The Tales Of A Pregnant And Rejected Luna

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L- life giving U- useful and strong N- natural care taker A- attractive That's what Luna stands for, all the things I was told I was not..... ********** Colleen Daniel. 18. That's the number she would want to forget. That's the day, she lost it all. Her mate. Her friends. Her family, all because of a titled status. Because she was an omega. On her 18th birthday, a party is held for her by the Beta's daughter, whom she considered as her friend. When she finds out her Mate is none other than the alpha Reese Gold, she is beyond happy to have found her mate. But when her mate rejects her the next morning because of her status, she is forced to live in the pack city away from the pack house where she works as a maid for the alpha. When she finds out she is pregnant, she decides to keep it hidden from anyone and everyone. But working for your ex-mate as a maid, how do you hide a pregnancy? ©RamataMaguiraga 2016. Copyright All Rights

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Chapter 1

Chapter 1:

“Colleen!” Lillian ran into me. I smiled at her as she looked like a crazed ape, making barbaric movements. Everyone stared at her for a moment, before going back to doing what they were doing.

“What is it? ” I questioned the crazed girl in front if me.

“Don’t pretend as if you’ve forgotten. I know you know.” she said smiling cunningly.

I thought for a moment, but nothing came to mind. “No, I don’t.” I confirmed, opening my locker.

“Urghhhhhhhh” she groaned in annoyance. “The day after tomorrow? Ring any bells?” she questioned, anxiously waiting for my answer.

“Would you just tell me, I suck at guessing as you can already tell.” I said honestly. Yes, I suck at guessing, because I find it very unnecessary, thank you.

“It’s your BIRTHDAY!!!” she screamed loudly in excitement echoing in the hallways. Again everyone stopped and looked at her.

My mouth hung open at her. How could someone be so loud. I shut my locker walking away from my best friend. Well I wouldn’t stand there after that scene.

“Heyyy!” she came up to my side. “Some friend you are.” she said clearly upset.

“I’m sorry Lilly, but you know how much I hate attention. And you don’t seem to understand that.” I laughed.

She smiled at me, nodding. “You need to get used to it! You’re my best friend. To think you would be used to it already.” she stated. She then continued to some sentence about food. Rambling on.

We entered the math class taking our seats. The teacher walked in and instantly began the work.

I felt someone poke my shoulder continuously. I turned to look at Lilly with a wide grin spread on her face. “What do you wish for your birthday?” she questioned me, clearly bored of the lesson.

“I don’t know. ” I said to her in all honesty. i never really thought much of my 18th birthday.

Lilly gaped at me in horror. “How can you not know what you want! That’s an insult to my face” I laughed at her idiocy.

“There's no time for me to think about birthdays. I need to work after school and not only that, I need to keep my grades up for the scholarship I was given last year.” I’m not rich if you ask me. Not at all. I work hard to get what I want, and to do that I have no time for fun and games.

“Come on Colleen, for once in your life act interested. Please, for your best friend!” she nagged distracting me.

“Yeah, yeah” I flipped her off. She celebrated quietly and smiled giddily, all through the lesson, making me roll my eyes. Typical high-school teenage girl. I smiled shaking my head.

When the day ended, I hurriedly grabbed my bag and rushed out the school gates to reach the bus stop. When I got there, I scanned my transportation card and walked to the back. The ride felt long and short at the same time.

I stopped in front of the mansion belonging to the alpha and his sister. I rushed in through the doors and walked to the kitchen, where Mary, the cook, stirred a pot.

“Hello Mary.” I panted as if from a marathon I ran.

“Hello, Colleen dear. You’re quite early, you can start with your chores now.” she said. I work as a maid to the alpha. To the werewolf community I am an omega, but to myself, I’m a normal wolf. I grabbed the apron and broom and began sweeping.

After 3 hours of cleaning the entire mansion from head to toe, it was time for me to head home. I grabbed my school bag from the kitchen and took off the apron hanging it. I walked out the kitchen into the living room, bumping into the alpha.

“Sorry Alpha, forgive me.” I apologized, and to be honest this is the first time I’ve come face to face with the alpha himself. I usually run into Helen, His sister, but never him.

He simply ignored walking off. Ass. He may be my alpha but the attitude he is portraying is really rude and improper

I shook my head, running out of the mansion door to the bus stop.

I got in through the apartment door.

“I’m home, mom” I said, as I walked into her bedroom. My mother was bedridden, due to an illness we’ve never seen before, and going to the hospital was expensive and difficult. What about my father? Well he rejected my mom a few years ago, and left.

Mom looked at me with dull eyes and a small smile.

“Welcome back, baby girl” she croaked making me smile. Hearing that sentence everyday, is like oxygen to me so I can breathe, I can’t live without it. Her. My mom.

I walked to My room after a short chat with my mother. I closed the door, dropping my bag in the floor. Feeling tired I lied down upon my bed.

I look at the ceiling. My heart clenching.

I’m Not sure if I’m depressed about what’s happening with my life, I mean I’m not sad, but not exactly happy either. I can laugh, joke and smile during the day, but sometimes when I’m alone, I forget how to feel. Why?

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