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Chapter 20 - Secrets Unraveled

Gale’s POV

When I got home, I went straight to my room still confused. I’d seen Steph outside of the Gallery, me and the boys hid behind the corner as I called her. She’d told me that she was home too and doing homework, like I would have thought.

I closed my bedroom door behind me and then pulled my shirt off. I took my jeans off again and then looked opened my curtains to peek in Steph’s room. I saw her, her back to me with her jacket on. She had her hands through her hair on her head with her head back.

What was going on with her? Why would she lie to me? And what was she doing downtown outside of a strip club?

I got my phone and went to call her to see if she was ok but I just stared at her as she took her jacket off and she had on Gretta’s outfit from tonight. The girl Logan danced with. The one that took off as soon as the timer went off. The girl that touched his dick and licked him, played dirty. Gretta Grey. He’d told me every detail. And then she was just outside basically straight after Gretta left.

Holy fuck.

I got my phone and took a picture of her.

No way. Stephanie Grey was a fucking stripper. This would win so many points if everyone found out. I mean, no one would have guessed!

I looked back at her and watched as she changed into her normal bed clothes. I sighed and looked at the photo.

I’ll just have to talk to her about this tomorrow.

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