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Chapter 17 - Boy's Night

Gale’s POV

Did I make a mistake? I mean, it was just one stupid kiss. It didn’t mean anything and she just went crazy over the top. She actually hurt me, it hurt. Then she ignored me for the whole forty-five minutes. Even when we got home, she got home the same time I did, she just walked to her house before I could even get a chance to talk to her.

“Yo, big dog.” Jake said, walking into my room with Logan as I laid on my bed, “How was detention with your number one girl?”

“Shit.” I said and Logan took a seat on my deck chair, “She ignored me the whole time and then it was Mr Black who was looking after us so he had his moments, telling me about physics and then he went on about the fucking cricket.” I said and they both just laughed.

I looked at Jake as he whistled and he was looking out of the window. I got up and looked to see Steph on the phone with a white tank top on and black undies, her hair long and wet like she’d just gotten out of the shower. She was pacing up and down with one arm across her stomach.

I closed my curtains and went back onto my bed.

“How about we have a boy’s night tonight?” Logan asked, “My brother took me to this amazing place. Trust me, you’ll like this one.”

“What is it?” Jake asked and he smirked and stood.

“Men’s Gallery.”

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