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Chapter 21 - Since When?

Stephanie’s POV

Finally. Saturday. Sleep in. I slept in until eleven-thirty so I was feeling amazing. It was the afternoon now and dad had put up my curtains again. It didn’t take too long thankfully because he had to leave basically straight after.

Now, I was laying on my bed with my earphones in as I drew in my sketchbook. I was drawing Gale and it was coming really good. I had my head nodding and moving to my music with my feet in the air, tapping up and down mid-air.

I smiled as someone took my feet and knew it was Gale, soft and big hands. He took my ankles and then I felt the bed dip as he kneeled on as his hands moved down my legs tight and pushed up my thighs. He tapped my ass like a drum before I laughed. He laughed too and then laid next to me, half on top with his legs over mine.

“Hey, that’s me.” He said, taking my book when I took my earphones out, “You thinking of me that much to make yourself a picture?” He smirked and I took it back.

“I was just drawing.”

“Oh like last night you were just home doing homework.” He said and I froze, “Why do you think I called you, dumbass? I saw you at your car last night.”

“I just thought you were being friendly,” I whispered and he got off my bed. I looked at him as he closed my door, “No, no kisses or sex.”

“Why? You seemed pretty touchy with Logan last night.” He said and I looked at him darkly.

“Excuse me?”

“Don’t play dumb! I saw you when I got home, you were wearing the exact same outfit as Gretta.”

“Gretta?” I played dumb and he walked to me with his phone. He showed me a photo and I saw me in my room last night with my outfit on, my back to him.

“Y-You can’t tell anyone,” I said, standing and he chucked his phone on my bed.

“My best friend’s a fucking stripper?!” He said and laughed a little, “Steph, you serious? Since when?”

“Almost a year now.” I said nervously, “Please, I’m being more serious than the nude vid, don’t tell anyone.”

“I won’t.”

“I mean it. Not Logan, not Jake, not the school. No one, Gale.” I said, holding his hands.

“Ok, I won’t.”

“Promise me,” I said, looking into his eyes.

“I promise.” He said and pushed my hair out of my face and behind my ear, “Do you want to go out?”

“Yes, I do. I haven’t been out all day.” I nodded and turned, slipped on my flats and he put his arm around me and walked me out after I got my phone and keys. We walked downstairs and I saw Liam and West in the lounge playing on the Xbox.

“Hey, we’re going to be out for a bit.” Gale said and I was wondering on what he planned to do, “Make your own dinner.”

“Yep, we’ll order pizza.” West answered but never looked towards us. I rolled my eyes as Gale continued to pull me out and we went to my car.

“I’m driving.” He stole my keys and I groaned, “I won’t crash.”

“Or speed. My dad’s on the road tonight.” I said and he laughed a little. I got into the passenger as he got behind the wheel.

He reversed out and then started down the street. I sat back and looked out of the window.

“How?” Gale said, “How did you even start? What made you think of it even?”

“We took a family holiday to Las Vegas and that’s where I met one of my friends, Jessika. We danced together for ages and then she got me in contact with her boss back here. At first, I had no idea what it was. Jess just played me and then she dared me to apply and be there for at least a month. By then, I enjoyed it so I kept going. Now, I’m the boys’ favourite.”

“Gretta Grey. When the speaker first said that, I was thinking maybe a cousin or distance family member, not Stephanie Grey.” He said and I laughed a little.


“Yes, I promised that.” He nodded and then turned to the outlet towards the city, “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Because you’re you.” I said and he looked at me, “Before, you were a jerk and you would have made fun of me.’re still a jerk.” I said and then we both laughed.


“But a little better.” I said, looking at him as he looked at the road, “Why do you do it?”

“Do what?”

“Break hearts?” I said and he was silent. He clicked his tongue from the top of his mouth and then he looked my way but not at me.

“I enjoy it.” He said finally, “I’m addicted for sex but when it comes to a relationship or even thinking about one, I lose it and leave. It’s just easier to play than love.” He said and I looked back out of my window.

It was silent for a while and we just drove through the city. After twenty minutes, he parked outside of Tenno Sushi in Little Tokyo, Downtown.

I smiled at it and then looked at him.

“Your lucky night.”

“I love sushi.”

“I know.” He said and got out. I got out too and he locked the car but kept my keys.

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