Maid and master. - ” I got cut off by him pulling me into his naked chest.

He placed a kiss on my nape. Lightly blowing on it. A wave of pleasure ran through my body. I shrieked at the feeling. I pushed away from Grayson as he burst out laughing.

He took a smaller towel, drying his wet hair as his bright teeth showed perfectly. Again he pulled me into his chest but this time I tried getting out, but his grip on my tightened.

I gave up, allowing him to hug me. He then put his head in the crook of my neck as he placed a light kiss. “Allow me to Mate you.” he demanded.

I wanted to allow him, but I honestly didn’t feel ready. “I want it to be special, not now, Mate me in the right moment.” I said to him.

His eyebrows furrowed in confusion, “When’s that?” he asked.

I smiled at him and looked him in the eyes. “You’ll know when it’s the right moment.” I said as he nodded.

“Can we just stay like this for a moment?” he asked. I nodded allowing him to hug me. We stood in that embrace for a few minutes until he let me go.

“Pack duty calls.” he said as he pulled away. He kissed my forehead heading out the bathroom. I pulled my towel off the rack and locked the door getting ready to shower.

The warm water crusaded down my body, loosening my muscles, allowing me to clear my thoughts. My mind wandered my life before. If it wasn’t luck, I would have left that basement. I wouldn’t have known all I knew.

I let out a sigh as my mother’s voice echoed in the bathroom.

“Love never comes to those who were never meant to exist.”

Everyday those words haunt me. I don’t know if I was always ‘Blair Winchester’ or if I’m really 19. I don’t know if my mom is my mom, I don’t know if I have a dad out there looking for me. Had I lost my virginity? Did I have my first kiss? Did I ever have a boyfriend? Do I have siblings? What do I like? What’s my favorite food? What kind of music do I like?

Tears rolled down my face as I said down the shower wall. This wasn’t fair, it hurt so much knowing I didn’t even know who I am. What I was. Anything. It hurts, honestly.

I took a deep breath and finished shower ring. I got out of the bathroom after making sure I looked okay. I went to the closet only coming face to face with a handsomely dressed Grayson.

“And where are you off to?” I asked him.

“Office.” office? What office?

“What office?” I asked him.

“My company. You don’t think I get rich mysteriously. I own one of the most succeeding companies. Croxfield.” he said. Croxfield? “We work with investments.” he simplified as I nodded.

“Well Goodluck, have fun and don’t do anything stupid.” I said to him.

“You’re the maid, I’m meant to be telling you that, and tonight I want dinner, with you on the side.” he said as I hit his shoulder.

“No, but I will make dessert, so make sure you come home a bit early.” I smiled at him.

He laughed as he grabbed a few documents and walked out. He pecked my lips and headed out the room. A smile embedded its way on my face.

I never want to forget this. Ever.

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