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Chapter 18 - Favourite

Gretta’s POV

I was called in tonight because Gabby had left sick and no one else could take her place. Probably only because the boss hated me most so she makes me work so I have a bad day after. I was dressed in neon yellowy green. Two-piece and pretty cute and sexy.

So, here I was, backstage, ready to swap with Meg. I looked around the club casually until my eyes caught on one particular fuckhead. I stared as I froze and Gale was here with Logan and Jake.

Oh, crap. Of course, he was here. It's just my luck with him.

I turned and looked at Jessika.

“Jess, please swap with me?”

“Why?” She asked, fixing up her makeup, “I just came back.”

“I know, I know but I’m serious.”

“No, I can’t, you know the rules. Is someone out there?”

“Yes, three someones and if they find out-.” I sighed and she turned to me. She held me a black and golden cat mask.

“Ok, thank you!” I said, taking it, “Hopefully it’s enough.”

“I’m sorry.” She said and I shook my head.

“If they find out, it’s my own fault.” I said and put it on, “Thanks though.”

“Gretta!” Paige said and I rushed back, “Why the fuck are you wearing that?”

“It’s new, wanted to try it.”

“Whatever.” She rolled her eyes and pushed me out. I walked up and the music hit as the next song played.

Whistles came at me and I eyed Gale and the boys, who were drinking around a close table. Logan was watching the strippers as Jake and Gale were laughing and drinking.

Hopefully, they can get drunk enough to forget this.

I took my corner and got to work. I glanced back at the boys now and then but they were watching Lucy, who was at the closest corner to them.

“Ok!” The speaker said with Paige’s voice but we didn’t stop, “Happy hour at the bar! We have ten minute make out, so for those who are new, have you put your names in the drawing box? Good if you have. If your name’s pulled out for one of our three girls then it’s your ten minutes with them on stage.” She said and everyone cheered.

Fuck, no one told me that was tonight.

“First we have, Mazey Tas!” She said and the crowd went wild, “Mitchell Johnson.” She said and there were a lot of laughter and yelling from Mazey’s side.

“Second is Lucy James with a newbie, Gale Colten!” Paige said and thank the heavens. Good, he wasn’t with me.

I looked at Gale and he laughed at Logan and Jake and then ran up the steps and to Lucy, immediately put his hands on her.

“And last but not least! Our favourite. Isn’t that right, boys?” Paige said and I was confused but the boys cheered, “Gretta Grey! Congratulations to Logan Michael.”

No, please, no. Oh fuck.

Logan joined me on stage and his hands were cold. I flinched from the touch on my waist as he moved close behind me.

“Now, you know the rules? Girls, no disobedience and boys, do whatever you want. No rules, it’s impossible to take it too far, do anything.” Paige said and I so wished she was dead, “You can even drag them off stage and take them home if you want. No rules for you. But for the girls, listen and do what the guests want. Ten minutes! Make the most of it!” She said and then the music blasted back on as silver and gold glitter came down.

Logan’s hands went up my body but I knew the way with boys. I moved my hands up and then behind his neck as I pushed my ass against his front. I moved down, turned and went back up against his side.

“Gretta, hey?” He said and I moved behind him. I moved my hands under his shirt and then around and down his pants. He gasped slightly as I gripped his dick, of course over his boxers. I heard the boys in front yell and whistle and I drew my hand back. I went around him and to his front.

I went down and pulled his shirt up as I licked up his body. He laughed at that with his arms up, his eyes meeting mine. I stood and he put on hand to my waist as his other went to my chin. I stopped and his eyes met with mine again, brown on brown.

He went to take my mask off but I moved my hands up and put them to the air as I turned around him again and then the timer went off loud and clear. I turned and started down the steps, leaving him. I walked backstage to see Jessika waiting.

“I got you.” She said.

“Thanks,” I said, taking my mask off as she swapped with me.

“You’re done then?” Paige said and then held me a lot of notes, “You did well tonight.”

“Favourite, hey?”

“All the comments and votes say so.” She said and I smiled.

“Well, thanks, I guess. Um, have a good night.”

“You too.” She said and walked off as I put on my jacket, tied it around me as I put the cash into my inside pocket. I looked at my phone as I made my way out and Gale had sent me a message.

‘We found the best place.’ He said and then there was a video of him with Lucy and then me, Gretta, with Logan. Jake was probably videoing.

Gosh, they’re stupid.

I laughed at that as I came out onto the street. I crossed the road and then went to my car, since the private carpark was full. I unlocked it and then looked down at my phone as Gale called me.

I answered and put it to my ear as I leaned against my car.


“Hey.” He said, “You ok?”


“You home?”

“Um, yeah.” I said, looking around but there was no one around, good, Gale couldn’t see me, “Hey, where are you? Looks fun.”

“Hell yeah, it is. But men only so sorry.”

“All good.”

“What are you up to anyway?”

“You know, just homework. But it’s getting late. I’ll see you at school.”

“Yeah, for sure.” He said and I opened my door, “Ok, see you.”

“Bye.” I said and hung up. I got into my car and closed the door, started it.

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