The bad boys mute girl

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Holly has been mute and bullied all her life but can a mysterious black haired and green eyed bad boy change all that? Damon is the new school bad boy and doesn’t appreciate how holly is treated.

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Who are you?

“Holly!” I jumped from the sudden noise, scrambled out of bed, and rushed down stairs to where mom was standing in the kitchen.

“What do you want for breakfast?” I pointed to the carton of eggs and to the carton of orange juice. She nodded in understanding. I went up stairs to get ready for school. I put on a white t-shirt, my demin jacket, jeans, and white sneaker.

“Breakfasts ready!” I rushed downstairs and at the food with my mom.

“I’m going to work okay?” I nod and smile. The school bus pulls up and I grab my black and white backpack. I look in the mirror at my ginger hair, green eyes, and freckles. I walk outside and hop on the school bus.

“Look! It’s the dumb mute!” Whitney the popular girl announced causing a fit of laughter. I just continue walking to the back of the bus, ignoring the rude comments and the jokes. I sit down and sigh, knowing I wasn’t gonna like today. Girls kept talking about a “cute bad boy.”

Something tells me he’s gonna become friends with Alex. Alex is the main person who bully’s me and here’s why. When I was 13 (3 years ago) me and my dad were in a car accident. I lived but my dad didn’t and neither did the woman in the other car. Alex’s mom.

Since my gone. He blames me for his moms death. It was my fault. I should’ve warned dad. I’m a murder. A killer. That is when I became mute. I always wondered if mom blames me.

We arrive at the school and on the way out of the bus Whitney shoves me causing me to drop my bag. She does this because she is Alex’s girlfriend. All the other kids are mean to me because Alex and Whitney are popular.

My first class is history which, sadly, I have with Alex. I walk in the classroom and I get pushed to the ground. I look up to Alex. “When you come into a room you know I’m in don’t avoid me come straight to me. Do you understand?” He hissed.

I nod stiffly and he walks away only to be faced with a man his size with black hair and green eyes.

“What’s was that?” The man asks. Girls are blushing and smiling with giddy faces and I realize this was the new boy.

“Why? You got a problem?” Alex shoves his shoulder. I go to stand up but Alex pushs me down agin. “You don’t stand up without permission!”

The man punches Alex in the jaw.

“She can do want she wants! Put hands on her again! I dare you!” He shouts.

I just stand there in shock.

“She killed my mother!” Alex shouts. The whole room goes silent.

“Her dad was driving and crashed into my moms car. He died. Which is what he deserved. But she deserve all she’s getting. In fact she deserves more.” He explains.

The man stands there.

“Sounds like an accident to me. Also, you’re not the only one who’s hurt. Her dad is dead.” The man says.

His green eyes are piercing Alex’s brown ones.

“I’m gonna let you go because you’re new. But don’t EVER speak to me or her again.” He says pointing to me. “Oh and don’t speak to Whitney either.” He walks away.

The man looks at me and offers me his hand. I take it hesitantly.

“Don’t worry I don’t bite.” He chuckles.

I just stand there. Worried about his reaction when he finds out I don’t talk.

“It’s okay I know you don’t talk. It’s fine. I have the same schedule as you I believe. Maybe you can show me around...” he looks around.

“Her name is Holly.” The teacher says walking in not seeing what had happened before.

“Hi Holly.” He shakes the hand I was holding. “I’m Damon.”

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