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Chapter 11 - Project

Gale’s POV

It was late evening when I heard the front doorbell go off.

“Liam,” I yelled.

“Gale.” He yelled back.

“You get it!”

“I’m busy!”

“I’m not getting it!” I yelled back and heard the bell go off again. I got up from my bed and went to my window, looked over at Steph’s room to not see her. I waited though but her bedroom door was closed and if she was in her room, she was on her bed or on the other side of the room.

“Looking for me?” I turned to see Steph walking and dumping her bag on my bed, “Project, remember?”

“Right.” I said, “I remembered.”

“No, you didn’t.” She said angrily as she looked around at my somewhat clean room. Just a few clothes here and there. My rugby trophies and athletics metals on my cupboards with pictures of me and my friends, some of mum and Liam. Then a few with Steph and me too from when we were younger.

“Last time I was in here.” She turned and looked at my bed, “You had a bunk bed with Liam.”

“That was a while. You sure?”

“Yep and there were rocket ships on your walls with glow in the dark stars.”

“Wow, that was a long time ago.” I said and flopped on my bed, put my hands behind my head, “So, what are we doing?”

“Seafloor Spreading.” She answered and sat on the end of my bed. I smiled and sat up, moved forward and sat behind her with my legs on either side.

“What are you doing?” She asked as she got up a document on her laptop.

“Relaxing you because you’re stressed.” He said, massaging her shoulders.

“I’m not stressed. I’m angry because you tipped gravy on me in front of the whole school.”

“You made my locker into a glitter bomb in front of the school.”

“A corridor of students isn’t the school, Gale.” She said but then moaned from my work. I smiled at that and trailed my hands and fingers down her back.

“You should become a masseuse or whatever they're called.” She said and I laughed a little.

“Am I that good?”

“Not the best I’ve had but it’s nice.”

“Want to take your clothes off? I’ll do full body.”

“Gosh, you’re horrible.” She said and I chuckled.

“Hey, I know I ruined your night last night-.”

“You’re not making it up to me.”

“No. I mean, I’m sorry, I really don’t know what happened and I’m sorry if I did anything.”

“You did plenty.” She said and I stopped my hands.

“Was it that bad?”

“No.” She sighed, “It wasn’t terrible. It was just...strange. You came through my window at five in the morning with a stabbed knee” She said and I looked at my knee but I was wearing jeans. Idiot. “I’m sorry if I was harsh on you this morning. I was just tired.”

“Right. How’d your date go?”

“Oh, ah, it was alright.” She said, “He turned out being a dick for sex so, we didn’t work that well.” She said and that got me quiet for a bit, “Shit, I’m sorry.”

“What for?”

“Oh, I don’t know.” She said blankly, “You’re a dick for sex and we work out fine. As friends.” She added and I scoffed.

“I think we could work out if we were more too.”

“Yeah, I don’t think so.” She stood with her laptop and moved to the side of my bed. She sat with her back against the bedhead and kicked her shoes off so she could put her feet up.


“Why? Go ask every other girl you’ve fucked.” She said between her teeth and I sighed and moved next to her, “Get your computer and help search.” She said and I groaned.

“School is for working. Home is for not working.”

“It’s homework.”

“I’ll do it with you at school.” I said, getting up and finding my phone on my desk, “How about we go for a drive?” I said, turning to he and she looked at me.

“Fine.” She said, closing her laptop and putting it into her bag, “I’m driving.” She said, walking passed me and out with her bag.

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