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Chapter 12 - Jealous? No

Steph’s POV

I drove my car onto the outlet with Gale next to me, tapping his fingers on the windowsill to the beats of the radio music.

I had the roof over since it was darkening and getting a little cold. He had his window open though, the wind blowing in his face.

“Ok, it’s getting loud.” I said and he smirked at me, “Close your window.” I said and he sighed and put it up.

“Got anything good? CDs?”

“There might be a few in my bag,” I said, reaching in the back and throwing my bag onto his lap. He opened the first pocket and laughed. I looked at him as he held up a tampon.

“Not that one.” I snatched it and put it into the pocket. He zipped it up and moved to the next pocket.

“Ha, here.” He said, getting out a CD of Red Hot Chili Peppers. He took the disc out and put it in. Californication came on first and he started singing to it as he continued to look through the other CDs. I turned the music down a little and then he gasped.

“Why the fuck do you have this?” He asked and I looked to see him holding a small blue pack of a condom, “Gees, Steph. I know I want to be there but I didn’t realise you were getting ready for it tonight.”

“Shut up.” I snapped, “Um, it’s not mine.”

“No, it just falls in.” He said and then he took out another, “Wow, for a virgin, you’re imagination gets quite busy up there, doesn’t it?” He said and I snatched them and put them in my bag before I threw my bag back into the back.

“What are they for?”


“Not your brothers or is going on baby steps? Your dad’s?”

“Eww. Stop.”

“You know, when you think of it, our parents aren’t virgins.”

“No shit.” I rolled my eyes.

“No, just think about it.”


“It’s kind of strange. Like, we know that they had sex and would have done a lot if they were trying for a baby. All that effort.”

“For fuck’s sake, Gale.”

“And then you came out.” He said and I looked at him, “So good, so nice, so smart, virgin and like, you probably hadn’t seen a dick until last night. Wow, mine was your first-”

“Shut up!” I said, hitting him and he laughed. I took the wheel again and we came off the main road and down our street again.

“But seriously, why do you have condoms in your backpack?”

“It’s none of your business,” I said and parked in my driveway.

“You have a secret boyfriend?” He said and I went to get out but he reached passed and locked my door.


“No, I want to know.” He said and I looked at him, “Is it a boyfriend?”

“So? What if it was? Would you be jealous?”

“Jealous? No.” He scoffed and I gave him the ‘exactly’ look. I unlocked my door and got out with my bag. I closed the door and then he got out.

“Who is he?”

“Why do you care?” I asked and he closed the door. I locked my car and then walked up to the front door. I opened it and looked back to see Gale walked up his driveway.

I took a breath and walked in, closed the door behind me. I walked into the kitchen and went to the fridge, got a bottle of chocolate milk and made my way out and upstairs to my room to start on the stupid project by myself.

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