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Chapter 22 - 16 to 12

About half an hour or so later, we had plates of sushi and it was amazing. I mean, I love sushi but I really love this sushi.

Gale had been cheeky and made me laugh too much, made that his moment to steal one of my squid legs since he finished his and I couldn’t stop him because I was laughing too much.

It had been good fun though and even though we weren’t dressed as if it was a real date, it kind of still seemed like it.

We finished off and he paid since I didn’t bring my wallet.

I went to the car and tried it but it was locked still. I turned to Gale but he was walking off down the street. He looked back at me and gestured his head for me to follow. I did and I caught up to him.

“Where are we going?” I asked and he put his arm around me. I returned mine around him as we crossed the street and into an ice cream shop. I smirked at him and he came down and kissed my lips softly. I let it play and he smiled at me.

“Which one?” He asked and I smiled and looked. I knew what I wanted already.

“Peppermint choc chip please,” I said to the girl behind the counter and she nodded and got me a cone with a big scope.

“Let’s go rocky road,” Gale said and she got that for him.

“Eight dollars there.” She said and he put the cash in her hand and put his arm around my shoulders as we made our way out again.

I licked my ice cream as we walked up the street and then I looked at him as he was looking at mine.

“You have yours.”

“Try? Swap.”

“Eww, boy germs.” I scrunched my nose up and he laughed.

“What about this?” He stopped and turned me to him. He moved in and he was going to kiss me again.


His lips hit mine so soft and perfect. It was just him for a moment but then I decided to kiss him back. He deepened it immediately with my positive reaction and licked my bottom lip for entrance. I granted it and opened my mouth. I moved closer as his tongue came in contact with mine.

Pedestrians passed casually, probably moved around us with two metres distance.

I smiled against his mouth and then put my ice cream to his cheek.

“Took your time.” We both turned.

“Ms Colten,” I breathed, looking at Gale’s mother as she was in front of the blue Holden next to us.


“You guys need a lift home or are you going to continue to make out there?”

“Mum.” Gale frowned and I laughed a little.

“I have my car.”

“It’s getting late. Um, sweetie, I’m almost done so I’ll see you home in about an hour.”


“Home.” She nodded and we stepped back so she could get into her car. She drove off and I looked at Gale as he looked at me. I laughed at the ice cream on his cheek and I went up, licked it off.

“You know, you touched Logan’s dick and ran your tongue up his body.”

“That’s why I’m the favourite.” I winked and he laughed. I licked my ice cream as it was melting. I jumped as he put his ice cream on my cheek.


“You did it to me first.” He said and then came closer. He licked it and then put his ice cream in my nose. He licked it and then put it to my lips but I licked it before him and he just kissed me.

“My ice cream’s melting!” I said, pulling away and licking it off my hand as he laughed. He licked his and I just continued walking with him, licking and eating my ice cream.

“Wait. How many other dicks have you touched?”

“With my hands or in general.”

“What the fuck do you mean?!” He said and I laughed as we reached my car.

“I’m not a virgin,” I said, walking to the passenger. I looked at him over the car and he was staring at me.

“You’re not?”

“Nope. Actually, I got this cute boy the other night and a hundred bucks. I mean, I enjoy sex itself but cash is the bonus.”

“Where the fuck has Steph gone?”

“Come on, you have the keys and I’m cold.”

“Oh, I’m sorry.” He faked being sorry with a sad face and I rolled my eyes and then got in as he unlocked it.

He got in and looked at me.

“So you’re a scumbag stripper fucker. What’s wrong with me?”

“You’re a friend,” I said and he was still for a moment before he started and it was forty minutes before he was pulling up my driveway. We got out and he threw my keys to me. I caught them and then he followed me to the front door. I turned to him and kissed his lips goodbye.


“You can’t be serious.”

“So serious.” I said, “I’m just protecting my own heart. So, every time I can trust you a little more, you can take another step. Now, go home and I’ll see you on Monday.”

“Tomorrow?” He asked as I opened the door, “How about the beach? I’ll ask Logan and the boys. You invite your girls.”

“Ok then,” I said and then walked inside, closed the door behind me.

