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Chapter 10 - Payback's A Bitch

Steph’s POV

When I got to school, I got there extra early for my big game plan for humiliating Gale. I’d gone to the party shop just before for glitter bombs and slimeballs.

I got to his locker with the corridors hardly full of people. He never locked his locker so it was easy for me to set up the bombs and put slime all over his books and things.

When I finished, I smirked and closed it slowly before I got away before Gale came.

I went across the corridor and to my locker. I opened it and smiled at it, clean, neat books stacked nicely. I added the other books I took home to it. I took back what I needed for double science and then I glanced up the corridor to see Gale with his mates.

As if he was the king of the school, everyone moved out of his way as he swung his leather jacket over his shoulder like the idiot he was.

I rolled my eyes as he moved his black sunglasses down and raised an eyebrow at me. I fake giggled with my hand over my mouth like all the other sluts he passed. I put my bag over my shoulder and then smiled and got my phone out.

I slowly walked towards him as he talked with Logan and Jake. I videoed as he laughed, turned and opened his locker. Immediately the bang went off and glitter shot at him and the two boys behind him.

“Ha!” I laughed as everyone laughed and got their phones out, “Suck on that, bitch!”

“Stephanie!” He yelled and I laughed, walking closer and getting his rainbow glitter face. He took his glasses off and there was a line of his skin and his eyes. I laughed as the boys and everyone else did. I stopped the video and put my phone in my pocket as I reached into his locker and got a big blob of slime.

“Two points to Stephanie.” I smirked, rubbing the slime over his face, “So, three to one. Payback’s a bitch.” I said and walked away.

“Oh, just you wait, sweetheart!” He yelled to me and I giggled and made my way to class.

At lunch, I sat with Chloe, Becky, Sammy and Daniella at our table with our lunch. I had told them about my amazing act this morning with Gale’s locker, showed them the video and they’d laughed. Becky had already seen it but she still laughed at it again.

Then I went on about why and our game and they all thought it was cute.

“It’s not cute.”

“It is!” Becky laughed, “You’re the closest girl in school to Gale Colten and you haven’t even been in bed with him.”

“No, I’m not.” I protested, “He’s got friends. Girls.”

“Not really.” Sammy said, “Maybe but you’re the only girl who he talks to every day. All the others were just board pieces to his game. He played them and then he ditched.”

“What about....?” I stopped and they all rose their eyebrows, saying ‘exactly.’ I sighed and bit my apple, “I’m not the only girl.”

“Trust us. You are.”

“Sam’s right, babe.” Chloe said, “You and Gale have that spark with each other. Like best buddies.”

“Hello? He’s only in the game to try to win a night with me.”

“But you accepted that because inside, you kinda want him to win.”

“No, I’m playing to get him to stop,” I said and they laughed.

“Hey, girlfriend!” Gale said, walking to us, more like to me with a tray. He sat next to me and I looked at him. He still had some glitter in his hair and on the side of his neck but his clothes were new. A navy shirt with cream coloured jeans.

“So,” He said and threw a chip at me and I frowned at him, threw it on his tray, “Mrs Jinkins swapped my partner for the science project.” He said and threw another chip at me.

“Can you stop?”

“What?” He threw two chips at me and I threw them back, “Ok! Anyway, because she wanted me with someone smart and pretty to match me, instead of Josh, the nerd, she picked you. I know, right? My dream’s coming true.” He put his hand around me and I looked at the girls as they laughed.

“No.” I said, pushing his arm away, “No, I have a partner.”

“And you’re looking at him.” He smiled and threw another chip at me, “Can’t you believe it? I asked so nicely too and she must be having a pretty good day.”

“No, I’m partnered with Madisen.”

“Nope. Josh is with her now.”

“Why the hell would you do that? Madisen and I, we had a good team.”

“But now ours is better. So, you can come around tonight.” He said as I was shaking my head, “Yes. And my mum’s at work all night tonight so it’s just us and Liam. Liam will piss off into his room while we can....” He stopped and I looked at him, “Study.” He said and the girls laughed again.

“Good luck,” Chloe said, putting her face in her hands as she laughed.

“No, Gale.” I said and he held me a chip, “You eat it.”

“I don’t want it.”

“Have you poisoned it?”


“Drugged it?” I narrowed my eyes and he put it to my lips. I looked at him and bit it but he shoved it in my mouth.

“You feeding each other now?” Becky said as I swallowed it.

“Oh, you forgot the gravy.” He said and I knew at that moment what he planned. I jumped up but he caught me with his arm around my stomach. He laughed and I squealed as the warm thick gravy poured down on my head.

“Gale!” I screamed, pulling away from him and bending over to see it drip down from my head.

“Hey, smile for the camera, honey.” He said and I frowned at him. He took the picture and I stood as Chloe came to me with napkins. I took one and wiped my head. It came out in a blob and it was so gross.

“Fuck you, Gale!”

“Love you too.” He smirked as he walked to me. I froze, stared at him devilishly as he came closer and kissed my forehead.

“Could use salt.”

“Fuck off.” I snapped and pushed him.

“Gale, one point. Three, two. I’m catching you. Wait, why did you get two?”

“Because I hit you with two things, glitter and slime.”

“And I got you with chips and gravy.”

“No, one with just gravy, I took the chip.”

“Such a fool you are.” He smiled, “Ok, three, two. I’ll pass you, don’t worry about that.” He said and then I looked around as everyone’s phone beeped off. I looked at mine as mine buzzed and my jaw dropped as I saw my photo. My grump face,bent over with gravy all over me. Everyone started laughing and I groaned, made my way out and to the bathroom with Chloe following to help.

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