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Stripper verse Player

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Chapter 2 - Getting Ready

Stephanie’s POV

I woke up from my alarm, groaned and took my phone, turning it off to see that it was seven o’clock in the morning. Right because I have a life. I have school, a little brother, a dad. No mum though, she pissed off when I was twelve with another guy to New York. Hadn’t seen her since but I didn’t care.

I looked at my phone and saw how many messages I’d gotten from one of my many good friends, Chloe.

‘Um, hi. Just wondering where you are.’ The first said and I cursed to myself and scrolled to the bottom.

‘Hey, so, what happened last night?’ She texted and I replied.

‘Hey, Chlo. I’m so sorry. Work just dragged me in and I totally forgot about the study night! I’m so sorry.’ I texted to her and then got up. I left my phone on my bed as I went to my cupboard and took out a pair of black skinny jeans and a white tank top with a light pink short cut hoody. I got fresh undergarments and then made my way out and down the corridor to the bathroom. I walked in to see it as nice as the rest of the house.

I closed and locked the door behind me before my little brother, Weston, could slip in and take the bathroom from me. I threw my change of clothes onto the floor next to the basin and looked at myself in the mirror.

Oh my goodness. Bed hair! It was crazy. My eyes too. Gosh, I was so tired still. I’d literally had gotten home at three this morning. Only got four hours of sleep.

I sighed and started stripping my flawless body. First, my bed shirt, then my shorts and undies.

What? I sleep free up top. At least I was covering.

I walked to the shower, a big shower with a white curtain around it. I turned on the water and waited until it went hot.

I looked back in the mirror and just to put in time, I played a little. I pushed my hair to one side, puffed my breasts and gave myself a duck face.

After that, I noticed the steam starting to rise from the falling water. Should be hot enough. I turned the cold on a little and then got in, adjusting it to be perfect. I got perfect and then washed my body and hair. Did everything else needed too, like shave and mask.

I rinsed myself off and got out as I started to hum to myself. I dried and then changed into my clothes before I started on my makeup, which I always did light unless I was in the Gallery. I put on deodorant and vanilla perfume before I started with my hair.

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