“Steph?” Dad called from the kitchen and I walked in to see West with pizza, “Merissa called me. You better not be touching that boy.”

“It was nothing.”

“Didn’t sound it.”

“We had a moment, that’s it.” I said, “He’s my friend.”

“Ok, there’s pizza.”

“No, Gale took me out,” I said, walking back out.

“Like a date?” He called out and I stopped.

“No, like a catch-up,” I called back and continued to my room. I walked in and closed my door. I went to my window and went to close it but Gale was there doing the exact same thing, the only difference is that his shirt was now off.

I smiled as he did. I giggled and closed the curtain before my phone was ringing. I took it and answered as I laid on my bed, only picturing Gale doing the same.

“Miss me?”

“Yeah.” He said and I smiled, kicking my flats off, “You think one day I could hold you when you sleep?”

“You made your point clear before. Relationships don’t work for you, you’re scared of love.”

“Maybe I can make an exception.” He said and I felt my heart give a warm feeling, “What are you wearing?”

“The same clothes as five seconds ago.”

“What are you doing?”

“Laying on my bed, talking to you.”

“Same.” He said, “But I’m picturing you with sexy stripper clothes.” He said and I laughed a little, “When do you work next?”

“Tomorrow night,” I said and I heard him moan.

“Hey, what if I put my name in the draw box again?”

“Sorry, ten minute make out is Friday nights in happy hour.” I lied and he sighed, “I don’t usually work then but one of the girls was sick so I took it from her.”

“But how are you known as the favourite then?”

“Um because it’s sometimes other nights and I have worked Fridays now and then. But I might be lucky, my boss was surprisingly happy with me last night so I mind be put on happy hour shift.”

“I’d go for that.” He said and I smirked.

“What are you up to?”

“Laying on my bed, talking to my girlfriend.”

“Girlfriend, hey?”

“Well, you are a girl and a friend. Gees, Steph, did you mean actual girlfriend?” He said and I knew he was faking a surprised face. I laughed a little and then turned onto my stomach, “You think I can sneak into your window again?”

“No, weren’t you listening outside? You don’t come into my room until I trust you completely.”

“What if you came into my room?”

“I can do that but nothing will be happening there.” I said, “And we have our science project still. It’s due Wednesday.”

“Oh, you’re going to have to come around then.” He said and I smiled.

“True but we could always meet up at the café or library.”

“Never had sex in the library.”

“Sex? Colten, are you listening to me?”

“I’m kidding, Grey.” He said and I sat up, “Don’t worry. I haven’t won yet.”

“The game?”

“Yeah, I mean, we’re still on board, right?”

“Um, sure.” I said, standing and taking my jumper off, “It’s just kind of dying out now.”

“It’s only been a week. We have one more week.” He said, “New rule, points added for impression. So, you’ve impressed me tonight a lot so you can five more points.”


“How many times did I impress you?”

“Sushi and ice cream. That was two and then you listened to me out front so that’s another one.”

“Three.” He said, “So, that’s what? Fifteen, twelve?”

“Big numbers?”

“Well, the nudes definitely humiliated us both.”

“I think I’m up to twenty then. I mean, I put in effort to sneak into your room, drug you and then get the other girls in without Liam waking up.”

“You fucking did what?” He said and I laughed a little, “Oh, you bitch.”

“Hey, that’s not nice.”

“Neither is waking up at school butt naked!” He said and I laughed again, laying down, “Dammit, Steph. You really got me back.”

“Oh, yeah. I’ve got to go, you know, I’m tired.”

“I don’t want to sleep alone.” He said, “I’m scared of the dark.”

“You’ll be fine, you baby.”

“Please, I want a cuddle.” He faked being a baby and I rolled my eyes, “And bedtime story.”

“Bye, Gale.”

“No!” He faked to cry and I hung up. I smirked and got the video of me and the girls that night in Gale’s room with him snoring. I laughed at it and then uploaded it online and to everyone at school. I smirked and put it to bedside table as I changed into my bed clothes. I climbed into bed and covered myself with the blankets as I closed my eyes.

Point to Steph. Steph winning. Sixteen to twelve.

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