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Chapter 15 - Hey, Honey

Gale’s POV

Three days after of nothing but being alone with work, I hadn’t even talked to Steph much, I think she was still pissed.

I woke up being somewhere really cold. I was in my bed, well, under my blankets and on my mattress.

My eyes slowly fluttered open as lights turned on and loud bangs came from each. First, I saw lockers. At that, I sat up and saw the corridor, saw my own locker. I saw Steph’s locker and then when I looked down. I saw that I was naked.

Oh fuck.

I got up and wrapped my sheets around my waist as I ran to the bathrooms but they were locked.

“No!” I yelled, banging on them and then turning for the girls’. Locked too and then I heard laughter and the crowd coming. I froze when the first wave of students came in front around the corners and stairs. Everyone stopped and looked at me, some laughing and gasping.

“Hey, honey.” I turned to see Steph with a smirk, her arms crossed over her chest and then I looked around as everyone got their phones out.

“Steph, what the fuck?” I said angrily and she shrugged and I looked back at my mattress, “How?”

“Ever heard of girl power?” Chloe said, walking to us with the rest of Steph’s girl group and I cursed.

“Oh wait.” Sammy said and then ripped the sheets from me, “Perfect.”

“You’re fucking insane!” I said, falling and tucking my knees to my chest to try to cover up. Everyone started laughing and pictures were being taken.

“Smile for the camera,” Steph smirked and I frowned at her. She got it and then I fake cried. She just laughed and walked away with the girls.

“Damn man,” Logan said, coming to me with Jake and the other boys.

“Well, someone help me!” I growled and Logan took his jacket off and threw it to me. I replaced my hands with it and then looked up and down the corridor as everyone started moving again.

“How the fuck did they get your bed in?” Jake laughed, “Man, you videoed her but she actually got you ten times worse.”

“You better shut it.” I muttered, “Someone get me pants please, go to lost property.”

“Hang on.” Logan smirked and then a flash went off in front of my face.

“Oh fuck you!” I said and he laughed and then ran off.

“Colten!” Mr Davis said and I groaned, “My office right away when you get yourself sorted, clear?”


“Stephanie?” He said and I nodded, “I’ll make sure she’s there too.” He said and then walked off as the boys laughed.

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