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Chapter 14 - Humiliation

Steph’s POV

I quickly showered and then dried myself. I looked at my clothes and then I was so tired, of course, I forgot my clothes.

I wrapped the towel around me and then made my way to my room. I closed my door but the next thing I knew, the towel came right off. I jumped and turned to see it stuck in the door.

“Hey, princess!” I turned to see Gale with his phone.

“Gale!” I yelled and ran to my curtains. I pulled them closed but way too hard. The whole thing fell.

I mean, I know they're old but are you fucking serious?

I squealed, covering my arms across my breasts as Gale was just watching while having a laughing fit and probably videoing.

I went down and to the floor. I peeked my head up to see him still laughing and I groaned.

“Please delete that.” I yelled and he fell on the ground, laughing and I couldn’t see him, “Gale! Please!”

“No!” He laughed, “No way!”

“Please! I’m serious!”

“That was.” He appeared again, “That was the worlds most fucking best good morning.”

“Was not!” I yelled and then crawled to the side, where he couldn’t see me. I looked at my cupboard and cried when it was on the other side where Gale could see.



“Can you go away so I can change?”

“Sure, seen it all before.” He yelled back and I looked out to see him closing his window and then his curtains. I let out a breath of relief and then quickly, I got my clothes and got out of sight from the window. I changed quickly into jeans and a red long and daggy cardigan with cream coloured boots.

I sighed when I was done and then when I got to school, Gale was still laughing at me as he met me at my locker.

“You were priceless.” He said and I looked at him.

“Where is it?” I asked, turning him and putting my hands into his pockets for his phone, “Where’s your phone?”

“Somewhere safe, don’t worry.” He said, turning back to me and I frowned at him, “I deleted it.”

“You’re lying.”

“Maybe.” He passed me and I turned with my arms across my chest, “Hey, a body like that, I can’t just muck up my luck.”

“Excuse me? You show it to one person and you’re dead.” I said and he nodded.

“Ok, I’m hearing you and I won’t show it to one person.” He said and I nodded.

“Ok, good,” I said and he walked away and to his locker. He opened it and I smirked as the glitter came out and over him again.

“Again, Stephanie?! Serious!”

“Ah-ha!” I laughed, “One more point for me.” I said as I passed him, “Oh and don’t be late for class. You know Mr Black hates your guts. You don’t want a detention.”

“Fuck it.” He said and I smirked and made my way to class.

After third period we had assembly like every Friday and today, I sat with Sammy and Becky instead of Chloe and her boyfriend, Trent. We were the third row in the centre of the middle grandstand on the basketball courts. The microphone was set up in the centre of the courts for everyone to see and hear as the screens were on every four walls for everyone to see the school news and announcements.

It had been twenty minutes already of pure boringness and I was sitting back with my hands crossed comfortably across my stomach.

“Alright and for our student announcement by Gale Colten.” The principal said and I looked down to see Gale walking to the centre.

“Hi, how we feeling?!” He yelled and mostly everyone cheered and applauded, “I don’t believe that for one second. This is boring, I know. So, I’m here to tell you something that you may have already known but it’s to hopefully get some smiles on your pretty faces.” He said and paused for a minute to rub his hands together, “So, most of you may have seen the weird events happening around the school with me and Stephanie Grey.” He said and a lot of people laughed. I sunk down in my chair as Sammy laughed and poked my arm.

“What’s with that? You must be thinking. Well, it’s our little game. Points to whoever can humiliate the other. Stupid, right? Yes, I know and I’m sorry, Stephy, I told you that I wouldn’t show one person.”

Fuck, oh fuck. Oh fuck. Oh fuck, oh fuck! That continued in my head as I sat up straight and he saw me.

“I didn’t say the whole school though!” He said and pointed to me, “Everyone, I give you Stephanie Grey!” He said and then I squealed and buried my head in Sammy’s lap as the video from this morning played on the screens.

Everyone started laughing and cheering before I heard phones going off. I heard my own scream and then his laughter on the video. “That was the world’s most fucking best good morning.” I heard lastly before it was cut off and I just wanted to cry when I felt hands tapping my back from everyone around me.

“Sorry, everyone.” The principal said and I looked up to see Gale running out with Mr Black chasing him. Everyone was laughing still and I felt my face burn from the embarrassment and humiliation.

“Everyone, quiet down.” He said loudly, “Miss Grey, if I could see you in my office after. Everyone else, you’re dismissed to class.” He said and I groaned and hugged Sammy. She laughed a little and hugged me back.

“Come on,” Becky said, holding my hand and I stood and made my way down. Everyone around me patted my shoulders or back as we passed and some of the boys got my ass too.

I walked into Mr Davis’ office to see Mr Black there too with Gale on one of the chairs. He turned and smirked at me as I gave him the death stare. ­

Gosh, this is going to be awful! And fuck him! How am I supposed to compete with that? Like, everyone’s seen his dick already.

“Like the movie?” He asked.

“Ah.” Mr Davis snapped, “Steph, take a seat.” He said and I took a seat, away from Gale, “I’m sorry. If I had known what he was actually going to show, know that it wouldn’t have been done.”

“It’s ok. I mean, it’s our stupid game.”

“And that’s why you two are going to quit it.”

“What?” Gale said, “No, we’re not stopping it.”

“Yes you are.” He said and Gale looked at me, “Now. It ends right now. No more messes, glitter and gravy. No more nudes, nothing.”

“Of course, sir.” I said, standing, “I quit too.” I said and he nodded as Gale looked at me.

“You better get to class then. Gale, you have three days suspension.” He said and I made my way out as I heard Gale sigh.

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